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  1. Right, I understand that part. But I want the routing for two parcels to be the same place. Not just one. So, how do the 'spawns' under telehubs work then?
  2. Hi there :3 I rent a homestead, and a friend of mine would like to rent a parcel off of me. I run a store, and the rest of my homestead is used as a sandbox. I like to have a telehub in a welcome area, so visitors will pass past the rules, and are not randomly teleported into the sandbox. Can I disable the telehub from one parcel, but keep it so the other two direct to the telehub? I have been messing around with settings, but with no luck. Thanks :)
  3. I'm looking to relocate my store & club to a half sim, but I would like to rename the sim -- not neccesary. Or, if anyone is looking to rent a full sim, and would want to split it with me, that'd be cool too~ <3
  4. Thanks for your reply, but I know how to terraform. This seems to be an issue with the sim itself, as it was fixed before by my previous landlord.
  5. My terrain is acting like it is super low poly, won't flatten no matter what I do, and ripples throughout the entire sim. This is what a full strength flatten looks like: https://gyazo.com/ac97bd7aa6a983c2f248c204eeef33a9 In action GIF: https://gyazo.com/d8811fe1a33a950148abd28ff9af178b I once rented from someone and they seemed to do something that fixed it, but now I can't figure out how to fix this?
  6. Hey guys :3 I've had a Mall/Club/Hangout goin' for about a year now and I've usually got around 5-8k traffic. It's been taking a dip down lately and I'm trying to figure out what could bring people in? My friends and I usually hang out here all day but I'd like to meet new people and have others join my roleplay a bit too.. When you go somewhere in SL what do you like to see? What makes you interested in a place? What makes you come back? What would you like to see in a sim that you haven't before? I just need some ideas! Thank you <3
  7. hello all :) I'm opening a club on my homestead, designed for the anime & furry community in mind. the club is set on an urban/industrial/grunge themed island, with a large dance floor & DJ booth. as for genre's, i'm not picky. any music that is upbeat, interesting, able to dance to.. i'm down for :) i prefer hardstyle, trap, metal, electronic, house, jpop, drum & bass, hip hop, bouce, etc.. i'd even be down for a few slow & easy listening nights, such as acoustic, but not regularly. DJ's will recieve 100% of their tips, as long as they are a regularly scheduled DJ. dancers will also be slightly hosts. i'd like them to greet and talk with the guests, and also RP. we will have some poles by the dance floor, and also some in a private room upstairs. depending on the traffic and how things are going, dancers will be needed in either or both places. dancers will recieve 90% of their tips as pay to begin, and earn 100% if they do a good job :3 bartenders are just a fun RP we'd like to have around, keeping the guests talkative and having a good time. bartenders can sit at the bar and "give out drinks" or just greet and chat with guests. this role is great for anyone who wants to pop in every once in a while to earn some lindens without a schedule. bartenders will recieve 90% of their tips as payment. because we are newly opening, i'd like to invite people who are newer to DJing & dancing/hosting, while also opening seasoned applicants with open arms as well. :3 my club is going to be very laid back. we don't really have a theme and anyone is welcome here, as well as any type of music. if you're nervous about dj'ing because you can't find a club with the kind of music you like, or you don't feel like you fit in anywhere, i'd really like to have you here !! we will work with you to find a schedule you can feel comfortable with, as we don't really have a schedule yet either. :P our club is on a homestead with many mall locations and 3 mainstore locations for popular stores. traffic does not seem to be an issue already, even though we are not opened yet :3 if you are interested, have any questions, wanna check out the club -- anything! contact me in world maeglutz
  8. Same results when I hit analyze, and when I don't. I am trying to upload a building. https://gyazo.com/f93dd47eb78010299ee04a435a7696d4 - my building https://gyazo.com/99eac9f45fda584e794a60934f198186 - physics error This happens on both the LL and Firestorm viewer.
  9. https://gyazo.com/93750eefbe96afc43ffc01396e3b8758 This is happening to both my friend and I. When we upload phsyics from a file, it gives us this error. I tried uploading 3 new files for the phsyics but i still get the error. Help please :(
  10. Hello! I would like a building for my new land but I found out today that buildings are not my forte. I would like a mini version of a building from an anime to use in my land. It would have to be downsized very much. I would prefer mesh so it is not a lot of Li. Thank you so much :3
  11. Sooo, I put the sounds in the prim and just name them as numbers? Am I following you? ^^
  12. Hello ^^ I'm working on a typer and I'd like for the sounds to be randomized, so that it's not the same one everytime. Unfortunately, I don't understand how to put in multiple, let alone make them shuffle. default { state_entry() { llSetTimerEvent(1); } timer() { if (llGetAgentInfo(llGetOwner()) & AGENT_TYPING) { llLoopSound("Typie", 0.2); } else { llStopSound(); } } } Here's what I have so far ^^
  13. I tried that already after I saw it in a different thread & it doesnt work. I'm running a Mac. I also can't save screenshots now either.
  14. Hello~ No matter what texture I try to upload, the screen flickers until it crashed. I tried it on Firestorm, and the official SL viewer. I tried it in Beta & the normal grid, and I tried it with different pictures & file formats. What's going on here? Sorry if this isn't the right board.
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