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  1. I'm having the same issue. The brightness on just about everything is really off and the day/night cycles are not rendering as they used to
  2. That is why I'm recommending they keep it inside the viewer, but simply allow the rendered area to be reduced and poised within the viewer window. Then huds and windows should still be movable throughout the entire window.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion... however that only creates a mask over the rendered area... not very efficient for high-rez monitors. I'm on a laptop and limiting the rendered size is also part of the goal.
  4. I have a monitor with a lot of real-estate. It would be a really good feature to limit the port render-size and choose the position. The rest of the window area can be put to use for HUDs and other windows. That way for example you could move the chat window so it doesn't cover the game scene. I can make an example picture if anyone would like to see what I mean.
  5. And one would hope in 3 years the issue would be fixed Note: The person in question just updated to the latest version of Firestorm a few days ago. She was not having these issues with her previous version of Firestorm. This was the only forum post I could find that described such a problem.
  6. A friend is having the same issue Am going over certain settings one by one hoping something will be the culprit but there are so many options to test.
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