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  1. I am returning from a hiatus but I remember in 08 something similar with the nude rezzing but I cannot fully remember, was this always a problem? Or does this only happen with mesh bodies now? Would love to stream SL without being flagged heh.
  2. Aww, Really?! I feel like I tried a ticket a couple of years ago through a support ticket. I wonder how long ticket history is saved. Oh well.
  3. Yay! one of my names were chosen. I've had this cursed lower case letter first name since I was a teen irl! argh! I no longer relate!
  4. Located in heart of NYC here. I'll probably end up with PTSD or OCD after this. Panic attacks every night since the lock down in March. I wake up to sirens, I go to bed with sirens. My medication is being held in a fking national stock pile. God forbid my immune system decides to attack me and I end up in an ER exposed to the Rona.. sh*ts insta death for us. On top of that i gig work so totally left in the dark as of help for now. I left the house 11 days ago... someone at the supermarket bumped into me and I was about to square up. My corner store is In quarantine.. I was there before they cl
  5. I wish I could just simply have a capital P and keep my last name but since that won't be possible I'll be renaming myself. 🙃
  6. No way I could have figured that out on my own. Ha! Thank you very much!! Deck life 😆!
  7. Sun Valley trailer!! This looks so great. But for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to get the back deck??? I tried the control in the trailer 😫 how?!
  8. I hope they're able to contact the owners on time. Would the music stream on the sim be preserved as well 😔 ?
  9. Thank you all!! LL got back to me and I was able to recover my account! The original ticket the response was sent to "Important" box lol wow probably going to get the dock and save my old projects and pictures from my sata drive!
  10. Yes! I was looking into those docking stations or usb connection thingys too to connect to my new laptop,but not so sure where to go from there. I had an old PC tower from 08. The motherboard had problems for a while, finally gave out in 2015 late early 16. Yes, I've gotten back an other legacy name account by submitting a ticket where they go through login recovery, this one they just closed off with not even a response and the ticket status says: This ticket has been Closed and status resolved. This was about 48 days ago and I didn't have time to pursue it. " Hello, I am
  11. My dead computer has firestorm which has my login auto saved for an account I created 7 years ago, is there anyway to recover this through taking out the sata drive and trying to usb it to my new laptop? Or what exactly do I need to do?(not a techy) I do not have the email or password for this account, and LL hasn't been able to help
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