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  1. I recommend Luskwood. oldest furry community in SL since 2003. This is a pure G rated sim and community standards and TOS are followed.
  2. Whirly! any progress on this? I had the test viewer, bit buggy, but loved it. so now that you bring it up. I'm drooling agian
  3. deed the sim to one group, then parcel off the section they use and set it to their group. if they have your group for the primary land, put them in a role in the group that does not have build and then they cant build on your primary parcel.
  4. you can get 21 people on a homestead, long as one is the estate owner. it does not seem to count them for some reason.
  5. Guessing trying to run one of those fancy "cad" graphics cards? or the titan series cards? yeah those might have TONS of memory on them. but they lack features which the gaming cards have. so "but this has 12gb of ram" does not mean diddly when it comes to gaming. I ran a card with 512mb of ram and it was running better then my titan series with 6gb of ram. why. because one is made for the purpose, the other was not. also cpu wise. i7 or above. would be a logical start.
  6. heh I lvoe the ones who come and complain and then never really understand the platform they have been using for years. THIS used to be freaking worse. Ghosted av's for days on end. having to submit tickets to get the region (mainland) restarted to the av could be released. with this new process the "logging you out" is the servers going "oh noes, the agent is stuck, here let me kick them so they can log back in" but you got on your almighty horse and complained before really understanding what is going on in the backend.. Also fyi chief, they are working on SL all the time and the o
  7. Norton is bloat ware. first and foremost. never install it nor mcafee or avg. you'll want mse or avast if you want to never had issues and want to stay protected. trust a 20 year IT professional here on this, If you need help removing norton, drop me an pm. second norton is HIGHLY notorious for blacklisting the exe for second life. yeah that's all I'll say as norton is **bleep**ty piece of software nobody should use. people are duped daily into buying their protect. when mse avast are free and far far superious
  8. I will not attempt to help anymore with this problem. sorry I offered to help so you could get your project going, but you are being stubbron on the issue at hand.
  9. Yes, yes it is VERY hard to read and understand. unless you can communicate well enough, I'm really affraid you might not get the help you are looking for. communication is key and if the person you are wanting to get help from or work with can not understand you, then yeah might want to post in your native language so people can translate it and see exactly what you are wanting.
  10. Might want to post in your native language, then people can use google to translate it. as it is right now. I'm not sure exactly what you want.
  11. That's going to be cookie tracking. if you install ghostery you will not be targeted. lots of companies are doing that now. cookie based tracking to target ad's to you. I had been looking for socks for my grandmother, a specific kind for months and kept getting hit with ad's to buy socks with. once I installed ghostery I was not longer targeted.
  12. It was down. http://status.secondlifegrid.net/2015/07/24/post2595/ [Resolved 7:04 PM PDT, 24 July 2015] The unscheduled support maintenance is now complete.[Posted 6:12 PM PDT, 24 July 2015] Support systems for Concierge Services are \ currently undergoing unscheduled maintenance. Until the maintenance is complete, some users may be unable to reach chat Support; please feel free to file a support case to contact Concierge support. Cases and Live Chat are available via: https://support.secondlife.com
  13. that's 400 usd for the island. or L$ 98,800 you'll hardly find anybody who will accept L$ as payment for a sim.
  14. LL is here to make a profit first and foremost. Other reasons. Server space costs lots of money. Bandwidth for said servers costs alot of money Hardware costs alot of money Having employee's costs alot of money Could they possibly get by on a lower tier, sure, but people who are in the mind set of "IT SHOULD BE 20 BUCKS" have lost their poor little heads. the lowest tier range which they could possibly handle right now and not have to change or do things ot make SL survice would be the 195.00 USD tier they have on the grand father sims, which is basically 100 USD off the curre
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