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  1. Anyone know where these pasties/nipple shields are from? I have a similar set from [CV], it's not those. (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/CV-Nipple-Cover-01-WEAR-ME/12197994)
  2. Lol. Complaining? You think looking for hard-to-find things is "complaining"? You think saying "no that's not what I'm looking for" is "complaining"? You think being harsh to people advertising their own completely unrelated products is "complaining"? So you think I should show gratitude towards someone posting "CLICK HERE TO BUY MY HOUSE" in my thread asking for ideas for mesh terrain? Or simply say "oh yes that's perfect" for every single suggestion provided regardless of whether or not they actually are? "Oh yes thanks that's exactly the wooden cabin I'm looking for, d
  3. You honestly think you're gonna get more sales by repeatedly spamming the forum with your own ads? If you're gonna blatantly advertise your stuff at least link to something that's relevant to the topic, or at least high quality. Whatever you linked is obviously neither. Probably one of the worst looking houses I've ever seen. The issue is finding good mesh terrain. Stuff like trees and other sim decor are so easy to find. I've been looking on marketplace for over an hour and can't find a single good mesh terrain that actually has enough flat space for a house. I
  4. That's the post I referred to that's asking about the lingerie on the right... I'm asking about the one on the left... I'm pretty sure it's not from Blueberry.
  5. No, but it can contain flexi, although usually that ends up looking terrible. Ways to simulate movement with mesh right now: Bento, though it's highly awkward to simulate hair movement with just bento bones so rarely anyway does this Using multiple copies of the strand, each one in a slightly different shape, then flipping opacity of each one to simulate stop-motion (most common method) Of course that might change once Animesh is out.
  6. For those images you attached, are those custom builds in terms of actually modelling from scratch, or simply mix-matching pieces from various sets on marketplace? I'll take a look at the KatoYouji place you linked.
  7. I'm looking for that fully functional, free, full-perm mesh Bomberman arcade machine that was available on marketplace about a year ago (or earlier). I accidentally deleted my copy of that machine when I was cleaning my inventory. The creator left SL and no longer has a shop on Marketplace or in-world. I can't remember the creator name, but I remember the machine was playable and not a pose prop or simple URL to some flash game site (use arrow keys or WASD to move or something), upright, and pale blue in colour. It looks like an arcade machine, it's not a simple flat prim or anything like
  8. If he didn't spend any money on you, then no LL will treat it as a complete joke. If you actually "tricked" him into spending significant $ on you, then it's considered fraud and you can be arrested.
  9. This is the equivalent of complaining someone PK'd you in an MMO and now you want all 50k players in the game to boycott the game until that player is banned. I can't tell if OP is just trolling or just immature. Relying on SL as the single source of church service? Lol. What if you have internet issues? What if the "pastor" forgets to show up? What if SL shuts down? You do realize there are live broadcasts of probably thousands of church services around the world that's 10x better than using a virtual sim for church service? Crying and getting mad because someone "farted in y
  10. I'm looking for ideas for building a home in the sky, since there's not much room ground-level at the sim I live in. I'm mostly having trouble with the ground itself since the things you can do with mesh is kind of limited compared to terraforming: Not looking for an enclosed skybox or dome Preferably nothing too fantasy-looking (like a huge floating rock that resembles something from Final Fantasy or anime) Not looking for full-sim landscapes, my space is about quarter sim, but can't be tiny like 50x50 or something. I'd say it should at least fill 50-60% of the parcel
  11. A - Um yes offlines DO take up a space. Why do you think the parcel shows like 43 people sometimes when the limit is clearly 40 when those offlines log back on? Do you think people can get in when there are 43 people? No it means those bums who log off inside the sim gotta log back in and get out before someone else can get in, hence taking up a spot. Do you know how placeholders work? Clearly you don't. Also did you read the part where I clearly said I used an auto-teleporter for 24 hours? How many hours does a day have? Now explain to me how it doesn't make sense to say "the daily entry limi
  12. How many active avatars does SL have? I have absolutely no idea but I'm guessing it's at least 10k? Is it just me or the idea of hosting a very popular event in SL (don't want to give any names in case some mod get oversensitive about it and give me some bull***** warning for "slandering"), in a sim that has a limit of only 40 avatars, for only 2 weeks, very... stupid? Especially considering the following If you log out inside the sim, you still take up a slot from the 40 until you decide to log back in, and teleport out 99% of sims don't have neighbouring sims where you can land a
  13. Meh Renegade stuff all have really poor model and texture quality, they just all look distorted for some reason, when you compare to something like Ncore or Phedora which look really real and clean. There used to be this shop called "Hyperion Creations" by this French creator, but I think her shop is shut down now. That one from Azoury just looks silly. Not looking for clown shoes or stilts, just looking for high plats... maybe ~12inch? I'll take another look at other Azoury stuff, I'm pretty familiar with that shop and if I recall correctly most of their stuff look rather whacky or
  14. Hey thanks for looking. They look nice but not really the height I was looking for, it's about 2-3 times too low. Great for a casual outfit though, but not really suitable for the look I'm building.
  15. I'm looking for shops with a lot of boots or heels that has extremely high platforms. Shops I already know about: N-core Moda KC Couture (doesn't have much high plats) Phedora Reign (doesn't have much high plats) Already checked on marketplace but didn't find much other than the above 5 stores. The height I'm looking for: Really like the last one especially how the platforms are tapered inwards, however the straps on the front of the foot ruins it.
  16. Similar to an adjacent post in this forum asking for the one on the right, anyone know what's the lingerie on the left?
  17. Anyone with more than 1 yr of exp in mesh fashion in SL can sniff one of these worthless stores from a mile away. I know exactly which store OP is referring to, and I actually flagged a lot of their products in the past as well, and probably even wrote a thread about it a while back. Here are the facts: LL doesn't give a crap about fake reviews. Why? Fake reviews = more sales = more $ in LL's pockets. A few pissed off customers like OP and myself don't mean a pickle to them LL doesn't allow announcing the store's name here because it will hurt their sales = hurt LL's $ It tak
  18. So basically you're saying just because you like spending 2 hours hopping inworld to find 1 item, and probably not even find it, instead of 2min on the marketplace, everyone should keep you company? Are you one of those people who think that just because they "miss walking and breathing fresh air", cars shouldn't have been invented and everyone should walk 2 hours to work like you? If you don't like using marketplace to buy gachas, here's a genius idea: how about just don't use it yourself? Problem solved. Excuse me for not wanting to bear the stupid lag of gacha yardsales and spending 2 frick
  19. Google docs does everything that 699L purchase does and more. Also good luck using that for any inventory of more than 1k items. You have to manually upload a photo for every single piece of clothing. Oh and you have to pay 10L for each upload, so for anyone with a huge inventory like me, we have to pay like 10k in upload costs lmao. Calling it primitive and backwards is an understatement.
  20. Boobs - 100 Cleavage - 50-100 Boob gravity - 0 Butts - 100 Saddle bags - 100 Hips width - 100 Leg muscles - 100 Body fat - 25-50 Done. You're welcome.
  21. Maitreya and TMP are the two bodies refusing to release mesh dev kits, cause the creators are stubborn you-know-whats not intelligent enough to see the benefit it brings if more artists can create models for their body. I know a dozen very talented creators who have been applying for the damn mesh kit since it was released, and still being rejected to this day. So if you're not already a well-known store with million-linden sales you can just forget about developing mesh clothes for it. Texture appliers I'm pretty sure is 0L in the store.
  22. Anyone know if there is there some plugin for browsers that alerts when favourited stores release new products or product updates, since the SL marketplace lacks most basic ecommerce platform features? There are like a dozen shops I keep bookmarked, and since I really like some of their products I'm forced to sort them by newest->oldest, and open their links one by one to check if they have new products released. A proper filter system would be great as a browser plugin as well.
  23. You're right, there's no standalone .dmp file nor a dump folder created upon a crash. Here's the full firestorm.log: http://www.mediafire.com/file/d7vcc1iv4bzqap9/Firestorm.log
  24. Yeah tried cache clear many times, didn't help. Neither did a clean re-install. There are two logs that are updated at the time of crash, crashreport.log and firestorm.log. Crashreport.log: https://pastebin.com/eATqegYz Firestorm.log is way too large to paste, is there anything I should be looking at?
  25. Developer -> rendering -> object object occlusion? Disabled it but still crashing. =/
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