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  1. Awesome Rolig, thanks
  2. Do blank lines in notecard matter as far as memory is involved? Thanks
  3. I'm looking to pay for a few full perm animations. One a violin player and one a cello player. Each animation should include two separate animations that flow together perfectly and be able to switch seamlessly from violin to cello and back. Thanks
  4. Looking for trumpet and sax animations full perm. A good set for each I can string together with AVSitter. Thanks!
  5. Sometimes the obvious is hidden and sometimes we need a push in the right direction like what you and Rolig did. Both helped tremendously so thanks for that.
  6. Is that what you think, well good for you, you're special.
  7. "easy" is a relative term...I almost failed algebra in high school (40 some years ago) and this looks harder than that... Thanks for the help.
  8. Already been looking at that and other sources, if it was that easy I wouldn't have asked...
  9. I have a mesh door script that uses touch but I need it to listen to open instead for a remote control. I have a simple dialog in the remote that works but not sure how to switch the touch_start into a listen start(?) type of control... So the door script hears either open or close and the does it. The door itself it using the door script by Lyn Mimistrobell. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Smooth_Rotating_Linked_Door_With_Hinge TIA
  10. Worked like a charm! Thanks! Seems a bit odd to do it that way but what do I know?
  11. How can I get a copy of the default grass texture (512x512)? SL wont let me download the default stuff from my inventory for some reason. Thanks
  12. Is there a way to move/rotate or whatever an attachment when your avatar starts walking? Can a script detect avatar leg movement? For instance, I have a robot avatar that moves around on a ball, I want that ball to rotate when the avatar moves/walks. That make sense?
  13. Every once in a while I try to upload a mesh but all the LOD triangles are the same (except high) and the uploader wont change them no matter what I do. Why is this and what can I do about it? Thanks in advance
  14. Good point. Just checked my program and I probably was not paying attention. In C4D the Y axis is vertical too. I don't see anyway to change that or any mention of LOCAL and GLOBAL within the preferences. No worries, I've learned much, thank you all.
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