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  1. For the past few weeks, I have been taking my wife (who is in a wheelchair, RL and SL) to church service on SL, every Sunday evening. As of Sunday just passed, my wife refuses to log in to SL, period. Whilst approaching the church - we like to rez at the edge of the sim, to take in the lovely garden - some piece of...filth is too light...attacked us. A griefer - dressed as a hideous mouse - used some illegal device to attach himself to my wife's head. As if that wasn't enough, this disgusting perverted subhuman then farted in my wife's face. We instantly AR'd the griefer. My wife was crying in RL and said she couldn't stay on the sim. I brought this up with the pastor, but he was busy in service, so I had to IM his daughter to complain. Later, the pastor showed no recognition of the seriousness of the incident, telling me to 'not worry' and that 'it's probably just kids'. Again, as I told him: the mouse farted in my wife's face. So, I look at SL and, in search, the griefer is STILL listed. SL has done nothing. I want this filth OUT of the SL population now. And I don't want it to end there. I want EVERY person on this forum to complain to Linden Labs to make sure this never happens again. A disabled woman is now isolated from her only means of church service, and too scared to log on again. A Satanic griefer is winning, and he needs to be IP-banned, now. Please contact Linden Labs and tell them to take action immediately.
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