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  1. Anyone know how a land's "traffic" (in the world > 'parcel detail') is determined by? and do land visits using lumiya count towards the "traffic"?
  2. STILL LOOKING FOR EXPERIENCED SCRIPTER......PLS SEND PM HERE! And pls - must also be at least 5 years SL-old!
  3. Looking to hire scripter for relatively easy script.....needs to be copy/transf so i can use for my building creations....will provide more script info upon your reply. I've been in SL for 12 years now.....Preference given to rl programmers.
  4. Ahhhh ok....wow wish there was better way, ah well thanks a bunch!
  5. yes i've created the ANS for it if that's what you mean.
  6. again - casper has nothing more than their support page for their own product
  7. there's nothing on CasperVend in their support about putting on MP
  8. Wanting to sell items on MP that are currently in my CasperVend and the dropboxes are inworld.......how would i do this?
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