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  1. And this is why I love the Moles so much. Very well said Abnor and the perfect explanation for those who are having issues with the ban lines going away. Thank you and btw, you guys did a fantastic job on the new continent! It is both highly appreciated and being fully enjoyed by many of us.
  2. I'm very happy to see this happen! I was walking around the neighborhood I am in and I seen a couple of homes with ban lines already up. Knowing that those will be down soon and that driving a car or riding in a boat in the amazing canals and rivers that the moles created, without having to worry about ban lines messing with the scripts, is wonderful news. Hopefully, in the near future, the rest of the mainland may be looked at, to have this very same option done to all of them, thusly making the mainland a much more friendly, navigation-wise, place to go and enjoy.
  3. I do have a bit of a question about that, since my av is on Facebook. Awhile back, LL was promoting Facebook and the Facebook connection but, the next thing I am hearing from everyone is that anyone with an obvious av is getting deleted. Did LL not make an arrangement with FB to not have that occur or did they think about it before doing all that promoting? Or, were we suppose to sign up with our RL names and profiles? @Medhue-I wholeheartedly agree. I'm forever forgetting about the new web based profiles. A clearly marked and easy to located link to the profile area would be great. I'm fairly certain that I'm not the only one who forgets or that quite a few are not even aware of the fact that it's been set up and it's running now.
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