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  1. I would say "not always true" to that. I remember, when i wanted to make an account in 2010, they used to send a verification link to your email address. But i never got this verification email, for some reason. So i tried a few different email addresses (different domains) and one finally worked. These other accounts i tried to make, are floating in Limbo and i can't access them. I'm sure many people had the same problem back then. That's probably why so many accounts were created that were never used. How would LL know if people regretted their choice? Did they ask them? *pokes ton
  2. lol... no i dont think they have me blocked, they dont even know me Well, their name doesn't show up in search either, so i guess their account is atleast "deactivated". I am not sure if i am allowed to post a link to their mp store... But if you want to check it out: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/82899 Their stuff is still there as of today. Oh well, i think i should talk to a Linden, they would know for sure. edited: I just talked to a Linden... and they said, the items will remain on the MP for the first 60 days, and some time after that the inventory will start depleting
  3. ok thank you. Yeah i was experimenting with the "energy" and finally got it to work yay! \o/ so thanks
  4. Ela Talaj wrote: where does the key id come from for llKey2Name(id) ? that comes from a listen command, where id = the avatar's UUID edit: ok i made a little mistake in the script: llPushObject((id),<0,0,force_amount>, ZERO_VECTOR, FALSE); This would push the avatar, but only when they are standing on the object. Is it possible to make the avatar bounce when they are further away from the object?
  5. Hello, I want to make a script that listens to local chat and when one particular "keyword" is said, the avatar gets pushed a few meters up in the air. Its suppose to be a little fun script. Here is the bounce part of the script, which doesnt work though for some reason: float force_amount = 10.0; [...] { llPushObject(llKey2Name(id),<0,0,force_amount>, ZERO_VECTOR, FALSE); } it should push (bounce) the avatar of the ground, 10m straight up, but it doesn't work. Any ideas? The land is push enabled...
  6. Perrie Juran wrote: First, @ the OP, how do you know they have cancelled their account? Well, for one thing on the web profile it says "Name unavailable"... And then i was checking in some of the groups she's in, her name doesn't show up there either. So i figure her account must be cancelled, or maybe suspended for some reason.
  7. ok so does that mean the items would stay in the creator's name but the money goes to LL? Wouldn't make sense though because what if they reactivate their account?
  8. Hello, How long will MP items be kept on the MP after someone cancels their account? The reason i'm asking is: I came upon a MP store of someone, but obviously their inworld account is gone. But i was still able to buy their things lol... Will those items stay on MP forever then? Or are they being removed after some time? Dani
  9. Hello, There is a store which went out of business, and i asked the maker of a product, if i can make something like that, and if i can even make it "look similar" to theirs. But i didn't get an answer. Does that mean i can do it? Or do they care? I really liked this product and would like to make something like that too and sell it. So i am trying to make my own, just getting inspired by the other product. Is that ok? Dani
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