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  1. i am wondering if the preview grid is down because i finally have some meshes that i want to test upload on the beta grid before i upload to the main grid and i have not been able to login, and i just tryed moments ago to login but it is still telling me that it is unable to connect to a simulator. can sombody please shead some light on this becausd i cant find any info anywhere else on the site?
  2. Finally.......... i got it to work. Rolig Loon wrote: Something else is changing the "holster" prims. i did some digging around and found a misplaced script hiding in one of the prims(its the same as the first posted script) i removed it and tried it again, but it failed on me again but after tinkering around with it i finally got it to work the way i want it to work, now only the gun prims are disappearing and re-appearing when they are supposed to. thank you so much for your help :matte-motes-big-grin:
  3. most of the holster prims are named "Object" and the root is named holster, but still all the holster prims are disappearing and not the gun prims
  4. i replaced my code integer i;integer gSeen = TRUE;default{ state_entry() { llListen(-13371337,"","",""); // if you change this number then you must change the one in the Main script as well } changed(integer c) { if(CHANGED_OWNER)llResetScript(); } listen (integer channel, string name, key id, string msg){ string ownerkey = llGetOwner(); if (msg == ownerkey + "draw") { gSeen = TRUE; } else if (msg == ownerkey + "sling") { gSeen = FALSE; } integer i = llGetNumberOfPrims(); while( i) { if (llGetLinkName
  5. i have a script that i am using for my gun's holster, so far it works when the holster is only one prim. however when a holster is made up of more than one prim it gets complicated. so heres the script: integer i; string gAlpha = "gun"; refresh() { for( i = llGetNumberOfPrims(); i >= 0; --i ) { if( llGetLinkName( i ) == gAlpha ) { llSetLinkAlpha( i, 0, ALL_SIDES ); } } for( i = llGetNumberOfPrims(); i >= 0; --i ) { if( llGetLinkName( i ) == gAlpha )
  6. i am not sure if something like that is even possible in SL. SL is still running off its proprietary engine that was created back in the early 2000s and since then, LL has been just adding features to it since then and occasionally adding new script commands here and there, so i doubt that something like this is possible right now. as far as i can tell, any vehicles in SL will rotate from its center axes no matter where the root prim is, i have driven so many vehicles in SL and from my observation, they all rotate from the center axes point. but i hope you can prove me wrong, i hope this in
  7. I know everybody wants last names to return and fast, and just saying that it should not be that hard to bring back something that was already there from the beginning of second life is not going to completely solve the problem, yeah it will solve one problem but there is another problem that will still be there, unless it gets solved too, and this problem goes back to when last names was available. Back when last names was pre-selected from a drop down list, some of the last names on the list looked like random words put together and some others just did not make any sense, and now we have R
  8. i am hoping that this is true and that they have not forgot about it, i would like to see lastnames return and i think it should be an open field rather than the list of last names that they used to do, and i think that for a small fee, they should allow current residents to change their name, be it first or last but it should only be allowed once a year and a fair price with real money and not L$ this way it will keep anybody from abusing the system. oh and it should be possible to decide of you want a last name or not, no sense in forcing people to choose last names again.
  9. one good reason to stop head movement is because it helps when you want to take a picture of your avi and its hard to get a good picture if the head is following the mouse, and the second reason is.......... well i personally like to cam around a lot and i like to cam other avis because i may like what they have on or like their shape, but i dont want them to know i am looking and so turning off the head movement helps keep my cam undetected.
  10. This is great news indeed, if they have an open last name field and not block any previous last name from being used i can finally create an alt with the last name Palmer. besides, the names i have been seeing lately have been getting ridiculous. I also hope that they allow a name change card like they offer in some of the mmorpgs, so that it cant be abused, it should require payment info on file, a small payment of at least 9.95$ and can only be done once per year. and while Display Names was an alternative, most people turned all display names off and the rest of us displayed both user nam
  11. I can see this feature being used in a combat meter to TP an avatar to a random spot or back to a safe zone, looks like the combat business may pick up with this added.
  12. The lindens also used this method because they CAN disable a user's ability to upload mesh, if they are found guilty of multiple cases of IP infringement, and like Chosen said, it keeps people from hiding behind throw away accounts. I see it as a good compromise because I will never upgrade to a premium account, but I do have a pre-paid credit card info in file and that allows me to upload mesh. I think LL knew it would cause a huge upset to the community if they imposed such restrictions and just allowed premium users to upload mesh, I was quite excited when I heard that you would at least
  13. its blocky because in its original game (Left 4 Dead) it uses shaders to hide the blockyness of a mesh, and all games use this method to keep frame-rates stable and this also eases the rendering load on your video card and processor. and in case you didn't remember the IP test you cant upload copyrighted material, even if you are only using it for personal use you cant upload any copyrighted models. it don't matter if you didn't rip them from the game yourself or you recreated it, that model and others like it are copyrighted. remember, if you are found guilty of copyright infringement, you
  14. i also want to give thanks to the lindens fo all the hard work they put into mesh and for putting up with our complains and stuff so............................ Thank You Lindens for mesh
  15. thank you charler, i can see that the tutorial thingy is now green. i know i have to be in the group to upload mesh at this time, my main reason for wanting to be enabled was just so i can get that part out of the way, i prolly wont really do any uploading untill mesh has been fully rolled out across the grid.
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