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  1. Hello, pretty simple problem that I can not figure out! The gun when in mouselook will rez the bullet but the bullet just floats at the rez point and does not move... I used the code from the second life wiki and it did the same thing as my code below... float SPEED = 100.0; integer LIFETIME = 7; float DELAY = 0.2; vector vel; vector pos; rotation rot; integer have_permissions = FALSE; integer armed = TRUE; string bulletName = "bullet 1.0"; fire() { if (armed) { armed = FALSE; rot = llGetRot(); vel = llRot2Fwd(rot); pos = llGetPos(); pos = pos + vel; pos.z += 0.75; vel = vel * SPEED; llTriggerSound("Zapper Noise", 1.0); llRezObject(bulletName, pos, vel, rot, LIFETIME); llSetTimerEvent(DELAY); } } default { state_entry() { if (!have_permissions) { llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION| PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS); } } on_rez(integer param) { llPreloadSound("Zapper Noise"); } run_time_permissions(integer permissions) { if (permissions == PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION| PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS) { llTakeControls(CONTROL_ML_LBUTTON, TRUE, FALSE); llStartAnimation("hold_R_handgun"); have_permissions = TRUE; } } attach(key attachedAgent) { if (attachedAgent != NULL_KEY) { llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION| PERMISSION_TAKE_CONTROLS); } else { if (have_permissions) { llStopAnimation("hold_R_handgun"); llStopAnimation("aim_R_handgun"); llReleaseControls(); llSetRot(<0,0,0,1>); have_permissions = FALSE; } } } control(key name, integer levels, integer edges) { if ( ((edges & CONTROL_ML_LBUTTON) == CONTROL_ML_LBUTTON) &&((levels & CONTROL_ML_LBUTTON) == CONTROL_ML_LBUTTON) ) { fire(); } } timer() { llSetTimerEvent(0.0); armed = TRUE; } }
  2. Hello, I was wanting to make a roulette like game but instead of having one number wheel I would like to have 3 that spin and we'd "place bets" (not SL just points that don't mean anything) on slots. And then based on the combo on that slot they'd get points. I can build the table and textures, I just do not know how to go about the coding at all... There would be 36 "slots" on each of the wheels... Any ideas I was guessing 3 arrays and then shoving them to the right...just not sure how to do that or if that is even best...also to have the textures match up with the arrays if I do it that way...
  3. 2. I seem to recall in older viewers there was a setting in preferences for click-through on invisible surfaces. I'm using Viewer 3, though, and can't seem to find that option. Either it's been removed, or I just can't find it, or I'm imagning things and it was never there in the first place. I also had one of my friends try to click the object and it does the same thing to her... I also have multiple viewers and it does the same thing in all of them...(Hippo, Phoenix, Viewer3) 3. I've read about a bug (feature?) in Viewer 2.7 that supposedly allows right-click-through on objects that are 88% transparent or higher. I don't have that viewer installed, though, so I can't test it myself. (I'm using Viewer 3) The part that is showing on the object is not opaque. 4. Does the object have a script in it with LLDetectTouchPos? If so, that could affect where you'd be able to left-click on the surface (when not in Edit mode). It shouldn't affect right-click's though. No it has no scripts in it at all 5. As Rolig suggested, maybe there's just some other object in the way, and you're inadvertently clicking on that instead of on your intended target. I thought that may be the case since I was in a sandbox, but I rezzed it in my home and deleted the rest of my stuff just to make sure, but it still happens.. Thanks for the thoughts.... I did try to change the texture and it still does it even with the wood texture... Also it does it to everything I build now, even in a different viewer, any object I create has to be clicked just so otherwise it won't be selected...(right or left click)
  4. I seem to be having an issue with clicking on my object...I have to click it in very specific spots in order for it to register a right or left click. Could it have something to do with my texture? Because I noticed if looking at certain angles my texture seems to disappear in spots even though that part of my texture has no alpha.
  5. Hi, I was searching the marketplace with no luck ^^' Anyone knows where I can find a simple script to change from one animation to other when the prim (where is the sit animation) is touched? thanx a lot.
  6. AWESOME!!! THANKS!!! I figured it was something simple -.-
  7. I found the basic gun script and I understand most of it, but I'm wanting to add a HUD to change the type of bullets that the gun shoots. I have modified the gun script with if statements to change the types based on an integer, I just need to know how to check what button is clicked on the HUD and I'm not seeing a sample or tutorial for it, if anyone can help that'd be awesome!
  8. Patricia - That would take me forever to script but it would be cool!
  9. It doesn't need to fully pay for itself just a little bit, Its taken me a while to save my lindens and stuff...Yeah I'm pretty sane I know but whatever I can have a basic lightgun and basic ammo be free and then charge for much better ammo. I could do armor as well and they can pay to have it repaired. I like the bait idea as well, different bait attracts different monsters. Thanks for the ideas!!!
  10. Also if in wrong forum sorry >.< please move it for me, but this seemed the place for me to post it Hello, I have been working on scripts for a Video Game Themed hunting sim that my friend and I want to run, once we are done and have a few more lindens. There will be monsters running about the sim (Goomba's, Metroids) which all have health and the player fires at them with different guns. Basic Lightgun, Normal Lightgun, Advanced Lightgun I thought instead of relying on ads and donations, I would get the players involved and allow them to make money while they play, I just don't know how I would do it exactly and still make a little money to help cover land cost... I thought about making different types of bullets which will vary the damage as well as the gun has a base damage and then the enemy when killed gives the player a certain amount of points and those points can be traded for lindens. Anyway thoughts? Suggestions? is it feasable?
  11. I do remember enabling the "arrow keys always move me" turned it off but that didn't help, thanks for the suggestion though!
  12. Hello, I've been looking at the Shared Media, and I got a website on there and working, so I was like hey I can put one of my favorite flash games in my home, the flash recognizes the "spacebar" (interact) and the "m" (open map) and "p" (pause) but it will not recognize the arrow keys or the "ASWD" keys (movement). I thought maybe it was just that flash but it is that way with 6 of the flashes I've imported, none of the movement keys work in any of the games.
  13. Cool, I may do that then, cause if I do start getting a lot of folders I may sort them by dates so that'll help later on!
  14. Thanks Guys! Maryanne Solo - I love the idea of an old folder! I think I'm going to use that when I start to get some old stuff, and I like the idea I think that'll help to keep it names like "ALC3StrpPolo1.0" Marybeth Cooperstone - I like the idea of dates, that is how I organize my photo's in Lightroom but I think I'd be overwhelmed by dates in clothing, I can put times to pics but for some reason I can't picture dates with clothes >.< I do like the number system for the folder, I may use it, we'll see if what I came up with works for me So I've come up with something like this... -->Products -->Tops -->ALCWmnStrpPolo1.0 -->Textures -->Template -->Bottoms -->Skirts -->Shoes -->Outfits -->Outfitname -->ALCWmnStrpPolo1.0 -->ALCWmnRndJean2.0
  15. Hello! I have been working on some clothing for a while, and I've noticed that my folders are starting to fill up with textures and I was wondering how do you name your textures and keep your folders organized? I need some ideas before mine get out of hand, right now I have a Polo's Folder, Shirts Folder, Skirts etc. and then each item is named something like "3 Color Striped Polo" but I have a feeling that in the future that may not be the best system if my clothing collection keeps growing... >.< Any insight would be awesome from some people experienced in the fashion area.
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