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  1. Yes the Williamsburg is the style I like .Can you tell me ,what is the camper pack ?
  2. Have you tried Junbug , Go! and Valentina E. ? They all have beautiful vintage clothing. Go! also has a large selection of gacha styles many with a vintage look . For hair I think many of the well known hair places will have at least a couple of styles here and there that work as vintage. I would try Analog Dog, Truth, and Stealthic for starters. Other posters can also probably suggest more choices.
  3. Thank you. I love the idea of being out in nature and the style I chose feels like it has just enough room.
  4. Thanks I was not aware at first but suspected it might be , and I searched around and saw the camp sign, clicked on it, tried the styles and went right back to the original one I had. I love that you can do that.
  5. Thanks. It is a spacious style next to water and I like very much It was interesting in that both a traditional home and a camper both came up at once. The traditional home showed a photo of a white two story with a big porch and while that is tempting,for me a camper was what I really wanted. Now I will no longer be competing against anyone and I feel happy not sad.I will start to decorate and join the community even more.
  6. I just got one I got a camper!! It is beautiful. I feel I have found my home. Thank you all for your help.
  7. Thank you I will. I have been reading some search a map for green dots . I know when the name changes they are ready.
  8. I can imagine it must have been much easier before the time cap. Can you tell me what words come up when a Bellissaria home is available? I did see the word Traditional for a white house with a porch , but do the words Bellissaria , houseboat , or camper come up to describe them too? I would like a camper but not sure what word to use to be alerted. I do not have a sound alert on my auto refresh just a notice.Maybe I need a different one. Sorry that you have health problems. I hope you feel better soon. Not feeling well is not fun. I know.
  9. Refreshing manually I tried that at first but I did not get anywhere so far I just did not keep it up for long though.The only two times I saw a home was when I first came on and began the process. After that it seems there was nothing . You are right about the times, The first was in the morning the other getting towards evening in the late afternoon.
  10. Do you have an auto refresh? Do you put in certain words? I really do not know how to do it very well still learning
  11. I wish I knew your secret. I can barely even find one coming up I have seen just two so far and missed both, and you have managed to get and release so many. .
  12. Okay will try it again. Maybe also put in the words camper, houseboat, and traditional for types of homes?
  13. Nice that you see all the possibilities in each house. I had never thought of a rooftop garden. They do grow grass on rooftop in some countries . I think it is to help absorb water, provide more insulation, and add native flowers for wildlife.
  14. I took your advice and got an auto refresher and this morning I think I finally saw one! It came up Traditional house! But the thing kept refreshing every few seconds every time I tried to claim it the page refreshed and I had to start over again. and then I got locked out. lol. At least I finally saw one. I deleted the auto refresh. If I had not had it on there I might have actually gotten a house. By the time I was able to come back it was gone. Oh well.
  15. When looking to see what is available, I notice there is one arrow for the first pull down menu and it shows a few home styles, and then if you want to see more home styles a second pull own menu. In order to know if any Bellissaria homes are available do you need to also pull down the second menu or will it show up on the first one? It is an interesting thing you noticed. that people are giving the older homes a try and which home style many of them choose.
  16. Interesting. I thought it might be something like that. Of course there are limits to how many times you can refresh in a row.
  17. But I honestly do not understand how all these people you mention are able to catch and release house after house when I have never even seen one come up on the website, let alone be able to try and catch it. I have not even seen one and they have seen. taken, and released many? How? What are they doing differently from me?
  18. That is really good news. I always liked a skybox to try on skins and change clothes in and keep my sense of privacy, but it sounds like that if I check the box I don't need a skybox anymore. I hope so . I have not seen one come up and it is disappointing. I love the campers and trailers I hope to get one soon. It just seems too hard right now.
  19. That does sound life enough, but do you have any idea when all those home will become ready and available?
  20. Do you have any advice for Linden on how to resolve the linden land issues they are having now? I mean it's one thing to make the new land a little difficult to get to keep up the interest and demand , but another thing to make it virtually impossible like it is now. . It is not a good situation .
  21. I think I will check out the older areas and see what they look like. I like open floor plan houses that the older ones have, but the Bellissaria areas are nicely landscaped .
  22. Will there ever be enough newer linden homes for every premium member who wants one? It is virtually impossible to snag a home. I keep reading you need to refresh the page but I have never seen one come up personally. And I really do not like the idea of not being able to choose the plot of land and location you prefer. There needs to be a better way to offer them.then giving them out at random like this . Normally the process of buying land allows you to choose the one you want.
  23. Well since the older areas are already there I just thought fixing them up would be easier then creating something new but not a geek so maybe not.
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