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  1. I've got LookAt enabled, but I'm not sure how it works. I see the crosshairs, in different colors at different times, which when they are on my head seems to mean I'm being looked at by someone or maybe they are reading my profile, or something, I'm not sure. At times I have someone's crosshairs on me for a very long time, and why would they want to be camming me for that long a time? I don't get that. What do the different crosshair colors mean? Distance? If someone's crosshairs are on you for a very long time, what's going on? Can they really be camming me for that long? Does that happen if
  2. yes, well I was not camming around, I was just standing there, engaging in local chat, and boom, "you have been logged out of Second Life, perhaps the region is having difficulties..." or something like that, and when I got back everyone else was still there and no one else had crashed. So if that griefer crashed me it was a specific attack. He also had a friend in there with him, perhaps called in for the attack. I'd never seen him there before.
  3. I derendered and blacklisted him, then talked to a staff member who told me she'd also had a contentious exchange with him. She's going to advise the staff to keep an eye on him as he's known for being like that. I'm thinking there must be some way to defend against such attacks, if that's what he did.
  4. I was at a nice pub, just minding my own business, when this guy IM's me about my profile, which says I'm just in SL for social reasons and not interested in cartoon sex. As we talk he gets on this "social reasons" thing and just like a dog with a bone he will not stop chewing it, trying to spin "social reasons" into all sorts of things, demanding I define that. Long story short, he got nastier and nastier until I muted him. So much for him I thought, but today I was in that pub again and suddenly I crash. When I get back in there is his green cloud sitting there and it was
  5. Okay, just crashed again, so I rebooted, and restarted the DSL modem, and then I couldn't log in at all, DNS could not resolve the host name. Yeow! So I restarted Firestorm and it finally let me in. SL is now the only think running on my system, and I find myself wondering if perhaps iTunes might be causing a problem, it does use the network when it's loaded, but a friend tells me she's having the same problems now and they started about the same time mine did.
  6. okay it just happened again, two minutes at a sim and I cannot log back in. This is really making SL a terrible hassle and no fun at all!!!!
  7. Well I'm sure some of it has to do with how busy the sim is. My computer is a brand new Mac Mini core i5 running Mountain Lion and has 16 gb of RAM. It has a 500gb startup disk and 12tb of external disk. The startup disk has 433.06 gb free. The graphics card is integrated and uses system memory. Just now I was logged off with the message that my account would not be available until 7:35 AM Pacific time. Bummer. That's not something on my end at all. Internet connection is fine with no issues going on at all. I checked.
  8. Over the last week or so I've not been able to go to certain sims without crashing all the time, London City being the worst, and certain beaches being pretty bad too. I'll be chatting with someone after having just gotten back in, and again, gray screen and crashola. This is making SL a real hassle to deal with, and really putting a big damper on it. This always seems to happen while I'm chatting with a friend, and we get cut off repeatedly by it. I'd like to understand what's making this happen. Is this a server problem? Is it because the sim is too full of people? I can't be in London City
  9. Yes, well I've read all the replies, and I have to say again he would not tell me about what it was, despite repeated questions. He just said it was a "friendship bracelet" and that bit about it would keep the creeps off me, and when I saw him come online I asked him about it again. He still would not tell me anything about it, but told me to come to his place and he would put it on me. No, I really don't think so! He had also told me more than once of all the women he'd turned down and how picky he is. Now I know there are some women in SL who are into that, but he knew me way better than
  10. **KAJIRA** mainstore: slave, kajira,GOR, gorean, silk, camisk "....Kajira can be placed in any form of clothing, or no clothing whatsoever, that the Master desires them to be ... He called it a "friendship bracelet" and would not tell me what it did or really was, said it would keep the creeps away from me. Yeah, right, by marking me as his property! What a sneaky move! And he lied to me about it! He tried to get me to take this and wouldn't tell me what it really was!
  11. So I've been friends with this guy I met at the beach for a while now, it's been platonic, but I've been aware he's interested and wants more. He's been very smooth about it, and told me how many women he's turned down and how picky he is. He's been generous with compliments, and we have spent quite a bit of time together, until today. Yesterday he told my friend sitting with us that he's very attached to me, but I'm a tough nut to crack. Right after that he tells me he wants to give me something but is afraid it might scare me off. He would not say what it was then, but today he said it was
  12. Well I'm either just not very good at it, and there are tricks to it I don't know, but I find I have a pretty hard time finding anything I want in Marketplace. I search on something like dresses, and I get all kinds of hair instead, and lots of other irrelevant stuff. Marketplace doesn't allow you to search with qualifiers or exclusions, so you get all gobs of stuff you aren't looking for. I use the categories, but it doesn't help at all, and I try every search term I can think of, but I still get tons of stuff that has nothing to do with what I'm looking for. Why does it have to be so hard?
  13. Well that's a possibility, I use the BasicallyGirl AO, and that might well have something to do with it. Thanks, I'll try detaching that and see if it improves things.
  14. I bought a SuperCobra helicopter from NEXGEN, who does not respond to email or support it at all, and all was well until a couple days ago, when I'd get into my chopper and in mouselook now I'm so far down in the seat I can't see anything out the windows, and all I can see is the instrument panel and the sides of the cockpit, which makes it useless for guns and missiles. I can't use my chopper at all like this. I unpacked it from the crate again, did a clean rez, and it's still the same problem. I've gone through the instructions exhaustively, and in trying to find a fix I discover the choppe
  15. Well no, I was using Gmail to start with, but switced it to the email I have with my ISP. That could be the problem though, I guess I'll just switch back to Gmail, since it worked before.
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