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  1. It was a shame that Horizons went the way it did. It was a really cool concept and done nicely. The down side was that the big landlords were able to get in there, overbidding everyone and hogging the land and inflating the land rates/prices. I really wish there had been a way to bar the landlords from getting land in that area or at least restrict the amount of land that they could have picked up over there.
  2. I'm going to guess that the water level is down a little ways from the deck. One idea is you could build a small stairs down and a small dock, which would give it a finished feel and give you a spot to park your boat, for those in the water or the water mix stilt homes.
  3. That does make sense, since right now, they are limiting the regions, until the move. Thank you @LittleMe Jewell
  4. Did they give an idea on when the stilt homes would be available or is that still to be determined?
  5. Wow, that is going to be fantastic! I know my partner has already seen these and is planning on getting rid of his log cabin, the moment the stilt homes are available. *Side note: the log cabin is on one of the "islands" and is next to the river, so that will be available in the future. lol
  6. That is a good limit and I agree, it's reasonable. In this case, it's 8 dogs that the individual has out. I haven't put in any complaints about that person because I just didn't know what to do about this, hence why I asked here.
  7. I recall that option. Sadly, when they updated the complaint list, different things were dropped and that was one of them. As for the covenant, I did go over it several times and it appears that this subject was not covered in there. I think my next step will have to be in the form of going to a Linden meeting and asking them directly, over there. Thank you everyone for your help and suggestions in this matter. You have been helpful.
  8. I don't but there is a neighbor with 8 breedables out in their yard. I'll send your suggestion to that person, @animats
  9. Are there any rules or regulations about having breedables in Bellisseria? Breedables can be quite laggy and I have seen a few regions where there are people with a high number of breedables out, with the region feeling a bit sluggish when you are in it. Are they covered in the covenant? Is there a limit to how many you can have out?
  10. Pet peeve: The taste, texture, and the continual torture of innocent pineapple on pizza. Now, put said pineapple on some nice vanilla ice cream, and we're talking.
  11. What an odd way of answering. The only thing I really can glean from your message, is that you mean to troll the forum, or at least it would appear that way. Despite people giving you actual good and fairly friendly advice, you answer back in a passive-aggressive manner, giving the impression you are already aware of the rules and you are simply ignoring them.
  12. If you are looking to start a blog, there are several really wonderful platforms that you can use, for free. Might I suggest Blogger or Wordpress, two platforms that are very popular with bloggers and both free to use? This is a forum and posting like this does tend to be a bit frowned on, as some may have mentioned, in passing.
  13. Now now, no hating on the mushrooms. They make the pizza taste great and my beef gravy loves them.
  14. I have seen griefers inworld, doing that. They make several accounts, let them age for the places that have an age limit on the land they are targeting, and grief with those avs, when they reach the right age. As you said, a determined griefer will find a way around security measures or deterrents, if they really want to. (Some of these guys really do need a new hobby.)
  15. Ok, now that IS creepy. My style, if you can tell from my profile photo here, is bohemian. I'm eclectic in my style and fashion choices. There was this one incident, where someone had a Marilyn piercing that really resembled the one I have in rl. I thought it was cool and asked if she wouldn't mind telling me where it was from. Yeah..she didn't react well. I do get that people have spent time, money and energy in their avs; I have, so I do get that point. I am, however, meaning a small item, where it's not a copy but more of they are interested because it just looks cool.
  16. You are correct, that is their price during the pandemic. Also, I don't know if you looked over on MP for this but Catwa has a free head that is available up there, @milania15. Just search up Catwa Clip and it's in her Marketplace store, for a limited time. (May 24th, I think, is the end of the offer).
  17. @kali Wylder that is actually really smart and a great tip for shopping! I guess my personal pet peeve is people who get all twisted out of shape, when you ask them where they found an item. Some people don't care and tell you right away but there are those who act like you asked for their first born child. I do get that people have their own style and want to stand out but, unless you commissioned the piece privately, that creator is selling their items to more than just you. I also feel that when someone asks me where I found something, it's a good time to help support my favorite creator. If my fav creator is making sales, then that is going to end up with them making more things, or at least, I hope so.
  18. Aww thank you @Scylla Rhiadra, I do love that flag as well, which is why it was on the list of must keep, in the photo. As for the hair in TatianaNikolay's photo, it's an old gatcha hair from Tableau, from a windswept series she did, which was geared for bloggers and photographers. For the life of me, I don't recall the name off the top of my head, but I do have that one, as well.
  19. @kiramanell I see what you mean. I think that maybe Skell is hitting the nail on the head, when he mentioned about your graphics card settings. Double check to make sure it's using the proper settings because if you have antialiasing checked and it's not reading it, it feels like something is not possibly communicating properly in there. My graphics card did an update on one occasion and it, for some reason, set it back to default. I had something similar happening to me, which drove me bonkers. That for me, had been the culprit. Good luck!
  20. I'm thoroughly enjoying seeing what everyone does, all the different styles that are being shown in this thread. People approach their photography differently, depending on their own personal style and that is great to see. I am also noting that the ones that have been posting in here have frequently mentioned something that has always been really important to me, when I work with photography; their personal enjoyment of it. I have seen people who are amazing digital artists but, in their work, you can see that they are missing a little spark. To me, what is usually missing, is they didn't find enjoyment in the process or in the creativity of it. Whether you are a beginner or an artist, that is a component that does show through and it gives your work a little more oomph. Also, I want to say, I'm loving this thread and how everyone is sharing their thoughts, ideas, and personal views in here, in a way that is both friendly and informative.
  21. @Scylla Rhiadra I like the lighter one because you are also achieving that light effect that you get with rain, where the colors mute down and you get that mist moving upwards, that obscures some of the colors. It gives it more realism, in my personal opinion.
  22. I put it in black and white and then slowly bring the slider up, until the color is where I want it to be, for the skin tone and feeling I want to convey in the photo. I then put in a vintage undertone along with a slight blue filter, that brings up the shadows and keeps it from going overboard on the yellowish hue. I use iPiccy for this, which is online and easy to use, for fast edits.
  23. My friend and I were suppose to do a pose today for her blog but I ran out of time, so instead I grabbed a little shot over at the Soul2Soul region. The first one is raw, with no editing other than cropping the shot down. The second one, some editing was done, toned down the skin tone a little, put a couple of light filters on it to give it a bit of a nostalgic feel about the photo.
  24. The other day, I went out for a little sail over the Bellisserian waters and to do a bit of exploring. I love the rivers, lakes, bays and coastline of Bellisseria for exploring. I only wish that some of those coastlines had a smidge more room, in the water. Otherwise, it's perfect.
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