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  1. Ah yes but how do I get the iTunes INTO the winamp or SAM?
  2. I am a total amateur at this but I would love to make a little playlist for my land where I can stream my iTunes in. However, I am finding it incredibly difficult to find any information about streaming iTunes into SL in a way in which I could do this. I am running Windows, so not the MacOS. Anyone..?
  3. N1kk1, I am so glad you responded to this thread after all this time. I guess my question, "Does it matter" leads to "If it does, then why does it?" I didn't want to assume it does to all. I think it does more than we realize. I also find disturbing the way that the other women in your club criticized your shape. I have to wonder what notion of female body they have in their heads and then if that is a notion connected to race or gender or both. I personally have a nice full booty on Harper--I think that is sexy and womanly, but that's me. But do they think a big ass means a woman of color? Or fat? Do they think that all men only want big boobs (they don't) or skinniness (they don't)? So I am glad you posted to this discussion. It really added to the conversation
  4. Ooo! That's my girl, Roe Woodford! She's a beauty and what an amazing photo!
  5. Sometimes items have no mod scripts in them, so it's not really the prim itself but another item that is rendering it no mod. Many things have resize scripts. And sometimes people simply don't want you messing with their stuff. Or they are short sighted.
  6. Kenbro, my RL dad is in SL as well and he cost a LOT more. Then he would constantly be iming me to ask how to adjust this or that or hit me up for MORE Linden. He cost me a bundle. But he's happy. And he supports my endeavors in SL and understands more of what I am doing. And he doesn't bother me anymore.
  7. That IS a beautiful skin. Do you ever feel people are upset tha you represent differently or do the suggest that you misrepresent people of color by looking that way? Race can be such a dicey issue in RL but seems less so in SL. Do you think so?
  8. I love how you have the same background. Remember those horrible chunky "shoes"? OMG.. hahahaha!
  9. I really love this post, Thereaver. You hit on several important points and I love how you offered this in Portugese and English. (I wish I were able to offer MINE in English and Portugese or, for that matter, any other language articulately). Bravo!
  10. I have one more benefactor to thank and that's Chaos Mohr, who let me squat on his sim and then have a parcel there for ages, who helped me terraform my first sim, and who also helped me purchase my first computer after joining SL so it had kickass specs. I could go on and on. Gulliver, who long ago suggested I start a blog to work on my writing; Xavier, who was my first Mentor as a Mentor; Blaze, who held my drink at SLCC; Zolute, who helped me understand windlight; Callie, who made me start fashion blogging; Frank, who published me in Architectural Digest; Ikon, who taught me all about eyes and the rest... Even if they don't give you lindens, if they give of time by answering questions or being a friend, they are a benefactor so don't discount anyone's efforts....
  11. Not at all and increasingly so since I change up my look so much. I will say that Queue Marlowe made a hair that she named "Harper" without having seen me, and we agreed that it looked pretty much like my RL hair once she saw my RL photo. You know what I love is when people are better looking n RL than their avatars.it's not always just surface but also personal presence and personality. A few people come to mind (Eshi, Callie, Taryn, Queue, oh and Kara Ennui, who is no longer in) Sometimes I am gobsmacked by the gorgeous people who are in SL.
  12. I don't buy clothes like k wear in SL. However I do notice people's style and more importantly, I notice their best qualities. I would think the idealism of SL avatars would make me think more critically about people's appearance but I find that it makes me see the beautiful qualities of people. For example, I remember seeing a woman's strikingly beautiful white hair and thinking, "Wow!" Or today a woman helped me in a store and told me she had children who were 30 and 28, and looking at her, all I could think about was her darling nose and her beautiful skin and pretty eyes. She was older, overweight, and probably didn't see it in herself but I sure saw it.
  13. And I found in Phoenix or firestorn that popping open my current outfit folder forces the outfit to load.
  14. A lot of content creators are purists sbout templates, but frankly, everyone has tapped those Chip Midnight templates, so it's really no difference. The same argument can be made about photo sourcing being "unpure." I say use everything and anything at your disposal. Andy Warhol screen printed Campbells Soup cans and it was art, for goodness sake. The point was it was evocative and visually interesting, not that it was done with oil paints and depicted the Madonna. If the work is technically good, skillfull rendered and artistically solid, none of that would make a difference. It's about what moves us, represents us, makes us feel good (or bad ), not about the tools use to do that
  15. I couldn't help myself.. this deserves to be seen by many people and explored more so I made a group.. "Your SL Evolution" in Flickr. Please add your photos! http://www.flickr.com/groups/slevolution/
  16. Yasni Mornington at Meriken Matchbook Monday of Amorous Freya Oliveiri of Trashy Girls in Style Three that instantly popped into mind.
  17. I TOTALLY agree about the picks. First pick should be a lm to your store. And Ohna, totally agree with the second pick. I have to say I think LeeZu Baxter's profile is ideal. All her links, all info needed, and a little personal mixed in.
  18. Ohna, I think one of hte limitations is the actual perameters of the nose on the SL avatar. I have tried nad tried to make a wider flatter nose--one that represents some people's noses (white or black or Asian or whatever--some people have flatter wider noses) and have found it's harder than heck. It doesn't help when the skins are fitted on super skinny noses either. So you saw my result above for Mollena. Not *entirely* happy but good enough Check out Angel Rock skins too. I really like her African-American skins.
  19. Leela! You look like me in 2010! Same hair.. ha! But that was just one look for me. I never look the same two days in a row though I tend to stick to one shape because it's just one less thing to hassle with. Thanks for sharing, gorgeous woman
  20. OMG, Naraelina, I love that headgear! That is so awesome!! I love seeing ALL these avatars--furries and child avatars included! Viva la difference in SL!
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