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  1. That's what exactly what I've told our hosts... As a club we post events anyway and we won't mind paying the listing costs - it comes out of our donation jar not our hosts tip jars. I've told our hosts & DJ's that if they want to post an extra event for their set (they may be doing a music or costume theme) then we will re-imburse for that post if they wish - however, I'm not going to re-imburse for multiple posts.... I'm hoping it will cut down the clutter and crap AND it has the side effect that now it's a paid for service - the labs can be held responsible for it and and hopefully improve it more.
  2. I've hosted a charity fundraiser in SL since 2015 and "cashed out" after each event to make the actual donation to the RL Charity. In 2017 & 2018 - the cash out was delayed whilst my account was "verified" - to be honest I don't remember supplying documentation to prove that the PayPal account was mine but then I've slept since. Does this mean that I will have to provide proof of my identity again? I live in the UK - don't have a current passport nor a photo driving licence and the "Citizen Card" is a commercial thing - it's not government issue, we scrapped ID cards back in 2011, I don't have paper utility bills nor paper bank statements - am I going to spend weeks proving I'm me (again)?
  3. ShenaniganS Music Cafe has been on the grid for 5 years presenting fabulous DJ'd & Live music to an appreciative, loyal & generous fan base. We now need more hosts to help us entertain a growing number of guests during their visits. We're looking for folks who can work reliably from 11am SLt onwards with a couple of slots that urgently need hosts at 2pm with fab DJ's We're a small friendly club and everyone keeps 100% of your tips. Our music style is from the 40's through to today (though we don't play a lot of blues or country) and you will be happy to chat with guests, not spam gestures all the time. You MUST have some experience already of hosting - we can't provide training for someone who's not hosted before, we don't have the time to do that sadly. You don't have to be a human AVie to apply... Come for a look round and see what we've created and pick up an application form at the machines near the barn. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ocean Of Orchids/114/109/29
  4. Also bear in mind that to get in the Destination Guide a club owner has to actually fill out a form and write something about their club - a lot of new owners can't write decent notices (sorry - pass a saucer of milk) or even know that's how they get in the guide.
  5. I filed a ticket and was asked to remove @ and & from the event title and description to see what happened. I did that and the description text had inverted comma's/quote marks which the editor code turns in to & and # so it failed It would seem that someone is trying to protect against SQL/PHP injection attacks via the events entry screen perhaps - FaceBook and Wordpress manage to protect against such attacks and allow punctuation and symbols - perhaps there's lag in the Labs web development team?
  6. Yeah - I understand all of that but I've done the same as I did last year after the event - asked to cash out to the Paypal account registered to my Second Life account, then I'll use that PayPal account to donate the JustGiving page we set up for the event.
  7. @Tari LandarThanks - I'm sort of on their side too - it's just the "we've changed things and by the way you should have done this but we're not telling folks..." attitude that seems implicit in their response so far. Since we started the fundraiser in 2015 - we've never been challenged to this degree, folks have been happy that we've shown the JustGiving page we've set up to receive the donation and screenies of that as we've made the final donation. I've submitted a support ticket (as suggested) elsewhere to ask for links to guidelines/knowledgebase/sign up form they can point me to.
  8. It would also seem that Linden Labs now expect some sort of notification or registration of fundraiser events (can anyone else confirm this?)... The venue I own has held a 3 day event in 2015, 2016 and this year with DJ's & performers giving us time so that we can collect donations for Great Ormond Street Hospital. In both 2015 and 2016 - we cashed out and donated via JustGiving without any issues but this year I've been asked to prove my identity (in spite of being a player since 2006 with a premium account in goodstanding and landholding) and now I'm being asked to prove that the event happened by providing blog posts, SL Events (for an event in July!) and it would seem that a FaceBook page for the event won't do... We were considering a small scale event in September because we had some folks on holiday or tech issues and couldn't perform but if the strictures/registration are going to be lengthy then we shan't bother or we'll just have a MOAP to the JustGiving page and hope that folks donate anyway. Has anyone come across a knowledgebase article or wiki dealing with this issue i.e. fundraising for a small charity? Unless the Lab's approach is codified then folks might be discouraged from holding small fundraisers if they can't get the L$ out easily to make a donation (in our case we're taking about L$200k so I dont have that sort of money in RL to make the donation and just use the L$ donated - I would feel VERY uneasy about doing that anway).
  9. Certainly the issue for me as a club owner is that SHX provides some nice options for controlling and distributing our streams that I haven't seen elsewhere (yet!) such as multiple remote controls from multiple parcels (our club is parcelled to allow different windlight & voice options on different sectors), sending of stream details to a different region, multiple DJ setups using notecards - some boards allow multiple DJ's via dialog boxes but it only takes one wrong button to make mistakes & reset everything. We do use these SHX options every week and we play work from new artists so having music/artists info on display for our guests is important to us. To be honest, the song rating integration devices, DJ schedule board/log in & tip jar login are SHX features I could do without and there are some features missing such as 'jukebox' station selection for VIP's (so they can chose a stream on some parcels when they visit and don't need land rights to swap), "most selected stream" stats, stream scheduling that allows creation of a schedule using legible/meaningful syntax on buttons or an NC that allows previously stored streams to be selected at certain times. Sorry this became a bit of a shopping list but it does show that SHX is used because of the control/expansion features they offer and so if Sai has disappeared never to update again, it will cause a deal of stress. A simple stream board with some bouncing EQ bars and song title just won't do for a lot of venues I'm afraid. I'm aware that there are scripters/creators reading here wondering whether it's worth extra effort - well yes, we'd certainly buy your products, we might even help fund development.
  10. Oz - just to say "Thank you" and the folks at the desks around you for your work on this - I'm sure you'll reach some resolution, your tenacity in trying to resolve this issue is impressive.
  11. Look up Blublaize in-world.... He's a darned good builder and does our theme plots and has also created themed sims for other folks. If you want to see his work - Search "Peacehaven" in-world on Shiga - that's his showcase piece. Tell him that Lyndka said to get in touch...
  12. That's gonna be kind of tough if they can't reach Sai from SHX and get him to do the needed changes
  13. Does anyone know if there's anything been heard from the SHX creator about this or will we just have to accept that this products will now no longer function as advertised?
  14. I can hear the screams across the grid... It's a scary thought and there's no one else with anything as good in the market (well not that I've seen so far) with the same functionality (without buying lots of smaller products)
  15. It can be perplexing - basically you create a group that "owns" the land (you can deed land to this group from your own account) and then you make your club staff members of this group. Don't let anyone have rights in your group apart from owners to create new roles or assign roles - basically it means that only you the owner can change these options then and appoint managers (if you need them) and you can't be kicked from your own group. The clever part is in the group roles for that group - create a role for DJ's and or hosts and un-check everything you don't want them to do e.g. sell/abandon land, edit terrain, set land options and so on. Don't forget that if you want Events listed in SL Search - then those roles need "Allow Event Hosting on this land" (or something like that) to be checked as well. I take the view with my staff group to let them only have the minimum amount of rights to change stream, eject folks and so on - I can add other rights temporarily if needed. In your About Land > Options when you hover the land - uncheck every box in the top half half of the screen under 'Everyone' apart from Run scripts (this lets guests have their AO's work and dance HUD's) and you should be good to go.
  16. This is probably the "revert" feature in the SHX board kicking in - essentially if it loses contact with your stream for a period of seconds, it "assumes" the stream is down and switches back to a radio stream. The board Manager can turn this off via the Manager or Options menu and it can also be set off in the !settings card of the SHX so that it can resume through resets and so on.
  17. +1 for this - I tried a couple of smaller stream boards from other creators and they had the same issue - it's not confined to Saii and the SHX products as Qwalyphi said
  18. Yes - our main club is but I've just tried a separate SHX on my home parcel next door on Caemars Demise (which is running Second Life Server and after initially working - it now seems to be doing the same behaviour after I crossed from Caemars in to Leodegrance. Soi goodness knows what's happening I just rezzed a stream board on the Caemars Demise parcel and it now seems to be working as expected (which it didnt before) - my brain hurts now
  19. I've got the same error code Alison - the Labs have done a region restart for me and it's not cured it. We've changed nothing on the board or it's config and the stations we're using did give song information on the board. I filled in the contact form for Sai on the SHX website but I've not had a copy of the contact come back to my eMail which is kind of worrying me - it might be that song information is processed on a server external to SL (a bit like Xander Kappler does with his excellent Google calendar boards) and that server has crashed, is no longer there or not being maintained. If the Connection error code is an http code (which is how in-world stuff talks to the web outside) then code 499 is "CLIENT CLOSED REQUEST" e.g. the server refused the connection - in which case we have to wait for Sai and his team to fix it perhaps? The only other thing that might be going on - it might be a server software versioning thing going on? We know that different regions run different versions at varying times - perhaps something else was 'fixed' but it's now causing this error?
  20. I know, I work on the basis that if we don't say anything then everyone will assume everythings rosy and happy - these topics will be read by Lindens, so folk should be vocal. At least then no one can say "But no one ever said anything..."
  21. For the love of mike - can something be done with Group Chat? I'm in a group of 4 with some friends and most evenings we get [14:10] [Second Life: The message sent to The Sisters Grimm is still being processed. If the message does not appear in the next few minutes, it may have been dropped by the server.] How hard can it be? There can't be thousands of residents trying to talk in group altogether at any given minute or is the group chat lagging tied in with the MarketPlace lag that seems to happen more often these days? Are they sharing hardware and why? This isn't a new issue - Group Chat has been notorious for years - that alone should be enough to get it moved up the list?
  22. I posed a question the other week about a load of rental boxes in a Linden Home on Baykus. Someone quoted the covenant for Linden homes : "You agree that your Linden Home Is for residential use only. Business use of any kind is prohibited, including parcel rental, rental boxes, classified ads or other forms of advertising, and event listings." and I've filed abuse reports from the house but nothing has been done. Could the lack of action be presumed that the covenant no longer applies and that "anything goes" on Linden land? That seems to be the attitude that this will engender unless something is seen to be done - otherwise it will be clubs and shops in Linden Homes next because folk will know that Linden Lab won't shut em down. One very disappointed member since 2006 here....
  23. There's a Linden home opposite mine on Baykus that has a dozen or more rental boxes inside with prim walls added to block the view from outside (except I can cam in). I thought that Linden Homes weren't allowed for commerce? The added script/server load would explain some of the lag we've had at home lately - I've filed an AR but I'm not sure if anyone will deal with this?
  24. I keep hearing the words "This club is PG" around the grid and mostly it seems in situations where residents begin to either swear or use words of a sexual nature like boobs, bum (and other variations) - it would seem that some of the folk saying that haven't listened to most post 15 year olds lately. Lately it seems to be becoming a catch all for 'shutting down' almost any behaviour that any other resident finds embarassing or they don't understand the context of the words use i.e. "Does my bum look big in this?" (which in the UK is a commonly used point of houmour). Could Linden Labs point me at a definition of what they consider to be PG in this context and also realistically what sanctions a Resident or Club owner would face if an Abuse Report were filed? (I have been a resident for over 6 years and it only seems in the last couple of years that 'PG' has become a valid excuse for moderating other residents behaviour and languafe - some say from the merging of the Teen Grid and the creation of Zindra - it's also becoming tiresome to encounter what appears to be a firm conviction that Linden's are monitoring chat waiting to pounce on errant residents!)
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