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  1. Are you talking about Production? You seem to be fully enabled there. Charlar
  2. i don't an issue with your account. Can you show me the web page with your billing/tutorial results? Or let me know if you're able to upload now? One other question, are you uploading where you have rez permission? Charlar
  3. You should be fixed now. Sorry for the delay. Charlar
  4. You should be fine - can you upload now? Charlar
  5. i haven't heard of this problem before. Yes, for aditi, your billing information should be fine. I'll look into the error message you mention. Charlar
  6. Marymac, i'm not sure what the seemlingly intermitent issue is you're having. Are you trying to upload in different locales? Do you have rez rights in the location you're attempting to upload? Charlar
  7. You need to look at your payment info - probably need to reenter it. Charlar
  8. Did you get your problem resolved? It doesn't sound at all like an enablement issue. If you can see the 'model' menu, then you're good. If you can't, then it's possible that you're not in a place where you can rez -- currently you need to have rez permission on the land to upload. hope that helps, Charlar
  9. have you reviewed the tutorial on aditi? When logged into aditi, from the Upload floater, click on the link and review the tutorial. You should be enabled after that. Charlar
  10. workaround applied - you should be fine. Charlar
  11. thanks Jojo, we're looking into it. Charlar
  12. You're saying that you used to have mesh upload, and it changed? your billing information looks incomplete to me. You should try re-adding it. Charlar
  13. Meeting Notes: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/Archive/2011-09-19 Usergroup page: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Content_Creation/Mesh_Import_User_Group Please add agenda items before meeting if possible. cheers Charlar
  14. your billing doesn't look right - try re-adding it, please Charlar
  15. it doesn't look like you completed reviewing the tutorial. Can you send me a shot of the congrats screen? thanks Charlar
  16. i checked your account, and needed to apply the workaround. And no, this will not cover both main and aditi. You need to review the tutorial on aditi as well - yes it seems redundant but because Aditi is a test grid we don't want to have special code on it if possible. Charlar
  17. if only to show that I don't do only mesh enablement workaround forum posts, I'll reply to this with some details: We show mesh objects as a Prim placeholder for non-mesh enabled viewers. The type of prim is based on the number of textures used, because we need faces to hold each texture. We had a fancy solution, but in the end actual features and bug fixes trumped them in priority. Not showing them at all is problematic for a reasons including naked avatars and invisible collision. I can't speak to TPV adoption timelines, although I will say that they had access to our code throughout development. Regarding lack of support for newer features (like mesh) in v1.x based viewers; I can't speak to people who continue to ride horses down Main St. and curse at the those horseless carriages swerving around them. Cheers Charlar
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