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  1. Yup, still happening. I don't own the region, I rent. Same as others reported, no avatar at all with my dinkie or a mesh, partial when I tried to wear an old one. I was able to fully rez on a neighboring region. There's nobody here - region is still under development - so I don't know if "everyone" is having this problem or not. Everything else appears to be behaving normally - scripted items like seasonal trees, doors, and my two Teeglepet equines are all just fine and behaving normally. Passed on this thread to my landlord. Is there any way to determine which item is the issue? I dont' think it's any of mine, but I did note my rent box is reporting less prims than my last login, but I can't tell what - if anything - is missing.
  2. My google-fu game is on the fritz, so just a quick question - The region my rental is on is set for permanent midday. If I use the environmental controls - midnight, sunrise, sunset, etc - will time pass or is that also static? If it's static, is there a way a renter can edit the environment so that it is on the SL day/night cycle? I'm completely ignorant about the environmental controls.
  3. Interesting. I literally bought one from the market place day before yesterday. Just in time, I guess. I've already spent a lot of time making her my own (learning mesh avatars in the process, a bit) I hope they don't poof her, I went clothes shopping yesterday...
  4. Duh. Totally forgot i was using an actual AO that can be turned off (I had a similar problem with my old av and there was no AO in worn items). That did the trick, thanks!
  5. Marianne, appreciate all your help! One more question... with the av that you've suggested (which is sitting in my inventory now), will I still be able to make changes like I can with the default avs? Adjusting body size/shape, facial features? I noted that, with the one I have, seems like some options I remember when fiddling with my old av, weren't available with this one (like eye color, but I have loads of eyes anyway, lol).
  6. Thank you. I thought I'd tried this, but apparently not. Did the trick, but I still like the new mesh shirt better than the old shirt anyway :) I'll have a look at both the post and the avatar you suggest.. if the mesh avatars are the ones in the 1K range... too rich for my blood right now, at least not until I'm more comfortable with the new rules, lol.
  7. To be honest, I have no idea, but she's nice. If I take off the shirt that comes with the avatar, that space is invisible, and no clothing applied becomes visible, either (that whole part of the avatar doesn't exist) - I tried the alpha included and that didn't work either, but might have done it wrong. Doesn't matter, as I found a mesh shirt I like a lot, though I had to adjust my body shape so skin doesn't show through. Also, I just noticed the sit on my dock doesn't work properly with the new avatar - instead of relaxing, arms are crossed and looking up (basically, not bending at the waist as the sit is designed).
  8. Ok, one last question. I picked up an EVA complete, rigged mesh avatar (because she was cheap, lol, and I liked the looks - from PoisonRed)... but a search for clothing just brings up a lot of dresses. I'm looking for a top that's more medieval looking - or, preferably, clothing like the classic Vana dragonshirt set that doesn't want to work with her ... if there's a way to make that work, and someone explained that above, I apologize, but just not sure...
  9. Thanks! I was last in SL approx 2014, so it has been a few years. Definitely the same vendor, thanks for that!
  10. Moira - thanks so much for the thorough answer, I really appreciate it. Now I just need to digest it all, and try again. If anyone does have good tutorials to share, that'd be great! Also taking suggestions on good brands of avatar stuff - body and clothing, especially fantasy. I used to buy from !!Husky a lot, but I'm not finding them now.
  11. Back in the day, I was pretty close to an expert SL user - I modded everything in sight, built stuff, none of my avatars were out of the box. Then, I left, came back, and everything's changed. My current human avatar is classic. I went shopping for new hair, picked up a Lamb demo (with HUD), tried and failed to wear it - and, yes, I Added the alpha texture... So then I tried one of the avatars from me/choose an avatar - and still couldn't figure out how to do hair properly. No matter what I do, I just have a blank head. Can someone give me a bit of instruction from the POV of someone who is familiar with how to use Classic stuff? Is there a way to wear mesh hair on a classic AV (rigged?). Plus, clothing... any way for me to use classic clothing on a modern avatar? My body vanished, so only some pieces of clothing (like a cloak) showed. Appreciate any help you can provide. My old classic hair is bugging me, now that I've seen some of the new types, lol.
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