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  1. Antonio Galfo,hi i need some help i can not log in sl it says DNS could not resolve host name i tryed everything whats in the knowlege databank but nothing work HELP PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are posting on our Verus Crour on Facebook they cannot get into SL. any Idea what he can do to get back in.
  2. my Brother is new to SL and wants to make a Teen. He doesn't have any Lindens. any Help on to what stores to look at for nice shape and skin for him
  3. still same thing The connection to marketplace.secondlife.com was interrupted.
  4. Ever since yesterday I cant seem to get Market Street to load. Does anyone know if there is a problem withthe web page at all? The connection to marketplace.secondlife.com was interrupted. thats what i keep getting
  5. How will that work with the last name of Resident?
  6. My brother is starting a AV and needs Ideas on names cause when he tried one its taken and he is getting Frustrated and where can he go for a Awesome Look since he is going to be new. thanks all
  7. Well for onei looked at shops for the Bleeping Meshes and they cost 2000L :matte-motes-shocked: Like we got that Sort of Lindens. and Mesh looks stupid in the first place. who wants to learn 3d? umm not me. I liked the old way Making Clothes and now they have that Bleeping Stupid Mesh Whooopie. Let Me Congradulate the Moron who thought of that Idea should be smacked.
  8. Hailey Takacs

    T shirts

    How do you make a Tshirt and make it look like they are in RL ? Can anyone Help?
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