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  1. I have been away from SL for a while and about the time I was silent a feature I depended on was disabled breaking content. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-5702 Personally I am unsure how app/chat could have caused harm. It never worked on channel zero. So if you feel so inclined to vote for it please do. Bring it back and maybe educate people at the same time. I am tiered of good things being taken away because a few ruin it for the masses https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-40755 secondly the SL WIKI still list these features? http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Viewer_URI_Name_Space
  2. This is not documented on the Wiki. All functions in SL which return the Legacy name also include the last name even if it is Resident. So when it is states on the wiki that the ANS/SLM returns the Legacy name is not corret in all cases. As it may result in void or null data which could lead to problems with searching of one own database. Things should be made the same across the board when possible weather it be SL funtions or data from the market place. When they are not there will be problems down the road.
  3. According to wiki: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Direct_Delivery_and_Automatic_Notification_System Legacy names which are returned for Payer and Reciever are missing last name when it is Resident. May wish to express your concerns and comments here: http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-4764
  4. Still has problems and bugs. Some crystal rezz inside of other objects making it impossible to pickup. would be nice to pick up with a touch and a distance limit of a couple meters to keep people from just sitting in one place. Over time more and more crystals will not be able to be picked up unless they are physically deleted by a Linden. It still needs a little more work.
  5. For me it does not automatically switch to the viewer. Have SL open then once a SLURL is click I have to then switch back to SL then there is an option in the panel on the right to TP to the destination. It does not automatically switch and TP anymore.
  6. @WolfBaginski, As far as updates to viewer version open SL click the Help and select About Secondlife in there you will see a text link Release Notes there you can see what was fixed, new features or known issues. As far as network problems it is good to start with this handy trace route command (tracert) in a MS DOS prompt. Some time the problem is neither your ISP or SL network and when that is the case it takes an act of god to get it resolved. Which did happen to me once. I was getting a 2% packet loss on my own sim but on other sim was fine. After doing a trace route on my sims IP I fou
  7. I use SetTimerEvents inside timers all the time. If this still broken for you? Currous as what code broke.
  8. I am curious about llSetMemoryLimit now. Seeing that we can set it to any number of bytes but what I wonder is the memory on the server I would assume has certain cluster sizes it uses for its memory. Would it be best setting the memory in increments of powers of 2? Such as 8k, 16k, 32k, and 64k? Or setting it to an odd number like 23192 would only take up that? If the cluster size is 1024byes you might as well do 23*1024 = 23553 and set the memory to that number. I just like to make the script memory efficient. I guess the more confusing part is the limit is how much it can take up. When on t
  9. At least you heard of an API. But wonder how to test what they have now since you can't really test it on Aditi for selling items on the market place. I am guessing testing will have to be on Angi. I tried the installer link a few time but seems to be broken Other viewers . They will need to have the API in place for a couple months before they ever remove fuction of the magic box.
  10. The only problem I have with this is I run a script in the magic box which monitors when certain items are delivered. When said item is sold it is added to my own data base which is used for other purposes like validation or updates. With this system how could I do this since you can't easily run a script on the avatar without using 3rd party software and have another avatar always logged in as a bot. Now if we can always use the magic box I won;t have a problem. If there is a options to have a message sent to a certain object inworld that would be great. info like UUID of the person receiving
  11. Due to the limit of 0.1 second an object cannot be moved to a point with no visible movement. I thought keyframe animation might be a possible solution. Such as have the object Animate then jump to the the original position as though a strip of film were spliced into a loop. I tried a few things such as stopping the animation then setting the position using fast params. Then starting the animation right after params functions. But the second call of the key frame animation silently fails if the object is still visible moving via a set position. Not sure is this a bug. Kind of unexpected
  12. While an Avatar is standing on a flat animated object turning like a record the body of the Avatar will turn facing the direction of the forward vector in which it travels. Same goes for a an object moving linearly. The Avatar will face in the direction of the forward vector of the object. Also note when in mouse look the camera will not turn if standing on a object which is turning or moving.
  13. the auto return of 15 minutes is a little annoying short
  14. So right now you must at least one mesh in the linkset to make it animate. If you don't you get the error "Only linksets which uses the new prim equivalency system may be animated." would be more intuitive if the error was Only a linkset containing a mesh can be animated. And why only a linkset with a mesh?
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