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  1. Sorry didn't read that and that you were a moderator. Deleted the images.
  2. Excuse me but I think you could express yourself in a less arrogant and trolling attitude , as I do not really recognize in your description nor I did say or write the things you affirm neither I have insulted you or attacked you in any way.
  3. Well I upkeep a public park for everyone to see and visit for free , yet it has costs !
  4. I feel it, once it will not be worth to stay LL will loose all its talented creators and remain with a lot of fees to be charged on other residents.
  5. YEs I have actually been totally hit by that change couse I am an EU Citizen and I get even another huge fee by paypal 3.5 % on changes ... SO you get 1 fees from merchant sale 2 fees on lindens exchange 3 fees on retiring usd 4 paypal conversion fees, so if for example I had 250000 ll of sales , 1 are 1000 usd 2 become 965 usd after second fees 3 become 940 usd 2.5% withdrawal fee 4 become 907 usd 3.5% Paypal conversion fee total loss of 93 usd .
  6. Well to increase the fees to merchants for making more profitable landlords , doesnt' seem correct to me , that way people should turn all into landlords and less make content ... and I think content is what drives the economy before land !
  7. I am mostly an environment creator entusiast, I like challenges and I create only what I am inspired for and I like to do ... I really love nature and I mostly focused on tropilcal realistic environments, as you can see by checking my tropical island of Las Islas and Las arenas. But I was wondering also to explore new horizons ... in particular buildings , I am not much into the house making but more into environment mood , like a whole sim theme or the like , this could range from a Roman Villa to a Spanish colonial house, to a zen garden , a postatomic zone , a ruins site, an arche
  8. I am long time here in SL but since the last fee adoption when withdrawing money that changed from a cost fix of about 5 to 15 usd to a 2.5% unlimited on the whole sum... I am wondering, why LL takes three times the fees? First they take when you sell a product on market for example ( ok this might pay for the market costs ) Then They take when you convert LL to USD ( ok this might pay for the other costs and its a % of the total ) Then They take when you withdraw USD . ( another % of the total ) I guess with the first and second they are paying services ( like if rent
  9. Its just a button on a website for the most, there is no training needed and all rest is automated, its an easy system just like paypal , but with a 0 % conversion cost instead of 3.5% of Paypal.
  10. Because I am not referring for PAyment but for withdrawal metods ... Some of us are not from US and have to pay a lot in terms of Conversion to Paypal like 3.5% or more , with that system instead money would be simply transfered by LL to bank accounts like with Paypal in a quick way , and LL wouln't care if it takes 3 days to reach us as this method would be only used for sending money out.
  11. I don't understand what's the issue behind it? Even LL takes some days to complete a withdrawal . ALso I am referring to withdrawals not to payments.
  12. Any chance for larger environments and better terrain texturing tools?
  13. I am wondering if is possible to ask LL to adopt transferwise for payments abroad Instead of skrill and Paypal? Those last suck too much on exchange commissions that goe from 3 to 5% compared to the 0.5% of Transferwise that is based on a p2p money exchange ... That said What you think of it? http://internationalmoneytransfers.org/transferwise-vs-paypal/
  14. No they don't , I already talked with the bank . Well , they take 0,05%.
  15. Its not like this , my bank applies 0% fees to make a currency exchange, it applies only the market value . Paypal just update its fees from 2.5% to 3.5% as an either accept or go condition . SL rised its fees to an unlimited 2.5% too , so summimg it up you get -% for ll exchange, then -2.5% by LL , then paypal -3.5% then currency conversion rate. So if you retire for example 1000 USD (845 eur) you get -25 usd by LL become 975 usd , at the Real rate (1 USD = 0,84585) = 825 Eur. With Paypal conversion you will get 975 - 3.5% = 941usd ( 795 eur ) . So in the
  16. Hi , I am a long time SL user, I have been in and out, but its Ages I am litterally waiting for LL to implement better Terrain tools and yet I see no news on the horizon. What I always wanted Is: Larger sim sizes at least 4 km x 4 km instead of 256 m x 256 m Better texturing tools and materials for terrains Better shaders and procedural distribution of assets that consume less resource. Abolish the prim number system and replace with a performance indicator. Any hope to see this ?
  17. Hello , I am wondering if there are ways to avoid Withdrawing money to paypal or Skrill , since they have rised "Again" fees, with SL too the fees on us to eur conversions you find up with a 2.5% unlimited fee applied by SL on your cashout, plus another 3.5% taken by paypal on any conversion , wich totals as like a 6 % on your total withdrawal plus on that you need to add the fluctuating value difference of eur dollar .... So any idea or help would be appreciated thankyou!
  18. rising prices of the sold items by 2.5% as answer woudl balance the thing?
  19. Hello , had been any news on that argument? I mean still 2.5% This is too much I think !
  20. I am wondering if are still available other sources to sell Ldollars apart the official one?
  21. I have been there ... made testing etc ... I wanted to believe could be a new beginning. But to me seems too complicate and boring with literally ages to download a single experience and when u do most of what u can do is admire how good was the artist that made it ... plus vr tech is still unviable ... gives nausea and requires more years to develop still ... so they'd better have invested in renewing sl code and graphics, bringing them to a contemporary standard by allowing large terrain sims and more prims than waste time on a niche project.
  22. People will retire more money now before the new fee arrives, then price will rise , people will sell less and people will buy less , copybotters will copy and sell for much much less original products and the ture merchants will start to leave sl or close for banckrupcy , a destiny that seems to be overshadowing on sl by that course of action.
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