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  1. So, you deleted all the other comments and the other "information." For the record, I am guessing that most people were like me. There was no explanation of the bidding system. No one wants to go blindly into a system. Most bids involve upfront money. Most people don't want to chance losing their money. Therefore, they wait until they last day to see where the bidding is. I would call this seller negligence. I understand it is always caveat emptor. However, you made this more of unfair vendit exercitia. IMO
  2. I have one homestead for sale. Price $150 dollars. I will pay the $100 transfer fee. Please note that to purchase a homestead, you must already own a sim. Please contact me here or in world Topaz Mistwalker.
  3. Update I have sold one sim. You can still purchase the one sim and two homesteads as a package for $600
  4. I have two full residential sims and 2 full homesteads for sale. You can buy seperately or as a group. The cost is $400 per sim and $150 per homestead or you can buy all four for $900. I will pay the $100 transfer fees on each one of the properties. Please leave me a message inworld if you are interested. Topaz Mistwalker
  5. I message you inworld. I am intersted in an immediate purchase.
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