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  1. Hi All! So I am trying to create a hand-held, multi-part item, with a few moving parts. I would like the position of two of the components to change when the item is clicked, or when the mouse is clicked when in mouselook. How can I use the llSetpos and setrot commands when the item will be moving with the avi that it is attached to? Cheers! -Ami
  2. Talk to Faye Blackheart. She did the badges for my EMS agency.
  3. Im glad my post found its way to the right place. Im not looking to violate ToS or anything, I'm just not familiar with the rules (excuse, I know). The closer I can get to having those items in SL, the better.
  4. Hi all, Please let me know if I've put this in the wrong place. I would like to comission the following objects for creation in SL. Obviously, feel free to rename/redesign slightly, as I dont want to cause anyone any aggravation. I would like it set up so that I can wear the thomas pack and lucas over the shoulders, and carry the monitor in-hand all at once. Is anyone up for it? 1. LUCAS CPR device. It does not need to function, but it needs to be wearable. I would also like the bag made, such that it is slung over the left shoulder when worn. http://www.medgadget.com/img/4634acu1.jpg http://w
  5. Well, in truth, I didnt ask about GPUs because my guess is that a 12gb GPU cant really be beat...
  6. Hi all, Im in the middle of a PC build, and I was wondering which CPU would be better suited to running Second Life. I am trying to decide between a quad core 4ghz processor, and a six core 3.75ghz (or is it 3.5ghz, I forget) processor. Would the viewer benefit from the additional cores, or am I better off with the best quad core I can find?
  7. Hi all, I am currently looking for someone experienced in mesh uniform design. I have a large volume of work that needs to be done, so I hope to establish a lasting relationship with a quality designer who can meet the needs of my agency. If interested, please IM me inworld at Amichai Shamen. Thank you.
  8. I was able to script it, but I think I found the true source of the problem. When the stretcher is in the up position, it tops out just above my avi's waist height, but when I try to drop it down, it hovers *exactly* at my avi's waist height. Is it possible that some part of some script or something is under the impression that my legs are still where they would be if I had been standing?
  9. That did keep it from rolling, thank you. But now it does not fall all the way to the groung, rather it hangs just short of what I estimate to be a meter (relative to my avi) off the ground. I think it may have something to do with the sit script (again, I used the GnF easy sitter) but I havent a clue how do diagnose the specific nature of the problem or how to fix it. Heres my not-so-educated guess: When I loaded the pose into the stretcher using the GnF easy sit system, I was told to load the scripts into the stretcher and then rez out an included box. Once I loaded the pose into said b
  10. I do indeed. I am using a pose so the sitting avi is seen to be lying on its back, and to do so I used the GnF easy sitter.
  11. I recently put together a stretcher/gurney for use in rescue-related RP, but when I sit on it, it immediately lists to the side (not on any particular axis, but rather towards one of the two longer sides.) I checked to make sure there weren't any invisible prims in the way, and there weren't any. Forgive me if the answer is obvious, as this is my first major build project. Thanks in advance for your advice.
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