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  1. We had reported this well known bug exaxtly two year ago, and apparenly Kurt Linden has closed it by saying its duplicated, but they had never fixed it, not even when actually many people asked the same because we all have same trouble. I do hope they decide to fix this bug one day. We are tired of customers complaining that they cannot leave a review when they gift, not the buyers, not the receivers. See https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-8275 Now the original one, according to them this one https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-6878 was closed why? Just because? Because it says Staus: resolved, lol, but it isnt....
  2. I am having same problem with Heart Homes. I also voted on Pamela Jira now, (duplicated it without knowing there was one before, thank you!)
  3. I had opened the JIRa here https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-41344, everyone else with same trouble please vote.
  4. Hello, gm everyone. apparently since Feb 1st the mails for reviews that customers are elaving us arent arriving to merchants anymore, does anyone knows please if someone already has opened a jira about this?
  5. Whow.. a Mail: "Cancelled Store upgrade... There was an error with "upgrading" your shop. We will investigate..your store is still functional in the old format till we find a solution..." Only that 50 Items are missing now, guess i know what i do tonite. check what you screwed up... Great work LL... I dont even want to be "upgraded"...
  6. CommerceTeam Linden wrote: Thanks to all who let us know that some items were getting delivered and orders were reported as failed. We were able to quickly fix this on Monday, February 3, 2014. We have been monitoring since then and have seen no continued problems in this area. Please file a JIRA if you see this or other issues in the future. fine that you have found the issue.. however.. i insist you check those incidents and transfer the money to the seller, wher the wares were delivered, but the "buyer" kept the money. Its not our fault the Marketplace Software is buggy there, why should WE run after OUR money, YOUR software failed to collect? Respectfully awaiting Lindens answer here.
  7. Well you can get a precise response why... if you have it re-listend and re-taken down... they block it. and you can ticket it,...and ask why.. THEN they tell you exact whats wrong. you correct, and it gets free to re-list again. So they KNOW.. EXACTLY.. they just dont care to inform you why, without you begging them.
  8. I think its laughable that a Linden CSR tells you thast YOU have to ask your Marketplace customer, if this customer pays directly to you.. cause MP fails to transfer the money correctly, but gives out the ware..... why use MP then?
  9. The Candidate (describing a Sofa we bring out for Halloween) "-Couples sofa: (14LI) with 82 couples animations and 9 single animations - activities for alone or together: sharing a Victorian tea playing watching TV or movies, eating popcorn together sharing a bowl of strawberries and more" Really... Linden... check your "Banned Text" - List.. Solution: 14LI <---- BANNED TEXT 14 LI <----FINE TEXT
  10. The Candidate (describing a Sofa we bring out for Halloween) "-Couples sofa: (14LI) with 82 couples animations and 9 single animations - activities for alone or together: sharing a Victorian tea playing watching TV or movies, eating popcorn together sharing a bowl of strawberries and more" Really... Linden... check your "Banned Text" - List.. Solution: 14LI <---- BANNED TEXT 14 LI <----FINE TEXT
  11. Nope, wasnt the symbols. Actually was nothing.. Following: I copied all to a notepad and added sentence (with the special characters and all)... for sentence, always submitting...everyrting Marketplace took it without bugging.... and after i putted the last sentence in.. it took it too... it displayed the same text as before... Second time i got this. NO CHANGES MADE. Other than some "BANNED WORDS" - list....costing me time...
  12. Yes I did the same over and over but it only takes it when field its empty seems Does nayone have any idea of which are this "banned" or new bad words? is there any list somehwere? this is crazy...
  13. This is a Halloween deco set for any haunted house, vampires mansión or spooky room, perfect as add on for our "Inmortal lovers" dining room set for couples or also out haunted living room set. A decorative little set that works perfect for any room with a touch of Halloween love!. This set includes: :❉: Black Wooden Side table (4 LI) :❉: Antique Lace doilie (1LI) :❉: Gothic Mirror, when an avatar approaches, a ghostly couple becomes visible & hearable. (2LI) :❉: Animated Portrait Picture of a couple (3LI) (something seems not right with them? well they´d promised to be together forever when they got married!). :❉: A magical Halloween Jar (11LI).. showing an animated Lovescene "True love lasts forever" Special for decorating couples home son Halloween! ***If you like our work, please leave us a review! We will love hearing from you! *** Try it at our store here:
  14. "Successfully updated, but banned text in the description field caused an automatic unlisting of the product" What is this new thing comming up now everytime we list a new product? Chat guys as always has not any idea, is this happening to any of you too? does anyone knows why this happens, which is the new "bad Word" or anything? Thanks for your help in advance. Is happynning to us everytime we list a new product, and we dont know what to do, we change, delete the description field many times and keeps making this.
  15. If you have accientally pressed crouch, you might want to close chatbar and press C.
  16. Wont happen. There are many ways you van buy something inworld.. from the single "buy" prim. to whole networked vendor systems with Web Support like, say Caspervend. Getting them all work together with MP seems a bit far-fetched. Though i would not wonder if we some time get a LL - Vendor system all have to use....it will probably as bugfree as the Marketplace.
  17. And heres to solution: Well, i removed every trace of "beer" or any over remotely suspicious word from the article-texts, and Keywords the first time. Sadly i forgot that the main Advert picture also lists a few qualities and uses the evil word beer-dispenser. So, yes, my rant still stands: WHY cant we get a "exactly this is why we flagged it" in the first notice? We do we only get a "theres SOMETHING that has to do with evil alcohol or tobacco wrong with your listing. We let you guess what, and if its not away, we block your advert and require you to write a ticket, like some caught offender and ask nicely for the block to be removed, and THEN we tell you whats wrong. But well.. Customer service...
  18. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: create a ticket and they will open it for editing for you. Yep, did that. Weird they cannot write it in the first Info.... Nooo. you get "Heh theres something wrong in all your text.. and if you dont find it you have to beg to re-open".. very very customer -friendly.. Would probably too hard to write: "Heh we block this cause of your use of..".
  19. So. LL removed my Pizzeria set, as it wa listed a General, not Moderate... i noted at has a Beer Dispenser mentioned (its basically a Restaurant set, and sells quite well) ... so i renamed it as Beverage dispenser, and relisted, guessing some keyword must have been bad. (too bad it dosnt say, wich words...). Now its Removed again and i can NOT even open it, to adjust? There is no "Actions", just a yellow sign telling me it was removed? Is that new? They force me to upload it again, effectively losing any listing, article text, sales numbers,statistics, pictures, just cause of this.. Quite heavy-handed id say... is that our MP future?
  20. Anyway, i would enjoy to have control over who can(not) buy from me in MP. I remember a freak buying cheap items only to 1-star them... and honest i dont care to do busines with such. Maybe they could disallow the sale to individuals you have muted...
  21. Im using Caspervend, and im quite happy with it, esp, the new Version 2. All in one System, great customer support, even a "holorezzer" for displaying furniture you dont want to have permanently rezzed. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/49647
  22. Is it possible to ban a whole group from my parcel? I mean other than tying in every name?
  23. Long story short.. we sell an an item of furniture nocopy-mod-trans. (I know we should not, but honestly, it was thought as gift). So far so good. A customer who brought it in December (and happily made a good review) now seems to have lost it, cause she seems to have gotten it auto-returned, as she claims. and wants another, free of charge of course. Denying a free copy on the grounds of our shop-policy she suddenly changes and threatens to switch her 5 Star - review to an 1-Star one... really, sometomes you wonder how cut-throaty and low people can become... Anyway, i rather do something against an 1 Star, that give in to this kind of bullying.. Its honestly bewildering that this already questionable review-tool is to be used a tool for blackmail... maybe it should be abandoned alltogether Did some customer try that with you too?
  24. Paula001 Goldschein wrote: by the end of the day you'll be broke! It might not have hit you.. The problem exists anyway, cynic comments helps exactly whom?
  25. Customer has my item. I dont have the money, Item listed as "Being delivered, mot paid".. thats the problem.
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