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  1. Sorry, this sounds bizarre but I've had a couple of guests to my venue being vocal in local about how no events ever seems to happen at Exhale - they want a fix of EDM and it's supposedly a 24/7 venue. They see it consistently at the top of the destination guide floater because there's lots of bodies showing but whenever they visit - there's no DJ or Host and just a radio stream playing with lots of AVies stood around (new players & some old). They couldn't see a group joiner (which would be the best way of seeing what events are happening) and there's nothing posted in SL Events so they were having a proper moan about how it stays at the top of the "Music & Clubs" section. Does anyone know if it's still active as a club or just living on it's past glories? (More so I can shut them up politely next time they moan!)
  2. It's been like that since I joined SL 15 years ago - much of the UK is at work during the day so get home, feed the kids, bath the dog, do homework, do the washing up & instead of settling down to Strictly Come Baking on Ice - log in to SL for a couple of hours. Most folks tend to log in around 11am SLt (7pm UK) time then log around 2pm SLt to get ready for work/school the next day. There's a few UK folks around during the day but to be honest - most of them seem pre-occupied with the weather, finding out where you live in the UK and... well - that's about it. The "daytime folks" don't seem to wander far from their SL "home" unless it's to Uber or that really cute club they found where them and their two mates are "regulars" or the London Sim where again - they talk about the weather, where you're from... I get the impression too that some are simply not allowed online after 6pm - they have partners who work during the day or they're accessing from work because they don't have a decent PC at home. We've tried reaching out as a venue to them (our schedule has always been "biased" toward UK/Europe times starting at 6pm UK) but they're either afraid of catching something, seeing someone wearing less than they feel comfortable with or of getting drawn in to a conversation about something other than the weather/where they live (and that's just the folks who joined SL to meet people!) I've got some good UK friends that I met in SL but they're outnumbered on my friends list by folks from Denmark, Holland, Cyprus & the USA who seem more willing to venture outside, dance like a loon or sit round a fake campfire and set the world to rights. I think the best summary is "There's nowt so queer as folks".
  3. I hear your pain but part of it is that so many people rush for a Linden home - decorate it then meet friends there and don't wander off their own land except to Uber, Fameshed and so on. The grid can be very empty at various times which doesn't help folks like yourself looking for company - timezones don't help either. However, there are some nice people and places out there - some of us even operate in UK friendly hours. We might not satisfy your music and friendship needs today but tomorrow or next week we might - that's the beauty of community... You can see what's playing on our website - there's a teleport button too - ShenaniganS Music Cafe
  4. I guess @Monty Lindenand @Alexa Lindendon't chat when they're in the kitchen making coffee?
  5. The Destination Guide in the floater in the client has been revamped to make it "new user friendly" - I'm guessing "Premium" confused folks? https://community.secondlife.com/blogs/entry/8796-highlights-from-the-second-life-destination-guide-08272021/
  6. It's not the land image - there's a separate facility to set group images (the group in question might not have any land for example). Keep detail in the image you want to use low i.e. no fine lines or lettering and use a small image size around 512x512 and let SL do the rest.
  7. If part of your body shows red - it's often because there's an Alpha layer still worn - either for the body or the head. Try removing the alpha layer and see how you fare then.
  8. Aaaah - that does indeed seem to be what's happening - I just tried it with our Smartbot - thanks @Qie Niangao It'll be another piece of legacy code in the viewer that was for some cool feature back in 2005 then
  9. Hmm - I thought that too but I checked one of our DJ's yesterday who was wearing his own "business tag" and yet he had our VIP group showing in Bold. I know that it's true on your own profile but it would appear not to be so for another AVie.
  10. I've google'd & can't see an answer but does anyone know what the significance is of a group name being in bold in a users profile list? All their other groups appear in normal font & I'm not the owner of the group concerned - just curious what it signifies? Anyone know?
  11. It might also be an "SL thing" that detailed shadows aren't rendered? It would be one way of keeping the render queues short by only rendering "real" objects fully but not so for shadows?
  12. Isn't that the end task for Level 1? The primary task of Level 1 is how to get rid of that blasted torch..... At least it was when I joined - carried that darned thing round for two weeks until someone explained "detach" 😁
  13. YES!! All of this... You have to find somewhere you feel comfortable, become a "regular" and then people will begin to chat with you and you'll make friends. Don't be "Johnny No Mates" and IM everyone in view asking for friendship, be patient, take your time... Do NOT be that person who lands in the venue, stands in the doorway without talking then poofs 3 minutes later because no one spoke to you. Although I hesitate to use the word "game" - the part of Second Life that is "making friends" needs perserverance & some effort like levelling in any other game does.
  14. I have to say that group chat has always been frustrating since Day 1 but I'm surprised over the last 12 months that Linden Labs haven't been talking to the likes of Discord to see if there was a proven technology they could leverage. It probably wouldn't work now to replace group chat - heck there's so much legacy code, it's too much of a job but including more than just a Discord button that launches an external server that folks have to join (and in a community where folks don't know about Outfits, Picks etc. it's asking too much of them to log in to Discord - set up a user ID there - link it back to SL). I'm sure it's not beyond Linden Labs or Discord to provide a "seamless" experience as an alternative to group chat - which might then even reduce the overall load on the group servers?
  15. You can try visiting Flamingo Bay, The Sexy Brit or my venue ShenaniganS Music Cafe during UK evenings - you might meet some new friends then? We all operate from about 6pm UK til 11pm so there's plenty of room to hop about to find new friends. ShenaniganS Website there's a "live" calendar on the right hand side of the page.
  16. You're all welcome to use ShenaniganS to meet up if you wanted... 6pm SLt is out of our normal operating hours so there won't be many folks around - you have a choice of places to meet on the same SIM too... ShenaniganS Music Cafe
  17. Depending on your time zone - try us out - ShenaniganS Music Cafe... Destination Guide - we're mostly adults that hang out there but all that means is that the conversation in local can go anywhere from bodily functions to food to movies, we don't get crowds there (probably because we're not a pickup joint) but the folks that do come tend to be interested in sharing music and enjoying themselves in a way that doesn't involve being cockwombles to each other. You can see what's happening by visiting our website - there's an "active/live" calendar on the right side of the screen - ShenaniganS website
  18. It depends on the land that you're based on - the rating is for the whole sim. If you're only a rented portion/parcel of that SIM then you can't change the rating from what the sim owner sets it to - if they have other tenants that are using the "moderate" definition then they probably won't change the whole sim for just one person.
  19. A lot of clubs won't rate themselves as "G" but go for "Moderate" because of this in the Community standards... "General regions are areas where you should feel free to say and do things that you would be comfortable saying and doing in front of your grandmother or a grade school class. Institutions such as universities, conference organizers, and real world businesses may wish to designate their regions as General. Likewise their users (and others) may wish to employ Second Life's General search setting to focus and filter search results appropriately." SL Maturity ratings They're afraid that folks with nothing better to do aka busybodies will show up a report venues (or even worse call them out on Social Media) because someone used a curse word in local or showed up wearing short shorts.... Believe me - it's less hassle to have a Moderate rated venue overall.
  20. Everyone seems to celebrate St Patricks day - well after the year we've all had, let's celebrate St Georges Day too! We won't have any dragons to kill (unless some of our team get very creative) but we do have a castle to bounce on and a Spitfire to pose on There'll be fab music from Carl & Eria with catering by a suspect Chip van (bring your own antacid!) - you can dance in the barn or just sit and listen, the choice is yours. You can come dressed in something patriotic if you wish or just in your usual clubbing outfit - as long as you come! The music starts at 10am - we'd love to see you there.
  21. Well there's one thing I should have learnt about Second Life in 14 years - don't speak too soon... The count did appear to be fixed but now it's solidly stuck on 2 visitors and has been for the last 5 days
  22. The Destination Guide floater in the viewer was borked since Christmas - just after the uplift completed. I did file a support ticket (it was costing us customers who thought we had closed down!) and was told "there's no timescale to fix it", However - it seemed to spring back in to life last weekend & now seems to be reporting sort of reliably. If you want to be included in a category in the floater - you can ask but inclusion isn't guaranteed.
  23. We found pretty much this at ShenaniganS - folks turned up as they explored then hung around, some were oldbies returning & discovered that the reason they stopped coming to SL (the drama & general unfriendliness of younger players) was still around so they sit in their Linden homes with occasional visits to Uber and so on it would seem. The folks who cherish & love "community" seem to stick around and come back - those are the folks we built our venue for
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