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  1. Okay u understand the concept btter now, so basicly im doing LQ mesh, and yes it was very tricky im a maya user, also it is working right now, so with LQ mesh i can just upload it regularly without having to check deformer option for female, cuz i was wondering i i just rigged my jeans to the 9 volume bones from pelvis to shoes, wont deform it meess it 2, so yeah i get th epoint now, tyvm for such awesome reply
  2. I was wondering what viewer are designers using to upload deformer mesh to SL Thanks in advance
  3. Hey Guys Whats needed to upload mesh deformer or liquid mesh to SL. what viewer i saw somewhere saying Qarl's Mesh Deformer works on firestorm, can anyone provide me some usefull links
  4. Got my money back check here http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Lindens-nowadays/m-p/2248175/highlight/false#M42581
  5. A comment has been added to your Case.. Case: 01769140 Avatar: Arcy Halfpint Type: Linden$ Issues Status: Waiting for Customer Acceptance Hello Arcy Halfpint, Thank you for your request, and I do apologize for the inconvenience. We have applied L$7990 to your account regarding the issue on 9/23/2013. Please log in to confirm. Once again we do apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you
  6. pandora keep us updated, LL owns me mobey for 15 days now and they keep delaying it, lets see how fast they take care of your case
  7. U are wrong my friend, friend of mine got an email from ferrari, because she named her coch like this '' something cound - version ferrari red'' another friend of mine had to change tart clothing to another name cuz apparetly a brand openned a store in rl called TART a few years after she started hers in sl inst that weird anyway with all this if LL was acess to my work to distribute it, im not really into TOS stuff, but ill just go to unity & eclipse and develop android games, less headaches then second life believe me
  8. this order Description: Order #1332499976 repeats itself 11 times so its almost 9 K its not much yeah but just argh they saying it didnt show multiple times on marketplace, but it does on my sl balance and also market balance, seems like sl page got into a loop on that orderm server lagged or something and i was afftected.. pretty much thats it, the linden i was talkign to basicly on sep told me u gonna get ur money back on oct 3, then way past oct 3 he says ur account dosent have a market problem fille a bug report on jira
  9. luna did u get any of the money back?
  10. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Lindens-nowadays/m-p/2248175
  11. There was a time.... when lindens would go out of their ways to help residents, not these days Sept. 23, 2013 (I openned a ticket) I got charged for the same subscription alot of times Order Order #1332499976 repeats 7 times and takes money everytime from my balance Sept. 27, 2013 ( i got 1st reply)Hello Arcy Halfpint, I am sorry that you have had an issue with your Product Listing Enhancements. The Marketplace Team is aware that there are issues with the Listing Enhancements being billed multiple times when a Listing Enhancement is reactivated. Your account should automatically be refunded for all duplicate charges by the end of the 3 business day after the beginning of the month. This means that your account should be fully refunded by the end of business on 3 October 2013. You may monitor your L$ Funds Transaction Log for the refund. http://secondlife.com/account/transactions.php If your account has not been refunded by 7pm Pacific on 3 October 2013, please let me know. Oct. 4, 2013 (THE REPLY) Hello Arcy Halfpint, I have reviewed your Second Life Marketplace orders on the web site and those records do not show that the Product Listing Enhancement was billed multiple times. Since your account itself was debited multiple times, there may be an issue with the main Second Life Billing system that needs to be investigated further by a different team. Please create a bug report and include screenshots of the charges from your L$ Funds Transaction log then reply to this Support Case and I will be able to add additional information to the bug report itself and ensure that this issue gets escalated to the correct team so that your account can be refunded as quickly as possible and this issue investigated further. Oct. 4, 2013 ( I SENT SCREENSHOT) Oct 5, 2013 ( My Reply) 09/24/201303:12:23ba8f9330Destination: Commerce Linden MKT2 Subscription Description: Order #1332499976 L$799 L$2,037 09/23/201318:40:162f971140Destination: Commerce Linden MKT2 Subscription Description: Order #1332499976 L$799 L$2,836 09/23/201314:24:1169605490Destination: Commerce Linden MKT2 Subscription Description: Order #1332499976 L$799 L$3,635 09/23/201312:16:0785956b90Destination: Commerce Linden MKT2 Subscription Description: Order #1332499976 L$799 L$4,434 09/23/201311:12:039260d570Destination: Commerce Linden MKT2 Subscription Description: Order #1332499976 L$799 L$5,233 09/23/201310:39:591789b320Destination: Commerce Linden MKT2 Subscription Description: Order #1332499976 L$799 L$6,032 09/23/201310:23:54d88ab9b0Destination: Commerce Linden MKT2 Subscription Description: Order #1332499976 L$799 L$6,831 09/23/201310:15:53b9bd25f0Destination: Commerce Linden MKT2 Subscription Description: Order #1332499976 L$799 L$7,630 09/23/201310:11:4928173100Destination: Commerce Linden MKT2 Subscription Description: Order #1332499976 L$799 L$8,429 09/23/201310:09:42dc7daa40Destination: Commerce Linden MKT2 Subscription Description: Order #1332499976 L$799 L$9,228 09/23/201310:06:5478474df0Destination: Commerce Linden MKT2 Subscription Description: Order #1332500018 L$399 L$10,027 09/23/201310:06:2365c1eae0Destination: Commerce Linden MKT2 Subscription Description: Order #1332499976 L$799 L$10,426 **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**s://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gif" border="0" /> Oct. 7, 2013 ( HIS REPLY) Hello Arcy Halfpint, The transaction that triggered the issue was a Marketplace Transaction, but the Marketplace didn't bill your account as noted by the single Marketplace Order for the Product Listing Enhancement on your Marketplace Order History Page, located here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/orders The Marketplace didn't bill your account, but the Second Life payment/billing system debited your account multiple times for the transaction. In order for this issue to be investigated to determine why it happened and to prevent it from happening again, and to ensure that your account is refunded as quickly as possible, please create a Second Life Bug Report so that the Bug Report can be routed to the correct team that investigates billing issues. Point of Story 15 days later he tells me to report it somewhere else, or am i missing a point here? Did this happen to anyone else?
  12. combine them all together with dress export OBJ import obj and try rigging see if that works for you
  13. Are you Serioussssssssss, i had to scan my passport and stuff to get verified as an adult,was an hassle
  14. Thanks now gotta wait for them raise my limits, LL gonna have some Lindens overflow this week, good for buyers
  15. Lexi there are very Few Countries in europe that dosent accept paypal, i live in portugal for example, i got paypal and it used to work, not surenowbecause i crated a Moneybookers(skrillCredit card) so i could cash out trought virwox and 5 minutes later get the money at nay ATMin the world, now i guess ima haveto cash out using LindenX antought i got a question i see some restrictions on how much i can withdraw and deposit how do i lift those bans
  16. So ive just migrated my iventory but i still got one item (with faded check box) that when i clicklist its gives me this message Product state not changed: Current state cannot transition via "list" I noticed that the same item shows on unlisted Any fix? if i change the listenning id lose about 90 ratings
  17. Alright so it appears that mesh is really gonna come to SL this time, been hearing about it for a few years so my question is how can i upload MESH on the main grid On this Blog Post says i need to get Enabled, altho im not really sure if im already am because i did both and they show both as green, sltho when i log on the viewer  Version: from This Link it does not let me teleport to mesh sandbox '' any of them'' so ithink i might be doing something wrong, i could ulpad mesh like few months ago altho not on the main grid, Please Help me out here :P
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