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  1. Does anyone know if the HAITS shaving system is still available anywhere?
  2. New to LSL, but not new to programming, so don't need to spend too much time on structure or logic, but perhaps a little more on functions etc. I am initially interested in controlling of inventory, in particular at the moment, checking whether a certain clothing type is being worn, and, if not, attaching items held within a rlv directory, or the reverse. Basically an auto attach or detach script. Does anyone know of a tutorial or guide that may be appropriate for this?
  3. Always nice to get a reply regardless, so thanks anyway!
  4. Yes, I didn't know about the filter. I want a visible sign that I have pleasured my male partner, and left him satisfied.
  5. I want to get messy, but as realistic as possible. Has anybody got some advice for purchasing **bleep** layers - there are just so many!
  6. I don't think that is the problem, I'm afraid. I have tried in three different areas (including a sandbox), and also, I am able to select the items and delete them, just the 'touch' option is greyed out.
  7. All of a sudden I am finding that touch scripts are not working for me. If I touch, say, a sofa with poses then no menu pops up. If I sit on it then the menu does appear, and 'touching' while sat also brings the menu up. Once I stand up then once again I can't bring a menu up by touching. The main problem is that it also means that I can't open boxed items. I can rez them, but there is no 'touch' option in the pie menu. I have tried using Firestorm, Phoenix, and the standard viewer, and I have the same problem in all viewers. Here's hoping that someone can help....
  8. Role playing female, loves RLV. Uses RDF tracker and also Sassy's Bad Day gear, looking for a place to call home where I won't be lonely. I am happy to share the rent, so perhaps we could get a better property than otherwise we could afford? In return you will get PerfectSyn avatar controller object so you can dictate what I wear (from a large - and still growing - wardrobe!). Also happy to add to my available clothing following suggestions. Interested in playing all sorts of games. I have excite genitals, ass, and nipples. Mama Allpa. Tinkler. Also own quite a few BDSM objects xx
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