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  1. Yes that is a good idea, just like the luckychairs
  2. So, after reading all of this i do have a question, Are we still allowed to use a random gift giver in a club or store ? Or will this be a violation as well ?
  3. oz, Thank you for everything you did for sl and all of us, i wish you the best of luck on your new journey xoxo jessica
  4. yes i also think that marketingwise could be done a lot more than what is happening now, For exalple there is a big lgbtq scene in secondlife where they can talk in a very safe envoirment, (not counting the trolls but they are everywhere) A very good way to attrackt more lgbtq people is targeting on them, Advertising,media,blogs and so on.... Originaly i came to sl in 2007 (as this one is a new avi from 2009) but secondlife did help me alot ... I was able to be a female here... i was in the closet rl for a very very long time and thanks to sl (in 2012) i came out of this closet now living my life also in rl fully as a female, I think this is something that Secondlife could target at... As a marketing campaing i would suggest : Secondlife, : the (virtual) place where you can always be yourself. Or the place where you can be you. or the place to be yourself, Things like that, If LL is interested more in a topic like this or to have help in marketing in the lgbtq scene just let me know, In rl i work with a few foundations as well.
  5. verify you are a designer, there should be a way for this because that scam has to stop
  6. amen froukje ! i can not agree more with you, they dont do anything about the copybot stuff or the empty boxes, here is an idea for LL, you already have designers that create mesh and have to agree with some rules and answer questions the first time they upload mesh, Now what if you adjust the MP like this : any designer that wants to upload something has to verify they are the designer ? and ofcourse another option for gacha... just a little idea
  7. and here i applaud ! i totaly agree with all of this, instead of cutting groups for basic members keep it as it is and work on the stabillity, because it does not make sense to me, before we all fighted for more groups and than finaly you guys gave us more groups and everyone went nuts ! and aplauded ! but now you are taking this away again and taking the basic members back in time, meanwhile the group issues like groupchat still remain
  8. People are sending this around in secondlife now, Only the link from the website on the picture isnt working, http://i.imgur.com/0GZk4f6.png can not find any press release from ll about this, so someone is realy messing
  9. so everybody that wants to see it, needs to upate their viewer.... sigh.
  10. Hello !, Complexed club is the place for electronic music !, we are currently hiring (electronic music) dj's, every electronic music style is welcome !. Do you have a passion for music and love to share this passion ? fill in the application near the club entrance and drop it in the mailbox there. Also are we hiring hosts !. we look for hosts who share the same passion for music and know how to entertain people !, not just gesturbating haha !. Keep the crowd in movement and support the dj's !. If you are interested in any of these jobs go to our club , walk to the entrance and get your app. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/TerraVillage/90/79/28 Hope to see you soon @ Complexed !. XoXo Nadine artful ( t0ranny artful) founder/owner.
  11. hello i would like to know where i can get llSetKeyframedMotion scripts, i seen this on youtube and visited the location last year also , this means you go stand on a prim ( not sit on it) and your avatar moves. Can some one please help me and tell me where or how to get this script ? here is a youtube clip i found : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvoDmtRRL6A thank you verry much
  12. Hello secondlife !, my name is Nadine artful ( full name T0ranny artful), I am the co developer from a new skill game in secondlife !. We had the opinion that it was time for a real time skill game !, its fun ... its addicting !, we had lots of people tested it and they liked it ! We also listend to opinions from people and we added an extra feature in it wich makes it possible for the game owner to make it a little less skill .... wich means you cant lose points with clicking wrong !, so does this mean in normal game mode you lose points with clicking wrong ? yes you do !, thats one of the parts that makes it a skill game !, also it gas a memory game !, wich means if you see a number in the spinbar and you had this number before and clicked it away in the playfield .... and you remember where this number was located ? you earn more points !, but there is many more ! want to find out yourself or want to see how yo play ? the following link is the direct url to our how to play video : http://www.efix.spike-source.com/Ho%20to%20play%20Efix%20SL.html And if you are going to buy your version of the game ... version ? yes version ! Efix game comes in several looks !, the original Efix , the gameboy look version ... the gothic version ... the chopper version ... and the android phone version, each game has the same gameplay but all a diffrent look and unique sounds !. For people who want their own game we also made a setup video wich guides you through it : http://www.efix.spike-source.com/Set%20up%20manual%20Efix%20SL.html There is many more i can say ... but you should try it yourself ! we have a few games set up in secondlife wich you find here : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/TerraVillage/131/42/23 there is also a resell vendor right there .. and you can always ask us for help and information !. Join the skill ! Best wishes from : Spike rodex ( main developer efix games) T0ranny Artful ( co developer & support)
  13. Hello everybody !, This year its time for another edition of the MysterySLand festival in secondlife !, MysterySLand is since 2009 a festival for everybody that loves music and art !, we are a non profit festival and we combine both ! Music and art , started as a electronic music festival but we prefer all styles of music now !. This years version will be a double celebration !, we celebrate 5 years of MysteySLand festival and also we celebrate the Secondlife 10 years celebration !. So double up the party whooohooo !. What are we looking for ?, we look for people that wants to have their own stage /exhebition , if your a club / venue owner and want your place represented on the festival thats possible ! you can get your own stage and have your own line up ! total freedom !. If you are a builder / art creator you can have your own stage/exhebition area as well and build anything you want ! show everybody your art !. Are you a musician,dj,singer,band,producer, coverband or anything related to music ? and do you want to perform on the mainstage ? you can ! this is your chance !. We welcome everybody !. Having your own area on this festival doesnt cost you any linden !. Its 100% free ! and also no set up fees. If you decide to join for a stage/ exhebition / artist you can sign up in our blog !. We are also on the look for volunteers : Builders who want to help design and build the festival sim , helping to host areas etc. is this you ? sign up at our blog !. We are currentley also on the look for a sim sponsor, depending on the amount of subscribings we are going to get we need 1 or 2 sims, for you as estate owner this means free advertising on our blog and our website(s). Festival dates will be announced around june , we love to keep it a secret haha !. So do you want to show your skills ? you want to show your art ? share your music ? Sign up now by using these links : Mysterysland stage form, This form is for people who want their own stage / exhebition :http://tinyurl.com/bvwwneg Mysterysland dj, artist form : Here dj, s and artists are able to sign up for a gig at mainstage and perhaps other stages as well :http://tinyurl.com/aet8eb9 Mysterysland vollunteer form : We need volunteers !, see the form for more info :http://tinyurl.com/b24ue3v So we hop to hear from you soon and we all together share the mystery !, combining music and art !. For more information : Inworld contact : T0ranny Artful Official blog :www.mysterysland.blogspot.nl XoXo T0ranny Artful ( founder MysterySLand ) PS : share love & music !.
  14. jwentig you should just calm down , no one tries to end sl here ! its a forum to share opinions , if you cant handdle this ... get off the forum ps go wash your mouth , the most idiots are the people who call others idiots so grab a mirror and say it again.
  15. thanks , this was indeed kinda my question , i was wondering how come prices are that high, tyvm Curious hazelnut xx.
  16. plus who said thats selfish ? dont turn words here i post a question with why are the prices that high ! nor calling sim owners selfish or whatever ........... as a sl resident i have the right to know from LL why these prices are this high ... think lots people wants to know this as well , due lots people are in a financial crisis , some people even loose their acount due they cant pay premium membership or land fees on time, so in my opinian answers are welcome . or maybe even some price drops or amazing offers for sl residents.
  17. that sim is an example .... land prices are just way to high , even if you buy mainland its not cheap. 60 us dollar is not to much ? well if your RL home is more important ... than yes thats to much !
  18. 200 us dollar is still to much like i said its sad they raised these prices
  19. you got a point in there ............. but they dont stop
  20. hiya , im just wondering : why do we need to pay 1000 us dollar setup fee for a sim server ? why do we pay almost the price for a real life house to have our own sim ? i mean almost 300 us dollar tier a month ! why ? , thats the reason i dont own land anymore ..... its just not affordable ... sadly , if they would change these prices like some other grids did , i might reconsider , but right now its not doable , financial crisis !.
  21. Hello , for a festival i look for some one that is interested in doing some cool pathfinding stuff on the festival sim. please contact me in world or respond here. Tyvm allready xoxo anny.
  22. Hello secondlife forum readers & forum posters !. I want to tell you about a festival. MysterySLand festival started back in 2007 as a joke , some one dared me to create a weekend during event , but i had 2 days to plan it ! So MysterySLand festival sl was born. Till 2010 the festival expanded , in 2010 summer edition we had 12 areas ! the sim was full every day , 24/7 and the festival was a sucses , also in the fall of 2010 we did a fall edition with 6 areas. Than in 2011 we did not do an edition , due some rl things. Now its 2012 and its time for MysterySLand to come back ! and we need all of you ! now you wonder ... what do we need ? We need (mesh) creators to make amazing builds just for show, we need club holders that wants a stage during the festival and provide music !, realy every style of music is welcome ! ( we started as electronic music), The date is not set yet .. and the location isnt set as well yet , but more comming soon ! even our new website will be launched soon ! , are you a creator ? are you an artist ? dj ? singer ? or even a band that plays in sl ? or something else that wants to be a part of this amazing festival ? than please sign up now ! . Joining the festival is free ! we dont ask money for stages , because a stage is a piece of land , but once again its for free !. we have some amazing partners and more partners to come !. It will also be possible for creators to show their items there, BUT we dont want you to sell or resell stuff there , only freebees are allowed ! this is because we do everything for free, that is our main setup, free art , free entertainment and free music for all of you !. Contact T0ranny Artful inworld or add a comment on this post so i can contact you myself !. I hope to talk all of you soon and we will make MysterySLand for all of us ! ps there is a website now : www.mysterysland-sl.tk but the .com website will be announced soon as well. XoXo Anny ( T0ranny artful) And yes , we can all party together !.
  23. hi with every viewer i crash when i try to upload mesh , i tried : sl viewer , sl beta viewer and sl developer viewer. why cant i upload mesh ? my acount is verifided for it.
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