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  1. Look us up... you might find some folks that will love your sense of humour too... ShenaniganS Music Cafe
  2. *takes a sip* Aaaaah lovely - just how I like it - thank you!! 😄
  3. Ooooh ta!!! Drop of milk so it's brown and half a spoon of sugar please
  4. But you got here.... we drank all the Guiness though
  5. The "lag" is texture lag - if you go somewhere you've not visited before then the textures on all the stuff around you has to be sent to your computer before it can render them - this can be worse in venues with a lot of mesh (though builders are a lot better at cutting it down by optimising texture use). Depending on the viewer you're using there are a couple of steps you can take to help things... A. In Preferences > Network & File > Directories make sure your cache size is about 3/4 along from the left AND your cache location is on a drive other than "drive C". More cache at
  6. Perhaps try finding some of the folks in this thread?
  7. We've added a Skippy table this morning to go alongside the Greedy & Cards Against Humanity tables, so you can meet friends during the day & play some games - after all there's only so many replays of "Bake Off" you can watch whilst England is locked down
  8. Yeah - some places can seem a little cliquey - more often folks are in IM's with friends & just using the location as rez point to enable that. Try "Search..." there's lots of cool places to find with people that actually to new players
  9. We're having a Halloween party on Friday starting at 6pm - we're drawing a raffle at 8pm with L$1000 cash prize. If you'd like to enter then you need a VIP tag for ShenaniganS, have a Pick for us in your Top 5 Picks and be older than 5 days old. You can come in your favourite Halloween costume too!
  10. Well certainly we're not bothered at ShenaniganS if you're not... As long as you're not offended by bawdy chat about bodily functions or food in local then you'll feel at home 😆 We don't even check to see if you're wearing underwear! Pop over and have a look sometime - we usually start around 6pm UK time
  11. There's a few places I can suggest if you're looking for fellow lockdown inmates 😉 ShenaniganS Music Cafe on Ocean of Orchids - keeps UK hours most week days from 10am SLt - it's a cool place (saying that not just because I'm the owner, folks do like us) Flamingo Bay - operates most weekdays from 1pm SLt - there's a nice crowd there too Pandemonium on Sensual Fun - operates weekdays too from 1pm SLt The Sexy Brit - tends to be weekends but gets a nice crowd too We're on the grid doing it - in ShenaniganS case this is our 6th year - not taking ourselves too seriously bu
  12. Apparently not... The API offered by Flickr is constantly being updated by Flickr and Linden Labs can't devote the time to keep up. So they disabled the ability but Firestorm are talking about putting a previous version in to their viewer sometime in the future.
  13. Sorry for the necro post but Sai of SHX will be slow replying - when I last spoke to him he was busy in RL building an online ordering website for a supermarket and that was eating all his time. Have you tried adding the SHX experience to your Land properties? We've done that for our dance machines and had no issues with them.
  14. That's what exactly what I've told our hosts... As a club we post events anyway and we won't mind paying the listing costs - it comes out of our donation jar not our hosts tip jars. I've told our hosts & DJ's that if they want to post an extra event for their set (they may be doing a music or costume theme) then we will re-imburse for that post if they wish - however, I'm not going to re-imburse for multiple posts.... I'm hoping it will cut down the clutter and crap AND it has the side effect that now it's a paid for service - the labs can be held responsible for it and and hopefully impro
  15. I've hosted a charity fundraiser in SL since 2015 and "cashed out" after each event to make the actual donation to the RL Charity. In 2017 & 2018 - the cash out was delayed whilst my account was "verified" - to be honest I don't remember supplying documentation to prove that the PayPal account was mine but then I've slept since. Does this mean that I will have to provide proof of my identity again? I live in the UK - don't have a current passport nor a photo driving licence and the "Citizen Card" is a commercial thing - it's not government issue, we scrapped ID cards back in 2011, I d
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