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  1. Depending on your time zone - try us out - ShenaniganS Music Cafe... Destination Guide - we're mostly adults that hang out there but all that means is that the conversation in local can go anywhere from bodily functions to food to movies, we don't get crowds there (probably because we're not a pickup joint) but the folks that do come tend to be interested in sharing music and enjoying themselves in a way that doesn't involve being cockwombles to each other. You can see what's happening by visiting our website - there's an "active/live" calendar on the right side of the screen - Shenanig
  2. It depends on the land that you're based on - the rating is for the whole sim. If you're only a rented portion/parcel of that SIM then you can't change the rating from what the sim owner sets it to - if they have other tenants that are using the "moderate" definition then they probably won't change the whole sim for just one person.
  3. A lot of clubs won't rate themselves as "G" but go for "Moderate" because of this in the Community standards... "General regions are areas where you should feel free to say and do things that you would be comfortable saying and doing in front of your grandmother or a grade school class. Institutions such as universities, conference organizers, and real world businesses may wish to designate their regions as General. Likewise their users (and others) may wish to employ Second Life's General search setting to focus and filter search results appropriately." SL Maturity ratings They
  4. Everyone seems to celebrate St Patricks day - well after the year we've all had, let's celebrate St Georges Day too! We won't have any dragons to kill (unless some of our team get very creative) but we do have a castle to bounce on and a Spitfire to pose on There'll be fab music from Carl & Eria with catering by a suspect Chip van (bring your own antacid!) - you can dance in the barn or just sit and listen, the choice is yours. You can come dressed in something patriotic if you wish or just in your usual clubbing outfit - as long as you come! The music starts at 10am -
  5. Well there's one thing I should have learnt about Second Life in 14 years - don't speak too soon... The count did appear to be fixed but now it's solidly stuck on 2 visitors and has been for the last 5 days
  6. The Destination Guide floater in the viewer was borked since Christmas - just after the uplift completed. I did file a support ticket (it was costing us customers who thought we had closed down!) and was told "there's no timescale to fix it", However - it seemed to spring back in to life last weekend & now seems to be reporting sort of reliably. If you want to be included in a category in the floater - you can ask but inclusion isn't guaranteed.
  7. We found pretty much this at ShenaniganS - folks turned up as they explored then hung around, some were oldbies returning & discovered that the reason they stopped coming to SL (the drama & general unfriendliness of younger players) was still around so they sit in their Linden homes with occasional visits to Uber and so on it would seem. The folks who cherish & love "community" seem to stick around and come back - those are the folks we built our venue for
  8. I take it you mean you want to provide stalls for people to rent from you? If that's the case - then I wouldn't bother unless you have a really unique SIM to offer - Gacha yards & resale places used to be all the rage until about 3 years ago but when Second Life moved to a viewer focused Marketplace for merchants - it became easier for people to sell Gacha items without renting stalls on a SIM. Gacha markets that used to occupy 4 SIMs no longer exist and the few gacha yards that do still exist only have about 50% of the spaces rented out - it's also why you see so few "small" sho
  9. I bet if you re-install Firestorm now - it will work now that you have the LL Viewer installed. WIndows 7 isn't going anywhere soon - there's far too many out there for that to happen so it's not a problem with WIndows 7. Don't let anyone con you in to buying a new computer just because... Firestorm uses the same codebase as the LL Viewer - the only difference is that they change around the User Interface and add some bells & whistles so if the LL viewer works - so will Firestorm - it's NOT your computer. If you tried everything else then a clean install of Firestorm will us
  10. Definitely this ^^^^ Don't be afraid to explore SL - yes there are weirdoes but there's an awful lot of nice & good folks too.
  11. Sunny Coventry... Which is why I prefer the beach at my venue in SL - no sand in me bits & the sun always shines
  12. That sounds like an excellent suggestion - Don't head for the clubs with large traffic numbers, the music could be good & there will be lots of people there but they tend to be either meat markets or drama festivals sadly... Look a bit further down the first page for the middle ranking clubs - TP's cost nothing to find out & it has the assurance that folks aren't popping in and out all the time - the people there are after good music & company... Yes (before anyone says it) - my own venue "ShenaniganS Music Cafe" is one of those venues & we do focus on company, friend
  13. If a composer wanted to write a musical theme for Second Life then "group chat's not working" would make a nice recurring hook
  14. Group chat has always been flaky sadly, mostly because of how it was originally implemented & now and again the traffic in the group chat channels overwhelms the servers that operate it (it's been like this since about 2009 from memory). The Labs did build some 'sensing' in to the servers a couple of years back that could detect when they were floundering and reset the traffic queues but that only seems to kick in once it's too late. I suspect that a wholesale reworking of group chat is either underway or about to happen now that the uplift has happened - the metrics from that will help
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