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  1. Also remember that game characters are usually modelled with all their clothes and equipment. To get a real total in SL you would have to take into account the base mesh and all the mesh clothes being worn.
  2. Most of the TPV have been able to make bigger prims for a long time, but only in OpenSim, not on SL. It seems a great many people figured out how to do this in SL as soon as the mesh server code was enabled on some test sims.
  3. Pose Balls are used because they can be rotated in any direction and still look the same. Tetrahedrons do not, so the answer is no.
  4. If you want to keep your password 100% safe then you will not be wanting to ever use SL from ANY wireless device.
  5. Land media is very usefull if you want to have several screens all showing the same content at the same time.
  6. If you enable this I am guessing it only shows for someone else using the beta viewer? For everyone else there will be no jiggle.
  7. If the new group limit of 40 proves to be to much then how about leaving it at 40 for Premium members and dropping it back to 25 for everyone else?
  8. Yes Footshadows OFF. That's another major annoyance, in fact, not saving ALL the preferences between sessions is pretty bizzare behavior for any piece of software.
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