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  1. Hello, Idk if your still having the same issue, but for anyone else who has this same issue for future note. What helped for me is clearing my cach.
  2. -Fluid motions -Body Emotions -Strike a Pose -Unique Posture -Poised Body -Poised Poses
  3. tysm! that is very helpful and it worked!
  4. Ty Drago, i beleived it worked, but now i have another issue when uploading. In the preview screeen the mesh tank top looks great but when i upload it and place on avatar , its invisable on outside but not on the inside.... i will supply a photo, im wearing an alpha too. This is just wierd,,,,
  5. Hello Madeliefste, ty for replying, it is already on smooth in object mode, but still low in quality.I want to know how i can change the quality to higher in blender so in secondlife its high in quality too.
  6. Ok i been making a couple peices of clothing all coming out fine but today i tried to make a tank top, but for some reason the Lod (level of quality) on the shirt went down, when i try to upload it to sl its all choppy (looks choppy in blender too) and when worn on avatar its going into the body kina invis, i hope im describing this right. i have no idea what i did to make blender change the quality on the mesh, if anyone has any ideas please let me know. ty in advance.
  7. WOW! ty so much!!!! i so appreciate you doing all this to help me! This is very help ful and i made seperate arms already . which is a start:) And ty also to everyone else for giving me good tips on uv mapping!
  8. ty so much for the help, i tried the steps, cutting the jacket as a rl jacket and placed in cylinder mode. I placed a marked seam on top of the arm from neck to shoulder, then marked a seam around the arms, then marked a seam halfing the sleeve underneath it and side of jacket. the jacket is fine except for the arms they are all stretched textures how can i fix this? ty:)
  9. i finished making a mesh jacket but cant figure out uvmapping on it , its driving me crazy lol, if anyone has any advice on how to do this please let me know ty in advance! added note: im new to uv mapping and mesh, sorry forgot to add that. ps ive watched tons of tutorials on uv mapping but im just not getting it....if anyone has some hints im all ears thx!
  10. Perfect it worked! ty so much Gaia:matte-motes-big-grin:
  11. First off Im new to mesh making and uv mapping, and i made this mini dress in blender but now i cant seem to uv map it. i tried 2 marked seams on the sides but i would always get bad seams that dont line up.( i even tried making 1 seam in the back but it stll would pinch the texture) i have no idea what im doing wrong, any help is appreciated! ps i produced photos of the uv maps and mesh
  12. Hello, im new to blender and i have it downloded as well as dominos avatar program. I wanted to know what tutorials are out there to help new mesh clothing creators with designing them and texturing them. ty in advance!
  13. Emily1313

    Blender question

    Tyvm everyone for your help,I really appreciated!
  14. Emily1313

    Blender question

    Im very new to blender, at moment i downloaded the new version 2.60. It seems i need other programs to download as well to be able to upload sculpts to secondlife. Can anyone tell me what those programs are, ty in advance
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