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  1. Maven Estates has several beautiful parcels just waiting on you to call home. We have rentals from 1024sqm to the size of a full region! Maven Estates has been in business since 2009 with many sims and tenants and growing strong. DO NOT WAIT. These parcels won't last long. Completely private, beautiful views. Here are just a few of our over 700 rentals available Inquisitive Minds #11 3024Sqm 922 Prims $1099 Minds/161/18/23 Turtle Cove #7 4096 Sqm 1250 prims $1499 Cove/208/52/22 Turtle Cove #8 4096 Sqm 1250 prims $1499 Cove/177/48/22 Full Throttle #14 3904 Sq meters - 1191 prims $1399 Throttle/244/136/22 Full Throttle #2 4096sqm 1200 prims - $1499 Throttle/41/89/22 Full Throttle #6b 1024sqm 312 prims - $459 Throttle/170/9/23 Full Throttle #7 1600sqm 488 prims - $549 Throttle/203/234/22 Full Throttle #4 4096sqm - 1200 prims - $1399 Throttle/78/25/21 Full Throttle #8 3296sqm - 1005 prims - $1129 Throttle/83/96/21 Full Throttle #5b 1024sqm - 234 prims - $459 Throttle/166/233/22 Full Throttle #10 4096sqm - 1250 prims - $1399 Throttle/121/174/21 Come see the beautiful sims. Looking for a private rental a full sim size but not full sim price? We have those too!! Visit our leasing office and take a look at what all we have. We have something for EVERYONE Isle/212/122/23
  2. I too agree with you Heavenly that the tier fees need to be lowered. For someone who doesn't own a full sim from LL's and they would like to buy one, they have to pay $1,000 us dollars just to set it up then $300.00 us dollars a month. Who has that kind of money these days? The price at LL's completion is MUCH lower for more prims. Granted, the competition system isn't anywhere near what LL's has but the fact still remains people have other options for much cheaper. I myself would like to re-open a store in world but the land prices are just too expensive (and I own a land company). One would have to be blind to not see the amount of merchants closing their in-world store and selling exclusively on Marketplace. Why wouldn't they? It's free to upload your items/pictures and you pay a small fee if you sell something. It's a no brainer. People aren't spending as much money lately in world. I try to have some very competitive land prices (around $6550 a week for a full homestead) and it's getting harder and harder to even sell at that price. I know for a fact that some of the larger land companies get their sims for free and they sell them for LL's ..especially if a company has over 700 regions with LL's they get them free or at a very very discounted rate. It's not fair for the smaller people such as myself that don't get those type of deals. But, as someone mentioned, It's not going to do much good if the land tiers are lowered and the owners don't pass on that savings to their customers. I know a few land companies (no names mentioned) that are getting free sims from LL's but they continue to charge over $7K a week for their homesteads. I honestly feel that if land prices were lowered LL's would see alot more people buying land. The SL economy would bounce back and people would spend more. But they HAVE to change the $1000 US dollars it requires to buy a sim. You can't even own a homestead without owning a sim. Again, who has that kind of money these days? It's not fair that one should have to own a full region sim just to be able to own a homestead. I'll sign the petition
  3. If a person wanted to put a club on a hometead they could certainly do that. Maybe they would like a small club? I was just stating that there is no covenant so they could if they choose to. I know several people running a club on a homestead right now..... THIS HOMESTEAD HAS BEEN SOLD BY THE WAY. Can't delete the post because of the whole club comment ....
  4. The homestead mentioned is now sold. SL is not allowing me to delete this post for some reason (maybe because it had a "reply" to it) but anyway ....this particular homestead is sold
  5. ONLY 1 LEFT!!!! Hurry and get it before it's gone!!
  6. Oops, Sorry about that. I did have an SURL under the picture but it took you to one of the malls I own instead of the rental office. Fixed now.
  7. lol if it was going to cost me more than the system runs on Marketplace why would I do that?
  8. The Men & Women controllers (which is the main part of the program I need) IS transferable ...I have the panels still in inventory because as you said, are copyable but the controller system is NOT copy but IS transfer. Trust me, I had the system and sold it recently ...(kicking myself for it now)
  10. If your getting a sky platform the size of a full sim with 900 and something prims for a little over 500 a week tell me where so I can rent one. I don't know of anyone that would give someone 900 prims and only charge a little over 500 ...that's insane Do they have any more for rent?
  11. This is the video but they have 2 different videos that are displayed ...the videos change out .....the one I'm talking about in the video that I watched, had a guy playing a piano and it looked as if people were dressed up sitting at a dinner table ..also like a nice dinner & live performance type thing'll see it in the video :=)
  12. What size of store are you looking for? much are you wanting to spend? How many prims are you needing?
  13. Check out Kind Hearted Rentals on the Moon Spirit sim. We have budget homes