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  1. I looked at your data, you should be able to upload. Can you tell me where you are trying? Do you have permission to rez? Charlie
  2. you should be good now. The billing info took, and I was able to apply the workaround. CHarlar
  3. We're looking into your case. Please double check and make sure you see the tutorial complete page (score doesn't matter). Charlar
  4. We're looking into your case. Please double check and make sure you see the tutorial complete page (score doesn't matter). Charlar
  5. unless i replied to you specifically, you should be enabled now. Charlar
  6. The meetingplace for the usergroup is now on Aditi, meshHQ 2: secondlife://Aditi/secondlife/MeshHQ 2/208/7/23 Also, i will start posting meeting notes to this thread as a reply rather than a new thread each time. This thread will be sticky so it appears at the top - thanks for the ideas and feedback on this. Charlar  
  7. you need to enter, or finish entering valid billing information. Charlar
  8. workaround applied - you should be enabled now CHarlar
  9. workaround applied to your account. You asked about why - there have been soo many messages that I'm sure the ones talking about the problem have been lost. First - to upload mesh: Residents must review all the tutorial questions. Score does not matter. Residents must also have valid billing information. some number of residents, probably about 1%, have a specific billing configuration that prevents them from being enabled. We need to make a manual change to each one fo those. I'm hoping to have a fix which will eliminate the manual step. If you are not enabled, please check, and try re-adding, your billing information. Charlar
  10. If it still doesn't work, then i think you need to re-add billing information- it does say valid, but looks like something might be wrong wih it. charlar
  11. you have no billing information. Valid billing information is required. Charlar
  12. It really sounds like a permissions issue - currently you must have rez permission where you upload. Where are you trying? Are you able to upload them to aditi?
  13. applied the workaround - you should be enabled. Charlar
  14. applied teh workaround - you should be good to go Charlar
  15. it does look like you have not completed teh tutorial you just need to review the questions, the final 'score' does not matter. can you send me a screenshot of the final screen? Charlar
  16. Marymac, I'm not sure I understand what you're talking about. This bug is a one time issue. if you're have a repeating problem, it's not this bug. can you explain in some detail what you're experiencing? Charlar
  17. Everyone i didn't contact directly should be good to go on production. Charlar ps: if you want t upload on aditi, you will need to take the same tutorial there; the link can be found on the upload mesh floater.
  18. If you are still not enabled on production, it's because your billing needs to be re-added. Charlar
  19. OK, this is now sticky for all. I am embarrased to say that i'd made it sticky a long time ago, but it turns out that was just for ME. if this problem occurs for you, you'll see the tutorial be pink after completion, and billing may or may not be pink even though have valid billing. The only correction right now is for me to do a workaround here. We're testing a fix right now, so I hope that very soon this will no longer happen. Charlar
  20. believe you got fixed on another thread... charlar
  21. browser does not have any impact on this, nor does time unfortunately. I'll post an update to the floated article momentarily. Charlar
  22. you look like you should be enabled, you're not falling into the edge case. Charlar
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