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  1. hahaha, yeah since 1749 apparently! *painful*
  2. Wow, too bad i a'int as clever as you! *smiley faces*
  3. Having for ALL who enter, and throughout their stay at your establishment, a sense of common COURTESY, RESPECT AND MANNERS! 99%. These are the requirements for a host. Simple as that. That does not come with experience, you've either got it or you a'int, you are either a nice person or you a'int. Period. If you a'int, you'll be useless to any club in the role of a host. Don't even think about applying. But the other 1% yeah ok, buy a fancy tip jar, nice avi, nice hair, clothes, shoes, silly gestures, a knowledge of your viewer and HUDs, a few cool jokes maybe blah blah blah etc etc Morsuljyn's above link to the wiki is useful too, worth a check and covers anything of the 1% i haven't :))
  4. Yes i agree Anika, i've also found at social events, you could try sending your suspect a "greeting" in nearby chat remembering to use their name. If they appear to be acknowledging everyone else except you, high chances are they have muted you and your local chat along with it. At best they are simply ignoring you which is pretty much the same thing IMHO. I am assuming also that you are responding to AlexandriteGem's question when you mention the parcel issue, but he/she seemed to think this was not the case here:- AlexandriteGem:- Quote "Nope... I did not block them and we are in the same parcel, a couple meters away. I have done nothing to block or defender them but they have blocked me. I have already noticed that in two different parcels. Inside the same land... Thanks anyhow..." Unquote
  5. Let me therefore put it another way in the nicest possible sense so as not to been seen to offend or seem "sarcastic". Alexandrite, if you have found out a way to tell if someone has blocked you, would you please kindly let the rest of the group know and share it. Failing this, we will otherwise we assume that you are a TROLL, here to promote unnecessary arguments and end any constructive or positive discourse with you. thank you
  6. You're welcome, and if by the way, you have found out a way to tell if someone has blocked you, BOTTLE IT, PATENT IT AND PUT SOME OF IT ON THE MARKETPLACE! thanks in advance!
  7. No, you will only "not see" their avatar itself if YOU have done something to them, i.e if YOU block(mute) them, they will appear as a grey jelly-person with their name-tag still intact and the text "blocked" over their name on the tag. You can completely de-render them by BLACKLISTING, whereupon you will see nothing remaining, no jelly and no name tag. Your symptom however could be a parcel issue as discussed by Parhelion Palou above. Thanks:)
  8. Hello AlexandriteGem and thank you for your post. No you won't be able to tell if they have blocked you - only they can see that. Try getting a friend to IM them, if they respond straight away to your friend, then you send an IM also. If they do not respond to your IM, they are at best simply ignoring you but have probably blocked (or muted) you also. Hope this helps
  9. Correct, they will see you normally. I agree also with Ceka's post above insomuch as continuing to see their posts in NBC was a real pain, loophole and completely defeated the object of muting someone (or something ) in the first place. If there have been any improvements to Firestorm, muting Nearby would be at the top of my list. My thanks also goes to Skell in particular for his illustrations above and clearly his time and effort with this subject.
  10. Some vending items (eg, an ice cream stall) will not release their objects to a person who has blocked you assuming you are the owner the stall of course. If they are having difficulty retrieving their "gift" from your machine, there is a good chance they may have blocked you.
  11. Blacklisting totally de-renders an avi, you will not even see their name-tag. Assuming you are on the same sim and before i clean re-installed Firestorm i was still able to pick them up on the mini map as a dark grey/ black dot as opposed to the normal green markers, but i haven't checked the latest status, they may now be totally gone with my new viewer. They will still also be listed on the Nearby Avatars list i believe, again assuming you are on the same land. You can still therefore tell if they are 'there'; and if you have your mini-map up you can avoid "walking into them adding to the drama" and with Nearby Avatars you also have their distance - they are pretty easy to avoid if you are shrewd enough. The tools are there - use em! Blacklisting is a great tool and i love this Firestorm function. if you would rather not see anyone to begin with, why waste your GPU resources trying to draw their avatar? Cuts down on graphics lag, no complexity to worry about, job done. I WISH WE COULD DO IT IN RL TOO! *smiley faces*
  12. *Latest News* Subsequent to my first re-install as posted above, it seems that after a second re-install of the viewer, everything seems to be more or less back to normal. Just make sure the re-installs are CLEAN and that you get all those old settings files out. (i think i might have missed them first time)
  13. No problems before but yes, since 'upgrading', the new High Sierra OS has left my Firestorm viewer pretty much unusable. Its like i've landed on a high-lag crowded TP area, everything takes about 5 seconds to respond with the coloured windmill up all the time. I've done a clean re-install of the viewer and verified that the problem does not exist with the LL viewer (which it doesn't). I have been forced to revert to the latter for the time being which is fine, but i do prefer Firestorm. Contact me inworld with any suggestions or fixes if its easier (i'm there more than i am here!)
  14. I have always felt that you should be able to view a resident's profile anonymously, having said that, this thread is over 5 years old now, so there could well be something out there by now, who knows? Perhaps they should make it a 'perk' of premium membership? it might spark some initial interest - like any new toy, i guess.
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