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  1. How would i do this.....sign in w/my alt and set up same billing info as my main sl avi? never done this before.
  2. And if so, do you need to be 'partners' with them first or not? I ask bc i use an alt for building but don't want to keep switching account windows to purchase or upload textures to my alt).
  3. I'm looking to hire experienced graphics person who can make me a clothing template FP (.tga or .png is only needed....don't need .psd or .gmp file). Please contact me via NC inworld and I can show you the pic of the item I wish to have made. Reasonable rates will be considered only. TIA
  4. it's been filed w/jira since like 2010 btw. think it's pretty obvious LL will NEVER provide us shoppers w/such a simple feature to create. prob bc it doesn't make LL any more money. rude to say but then again - imo it's rude af LL refuses to create a simple thing for us who in part DRIVE their profits and entire SL economy.
  5. Would love if LL could make our 'Favorite Items' searchable (instead of having to perform general mktplace search) - why doesn't LL create such a feature??
  6. where is the 'Transforms' and 'Rotations' settings? Do you have a screenshot of your settings please?
  7. yep and still nothing, in fact it froze my movements entirely i'm using firestorm and even tried everything from this site - http://blog.nalates.net/2016/09/07/spacenavigator-windows-10-and-second-life. in addition tried the 'cameratools' setting (went thru all 3 tabs) and zilch.
  8. Need some help. I can only zoom in and out w/my spacemouse compact, but that's it. Unable to twist around, view upward or downward, or pan i have everything set to 'spacenavigator defaults'. What am I missing?
  9. Anyone know how a land's "traffic" (in the world > 'parcel detail') is determined by? and do land visits using lumiya count towards the "traffic"?
  10. STILL LOOKING FOR EXPERIENCED SCRIPTER......PLS SEND PM HERE! And pls - must also be at least 5 years SL-old!
  11. Looking to hire scripter for relatively easy script.....needs to be copy/transf so i can use for my building creations....will provide more script info upon your reply. I've been in SL for 12 years now.....Preference given to rl programmers.
  12. Ahhhh ok....wow wish there was better way, ah well thanks a bunch!
  13. again - casper has nothing more than their support page for their own product
  14. there's nothing on CasperVend in their support about putting on MP
  15. Wanting to sell items on MP that are currently in my CasperVend and the dropboxes are inworld.......how would i do this?
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