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  1. Some stores have freebies too... Or, if you like it... Bare Rose have raffles running all the time, where outfits (usually not the new ones of course) are given to random shoppers "just for being here"...
  2. I use Imprudence Experimental (as a 1.2x version), and Kirstens and Catznip for 2.x... Catznip, though it has less options than Kirstens, is fast and supports RLV in SL2... And to me, that spells WIN!
  3. There's also the enormous community of transgendered people in SL, many of whom have avatars of the gender they are becoming... and some of whom still display traits associated with the gender they are leaving behind... In this case, voice just confuses the issue. In the end, as people have said, unless you're after a RL relationship with someone, it's best to treat someone as if they are the avatar. Sio
  4. Since many of us have dynamic IP, and visit wifi hotspots to log in... and since people move around a lot, then it's only a matter of time before RZ decides that everyone is an alt of everyone else... So what happens when suddenly everyone is barred from everywhere? And zFire is banned from his own forum? It is after all, the logical endgame.
  5. Yep, I use plurk... just "Siobhán" there.
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