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  1. I've made a single prim overfiller before, you don't need to technically sit on it. just have it selected in the build menu. (well maybe not single prim but a mere 2 - 10 linked together can overfill a sim beyond the temp rez too)
  2. That kinda already exists... it's called viewer texture memory buffer in firestorm (or the graphics > rendering > max texture quality) and scene / system memory in black dragon viewer
  3. the highest water reflection resolution based on black dragon viewer's settings is 2048, 768 on "normal" which is supposedly the LL viewer's ultra. the water resolution based on black dragon viewer's settings are as followed (from lowest to highest): 256,512,768,1024,1536,2048 BUT for any other viewer I'd imagined it be something like 128,256,512,768,1024 (anything around 128-256 kinda looks pixelly) @IvanBenjammin anything higher than 2048 would be pointless in terms of SL graphics.
  4. chances are it was related to viewer-side lag, if they had settings for how many mirrors you can handle (for example some may only be able to handle max of let's say: 3 while someone on a stronger computer could probably handle a max of maybe 10) they could probably get mirrors working in SL as an official feature. otherwise it would just be that infinity effect you can get in any other game if you fell out of the map. (which I could have reproduced with shiny objects in the past)
  5. Wanna know what grinds my gears? is that there has been a jira opened on this subject since 2014 https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/STORM-2055?
  6. several thoughts, 1. focus on your work instead of play 2. bring a laptop that isn't a work laptop with you so you don't have to use a USB 3. from what I read from UKanDo viewer's site... the developer is dealing with RL stuff so it makes their viewer less and less useable. 4. try a different viewer?
  7. Well, for starters, I didn't know SL allowed people to mod their SL for better graphics (unless it was built into a viewer such as black dragon)
  8. Ok, so. the simple answer was no. was the workup really necessary? an ENB is an ENB. gamers who like extra graphics know what people say when they mention ENB. also, no what i used was ReShade, though there is some settings that don't work with SL and no possible way for me to save presets for some reason.
  9. So, recently I've discovered something interesting that I can do with any SL viewer, and wondering if I could get banned for it \o/
  10. the vehicle sandboxes i've been to are mainly for aircraft and boats and when there is a place for driving, it's mostly on an island surrounded by water. unsightly clutter? I'm sorry I still don't follow... MG still had more sims than TG, sorry... still DOES. infact i've seen most sims that were apart of the TG get placed over to the MG mainland (example: Bay City)
  11. Unfortunately, I don't understand anything that I like about SL, however I can safely say there was 3 types of games that I went by, imvu > THERE > secondlife, from just sitting in a 3D room to roaming a planet sized world to customization, but if i were to judge by admin/moderator doing their jobs of banning trolls or griefers or whatever... secondlife would be at the bottom of my list. I remember back around 2007 - 2009 crossing a border with a vehicle wasn't that laggy...now a days I am always clinching my butt when flying a helicopter across a border (which all it does now is a fricking barrel roll)
  12. even if the avatars look like crap, it still has better performance than secondlife has NEVER had.
  13. it's not about wanting to "test" vehicles, it's about being able to drive a truck with a trailer across SANDBOXES "Testing vehicles with as Obvious pointed out Object Entry allowed." made NO sense to me. and as far as the teen grid went? do explain...
  14. "Can you point out to me a Virtual World where they aren't problematic? " There.com used to be in shape of a round planet with no border crossing and had an outerspace atmosphere believe it or not. and I am originally from the teen grid where the sandboxes had object entry enabled in the past. the sandboxes with TG in the name are the ones I'm talking about.
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