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  1. I remember havign a month long proccess credit way back in the days, looks like I got another one of those. It is not much money so i am not too worried. I just think it is a little odd.
  2. I had to re add my paypal to payment info when I went to cash out today, I added and had to enter paypal login, it worked and all, I think, waiting for the credit to process, but why would it do that? Did they lose the info when they changed the system?
  3. I am trying to do an animation where some parts only rotate a degree or two, but in SL it either registers half of it or none of it, it is a loop. Is there a threshold that it has to reach before it even registers at all? I have used both avimator and quavimator, both have this issue, maybe a way around this Animations are around 60 frames in ellengthnd about 30 fps.
  4. I did notice on the rig itself there is also the skull, maybe in the future there could be a way to animate that as a joint, it would make jaws easy.
  5. I have so many forms and so many apperances, I lost track of them all, lol.
  6. Honestly, its a great technology, but not everyone can see it, and so far the choices of viewers to see it are limited. When there is a viewer that pretty much everyone can use and see meshes. I have no real problems with Kirsten's except the fact that the inventory pauses with each item selection, same issue with LL's viewer, oh and wearing aves makes the viewer sluggish.
  7. What I find a tad odd is the cost of a mesh that has the same number of triangles as a sculpt, one being an image for sculpt, the other exported as a dae, 10L vs 159L that both look pretty much the same. I know it is not the final cost, but still, eh. Though if I were making a model, a really complex model, I would be sure to finalize it before I upload it.
  8. Hehehe, you have quite a journey ahead of ya, there is a LOT of things out there. Some rather creative things, some incredibly weird.
  9. And that is why you lock your facebook account down, or make an alt, I would never mix up my SL one with my main.
  10. I have seen a few changes over the years , but one thing that has remained consistent is the ability to create your own ave as you want it and not have to be some kind of cookie cutter garbage, or anything for that matter, vehicles, pets, etc. How this is done has changed a bit, say when they introduced sculpts, or before I was even on they did not have the whole animation override going a long time ago (as someone told me), and in the future they will introduce meshes to the main grid. I seriously doubt Rod has plans to totally alter the way SL works. Some changes, probably, but probably noth
  11. To make SL like a goal oriented game you would have to add a few things that allow it to be that way, something built in, and I don't think very many people would care to use it. Besides, we have enough scripted games of all sorts in SL anyway, though I will always prefer the whole building and ave making.
  12. Sounds much like that ban link thing, people abuse it and it affects the whole system, honestly I think its better that sim owners manage their bans not some system.
  13. Welcome to SL Rod, and good luck. Here is hoping for improvments in technology, and remember freedom of expression is what makes SL what it is.
  14. While we're at it, lets roll back the economy to when it was better.
  15. Nearly 5 years of SL I have seen the viewer change before, not this drastically, but still. I am on this viewer right now and well, its not as horrible as I keep seeing the comments say. Also, the sidebars tabs can be undocked and kept as windows which can be minimized. I would like them to be buttons on the bottom too, maybe in later versions, who knows. I would also like properties of objects and profiles of people in their own window. Cannot think of anything really critical, oh, and selecting items or folders in inventory, if I scroll down, sometimes it snaps right back up again, but tha
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