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  1. In 2005, friends used to be able to map each other. It was not a bug. It was a feature, smiles. I don't recall whether non-friends could map you. People regarded this as intrusive. You are off being werid with your unicorn, and you friends just drop in. In fact, dropping in on a friend unannounced was how I, as a newbie, learned all about the gorean worlds, smiles. If you want your friends to be able to map you, just enable that on a friend by friend basis. des/de/mona
  2. Hello, Rodvik, As I say to all newbies (smiles)... Welcome to Second Life des/de/mona
  3. These are marvelous features.. thank you. Please add to your list of technology advances the availability of a script editor that does not freeze the viewer for over a minute when loading large scripts and a notecard editor that manages to keep its visible cursor location and character insertion location in the same place. These problems are documented in the jira and awaiting action. des.de.mona
  4. Thank you for your work on the viewer 2.x series. My personal metric of success for V2 has been the frequency with which I have to resort to the viewer 1.23.5 (or its tpv clones) to get my work done. With viewer 2.4 this has dropped to "rarely". These occasions are now confined to situations in which I have to work on large scripts (1000+ lines; cursor position, loading lockup, copy/paste problems; see jira reports). I would like to imagine that a "trial by fire" which annoys your user base during most of 2010 would not have been necessary. However, I am aware that bug detection via top
  5. Hi torley, You should also do this trick if you alternate between using Viewer 1.23.5 and LL V2.x. Ditto v2.x and any of the other v1.x source code based viewers (Phoenix, Imprudence.. whatever). Note that I am referring to alternating use, not concurrent use. In addition, I recommend using the "--settings" command line option give every one of of your viewer programs distinct setting files. dayse/da/mona
  6. Well, I tend to see this as a financially driven decision... LL probably cannot afford to keep two grids operating, and they probably do not want to totally alienate future customers by just chopping off their accounts. So, you merge the grids... what could be simpler? As for the adult-child interaction issues... doesn't this problem also exist on facebook and other social networks... granted SL is a prime venue for dynamic interactive porn (smiles), but the same issues would be present for static text and image porn on facebook. .. and what about the access granted via skylight (see: http:
  7. Hiyas, Regarding content migration to other grids: I recently ported dozens of scripted devices to an opensimulator environment that uses the Xscript engine. No serious problems. The scripts work fine. This is a quite an improvement over a year ago when the recommended fix for the script engine problems was.. and I kid you not... "run one script per region". In terms of general reliabilty, the Linden grid still has the edge over opensimutors.. so be prepared to restart your opensim regions frequently.. and.. oh yes... the land management restart operation may crash the region.. so you ma
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