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  1. Its been a hundred years since Ive been in SL..I really need to "make a living" here to pay for my account..are there any DJ jobs...I really dont see myself having a clothing store, anymore..its too much work for the pennies it pays..
  2. thank you, dear..I havent recieved as of yet..dont fret..maybe i'll get it in a few btw..ignore my fb antics..lol
  3. oh...you really give me hope...many blessings to you, friend! ..thank you.. I think being away for awhile, makes me feel so "out of touch"!
  4. Hi, everyone! It's been quite awhile since Ive been on Second Life..my vid card crapped out on me..anyhoo..seems so many things have changed,...typical for SL. I guess what I'm wanting to know is...should I even move my stuff to Direct? (I've started, btw)..or will MESH just push me out of business. I guess I'm going to start studying mesh, but I just want to know, like I said..should I even bother with the stuff i sweated blood and tears making? I am almost ready to throw in the towel, even tho I havent been on much in awhile. Do i sound pitiful? Sounding pitiful is nothing, yet...I have lost so much here, I dont even have a place to put a store..now, I dont want to sound like a bum, but if someone knows anyone who would be willing to let me put up a small store till i get on my feet..I'd be more than grateful...yes, I know...it's not the norm to beg here..but I am!...hit me up on fb if you like.. http://www.facebook.com/debi.hayes.7?ref=tn_tnmn Look, im all out of options..im resorted to being a beggar!
  5. this is still for sale! please email for details...as Im not in secondlife every day!!!! yummyfreelunch@gmail.com
  6. I am not always in SL..so please email me at yummyfreelunch@gmail.com..or contact Angela Ariel..she is my biz partner and is available more often than I am..thank you
  7. FULL SIM FOR SALE! Full Ownership, not rent! Full Class V sim available with full estate manager rights! 65536m with 15000 prims! Estate Manager rights , full ownership, NOT rent! Tier payments are due by the 19th of every month. Tier is $295 a month or approximately 80,000 Lindens. Price is $400 USD . (OBO) This includes the $100 transfer fee Contact: Yummy Freelunch or Angel Ariel for details. Please email yummyfreelunch@gmail.com .Thank you   edit: the tier date has been moved to the 19th of the month..the previous post had said the 6th
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