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  1. You are correct sir. Sucess! Thank you so much :matte-motes-grin:
  2. The file containts this: <polylist count="1680" material="CD-MATTE_WHITE"> <input offset="0" semantic="VERTEX" source="#Mesh_Object_vertices"></input> <input offset="1" semantic="TEXCOORD" source="#uv Texture4_uvmap" set="0"></input> <vcount>
  3. I'm trying to get a UV mapping image to appear correctly in SL. In Lightwave, the UV appears correct, but after the Collada mesh is in Second Life, the map image is badly distorted. Any ideas?
  4. "So, no answers to my questions. None. Fine." Do you work for LL? I asked only LL to respond.
  5. "They are probably well aware of the issue(s) and working on it. Have you considered looking through the JIRA for a possible workaround/fix, or starting a JIRA issue yourself? have you tried a TPV? Or would you rather just complain?" As if to prove my point, I am being called the bad guy because "you rather just complain" Outragous behavior on my part I know, daring to complain about a service I pay for but can't use.
  6. Here's an idea LL should be well aware of the issue, and done something months ago. Silly me, I know. "If you want to blow our suggestions off and tell us not to bother that's fine" I've been trying those suggestions for 3 months, and they don't work. I feel it is high time LL stepped up and fixed it.
  7. Over 3 months have gone by, and numerous Mac users have been unable to login using Viewers 2 and 3. LL has made no announcement there is even an issue, and no indication they plan to fix it. I want only LL to respond to this post. No more well meaning users telling us: 1) there's an issue? 2) use a 3rd party viewer 3) delete, reinstall..repeat 4) you can always cancel your SL So LL, here is your chance, prove me wrong and respond.
  8. Dear Daria Dye You'll find that if you *dare* state that you are experiencing any problem with Second Life, you will be made to feel it is your fault because a) the responder to your post can log in, so what's the problem? b) LL is probably aware of your issue, but others can login, so what's the problem? c) just because you pay for the service you can't not use, you are still a whiner..becasue others can login, so what's the problem. (the actual state of affairs seems to be LL is in no rush to fix this Mac issue. Three month have gone by without any official word or timeline as to when
  9. OS X 10.6.8 2.4 GHz core 2 duo 4 GB Ram I can't get past "downloading clothing", when I'm told "my region may be experiencing problems, or check my internet connection" "My" region.."My" connection. Never admitting the problem its their's, not mine. Both excuses from LL are nonsense as I am able to login using viewer with no problem.
  10. I hope to God you don't work for LL, that's a poor attitude.
  11. While they take my money for a service I can't use. You're right, anger is so misplaced *snark*
  12. Thank, but I'd rather LL do their job and fix the problem. A problem that is clearly of their making, not mine. Tip LL, I've been a customer for over 4 years now. Want me to continue? Fix the issue, or admit you still think it's 1997 and Mac users don't really count.
  13. I am still unable to use Viewer 2 and 3 on my mac after 3 months. As a paying customer, I find this situation unacceptable. LL's advice: Clear cache: doesn't work Reinstall Second Life: doesn't work Login to new location: doesn't work Try to get an answer from LL after 3 months: doesn't work The reputation for poor customer service is well desevered.
  14. Been 2 months now unable to use version2. Hangs on login "downloading clothing", then logs me out. Mac running 10.6.8
  15. I have been unable to login using viewer 2 for over a month now. At first it would hang at "downloading clothing" at login, then tell me I'd been logged out of SL, possibly because my area was experiencing trouble. It never was, as I am able to login using viewer 1.23 no problem. The latest update crashes on "loading fonts". Any answers? Im on a Mac, OSX 10.6.6 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 duo
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