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  1. I play gachas because I can get high quality items I like at a good price, so getting the junk commons over and over is not a funny joke to me. I have to pay for that joke. I guess getting the "booby prize" may be funny once in while but certainly not all the time. That is why I prefer to get any gacha I want on the marketplace or at resale shops but again the price could be higher than if I got it directly from the gacha. Also I like to try a demo for clothing items and I have to find that at the gacha itself. Now that gachas have been outlawed how can we still sell and buy them ? I assume gacha resale will still be legal since it is not a game of chance anymore , you know exactly what you are buying. Will it just be in the used section on the marketplace again? That is where it used to be before they created the gacha section. I would think we could all still trade and sell our gachas under a different name after gachas go away . Is there a new name for them yet?
  2. I will check it out thank you. Update I checked it out really beautiful. I have a new fav environment. Thank you so much It would have been hard for me to create this myself.
  3. That is very interesting information I did not know that. Can you tell me how to identify the skins with the specular feature and which you consider dull? What type of skin do you recommend and can you create one yourself in photoshop?
  4. yes I guess that is my concern what is the point of getting a nice skin, and working on your shape, buying an expensive mesh head, and then going to a sim with terrible lighting and you look awful?
  5. True I know facelight can clash with the lighting environment.
  6. Thank you for the advice. I don't use firestorm I use the second life viewer because I had an issue with firestorm years ago. I agree though there are many pretty environmental settings in second life but I just dislike the midday setting . I guess the problem is for me even if I personally chose an attractive setting for my avatar, I will be the only one to see it , I have no idea how I appear to others and what setting they are using. I do create my own settings too , but I will be the only one to see them.
  7. I really wish Linden would discontinue the midday sun noon time lighting environment. It is the most unflattering lighting in sl. In all the the years I have been in second life, even before mesh heads were invented it's always made my avatar look terrible, no matter what shape I had or skin used. And now that mesh heads are here it 's still terrible on every head I have ever tried on. It is the most unflattering unattractive lighting in second life ,yet so many places seem to use it. I think it would be nice if Linden made sure that all lighting choices were attractive and flattering to second life avatar faces.,
  8. Well sometimes I can't decide , or have to leave second life for a while, so I sometimes want to go back later and try it on again to make a final decision but I.can't do that with a timed demo . I suppose it at least helps to keep my inventory low, it is embarrassing how many old demos I have.
  9. That makes sense. I admit I find the timed ones frustrating too.
  10. You can attach the mesh shorts anywhere on the avatar but separately attach the prim box somewhere else, even though the shorts and the box are connected together to each other? I have been having problems getting the hang of this for some reason. The infra red sight I know of is called Highllght Transparent and is found in the advanced section under Highlight and Visibility assuming we are thinking about the same things.
  11. What type of Demo do you think is the best type of Demo that customers prefer ?
  12. Do you have a favorite method of attaching it as well?
  13. Do you know how the prim is attached to the apparel item without it flopping around when the custumer tries the demo on and moves while wearing it?
  14. Hi everyone . I was wondering if it is better to create a demo for clothing apparel items using a separate texture that was uploaded and put on the item with the word Demo appearing on it in large letters, or to learn to use a script and prims that appear over the customer's head? And if it s the second idea with the scrpts and prims what is the best way to achieve it?
  15. Dear ChinRey, I really appreciate your great answer. It has helped me understand things better. It does seem like changes are not as easy as I had hoped. Thanks for helping me understand why. When I mentioned rigged and unrigged mesh having their properties merged together, I was thinking specifically of mesh hair. They sell two types of hair now, rigged and unrigged. The unrigged only works for short hair styles but you can adjust it a lot on your head.. You can move it higher or lower and wider or smaller to fit perfectly, but it can't work on long hair because it does not move with your body the way unrigged does , it just sticks out and looks terrible. The unrigged moves well with your avatar and looks more natural but if it is down too low or up too high, or you wish it was wider of smaller , it cant be adjusted at all. It would be nice if you could have hair that you can stretch like unrigged mesh , but that matches the movement of your body the way rigged mesh does. I have never seen mesh move in the flowing soft natural way that a prim can achieve I guess they have scripts for the movement of mesh but somehow they are not the same thing. I wish mesh could move like that too. It would also be nice if the ability to create mesh could be brought in world the way you can work with prims . I found the software ( the free one) I tried to be very confusing and complicated to work with and gave it up. I do hope they can improve sculpties and prims in the future so they are more useful they seem so obsolete now. I know sculpties create more lag and some are slower to rez than mesh is.,and prims look lumpy and old fashioned when merged together . I just thought of another thing why is it that you can stretch sculpties and prims as large as you want and the land impact never gets higher , but mesh will increase in land impact very quickly as you stretch it . Can mesh be made to stretch without increasing land impact ?
  16. Hi Victor, I know how you feel most of the time I come here and just shop, decorate, and do some simple creating. I don't hang out with anyone very often. Truth is Second lfie can be boring . I took a break for a while and recently came back. .
  17. Hi everyone I took a break from the game back in December of last year and recently came back . I was surprised to find not much is new. I keep wondering when someone will create dramatic new changes to mesh, like the properties of rigged and unrigged merged together into one, or mesh with flexy properties. Anyone else wondier the same thing? Way back when I first joined Second life in late 2006 they still had mesh even then but only Linden created it. They were the trees and bushes offered in the inventory library. They knew how to do it then. What about improving prims or sculpties? Can they still be made better? I just really wish there was something new going on. Have not had a major change since baked on mesh ( which I really love) anyone else feel the same?
  18. Yes I recommend Valentina E and Junbug, they make elegant clothing and vintage and period clothing too.
  19. Has anyone else had the issue of gacha items disappearing when they are rezzed on the ground and never coming back to the inventory? I have had this happen a few times, the most recent time was today. I rezzed the music box and it disappeared. I cleared my cache and restarted the computer a few times and it never returned to my inventory at all.. The worst part is when I ask about it, people act like they don't know anything about the issue, I feel like it has not been a problem for anyone else. I contacted Second Life Support but I don't think they can help, they did not help me in the past when it happened. The last time it was on the third party viewer I think it is called Firestorm, but this time it is the Second Life Viewer. I feel disappointed in the game right now. Thinking of going back to a free account. Why pay to have your things disappear?
  20. That is what I was saying, that I trust this mother to be able to supervise and protect her daughter on her own land ( perhaps on a skybox island far away from anyone else) with contact completely restricted . Making sure her daughter does not even know the password, to access the game. Letting her dress up her avatar ,decorate her house , and play with mom in the game. I just wanted to express that I trusted a mom's supervision. That was just my opinion. When I was growing up I played with dolls and had a dollhouse with pretty furniture. I think I would have loved the idea of an interactive dress up and decorate game. I think second life can be used for much more then just adult behavior but I do understand that protections are not yet in place for that and I understand why everyone is telling me it is not safe.
  21. Maybe we should ask Linden to change that ? Do avatars still show up on the mini map if they are in a skybox high above their land ?
  22. You do bring up a valid point. When I was growing up kids played outside and that is important. Computers are too addicting but not just for children, for adults too..Isn't it strange to have this conversation on the Second lLfe message board ? Still with children being kidnapped these days we can't just leave them to go out to play anymore, we have to be there to watch and protect .
  23. I would certainly not encourage anyone to break the rules, but I do agree with Drayke's idea of opening up a new restricted second life area to children. They are very creativei and it would be fun to help them learn to create in the game , I think including them could bring a lot of fun to the game and take a restricted section of second life into a new child freindly direction.
  24. I absolutely see your point but I was thinking what if a mother and daughter are playing the game together on the same account? A mother is there providing protected supervision and not leaing a child by herself is that still a violation of the terms of service? You can set your land so that nobody can even see there are any avatars on there, or place it on an island skybox away from everyone and don't allow any contact .
  25. I was thinking maybe she might just stay on your land and you can help her decorate it, she can choose the house the furniture and decor items ( on the marketplace or from photos on sl seraphim from events), and dress up her avatar with appropriate clothing , maybe get her a dog or cat to follow her but not really leave your land? Then she is not seeing the bad elements in the game but still has supervised fun.
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