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  1. check each product means spend the day on market :-(
  2. Hello, by 1st February last I saw that I have missing all mails concerning "Review activity has occurred on an item in your store” For now I have checked are around 15 but I continue to check. I have already done the procedure in "email settings" and I turned off - saved - reactivated "Shopping Notifications", and even the "Merchant Notifications". I make a test: 1. I changed my mail 2. with un alter I bought 2 of my items 3: I added review but I don’t received notification. 4. I removed reviews and then I received mail notification about this action. I try
  3. Hi guys, i'm writing here because i got a problem. I've just came back after a year of inactivity and i decided to open a new store...my old store was DAD DESIGN'S and the new one is LOVE. DAD DESIGNS'S has been opened for 3 years, i've sold thousands of products, including items priced 20.000\25.000 linden and i NEVER had a problem. With the new store, i had already 3 bad reviews in few days, but since i'm not a rookie in SL, i know that those are just personal attack by the same person, with different nicknames (3 italian avatars, no pics, no interests, no payment info used and they wrote al
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