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  1. Auction has ended. Final bid: 610,000 L$ Contacting highest bidder now.
  2. Grandfathered 30k prim sim for sale! $209 tier is due on September 13th (can cover until October 13th should bids take longer). Bids must be within Second Life only. Bids must be in increments of 5,000 L$, and bids will be placed in priority of earliest delivery should bids match. Bidding ends after September 13th at 0200 PDT or 24 hours from last received bid, which ever is later. Send notecards and IM to Flame Swenholt (again, prices must be in L$). Sim has been cleared and is ready for its next owner. Buyer pays for transfer fees, which is $300 for Grandfathered sims
  3. Okay, I have a even bigger problem: the numbers do not match up. On January 2019, the form claims ~$235, but the amount on the site says $225 (the amount needed for the sim payment). This trend seems to follow for all the months on the forms and in relationship to the receipts I can pull up (very well summarized at that) on the account summary. Is Linden Lab writing on the form based on L$ value BEFORE processing fees?! How the heck does that make sense?
  4. Agreed, and in essence, that does make sense. However, last I checked, it was Linden Lab that did the charges for sim payments, so why there is no receipt of that at all if done internally within their system is a grave error on their part. It also makes running my sim, which is just for hanging out and not for profit, now even more questionable if I now have to operate as a mini company just to effectively own it (again, all earnings go to paying the sim and nothing else). EDIT: Found the solution: go to Account Summary, and you will be able to see all transactions involved, including sim
  5. And that, right there, may be the culprit. I do fall in one of those states, and the amount earned is slightly above the state threshold. However, this still doesn't help with expense reporting, since Linden Lab doesn't notify me on sim payments last I checked, and thus I have no receipt except in their own system.
  6. That is where things are going to get drastically difficult to follow: sim prices changed this year, and in my case, I paid strictly using the USD balance on my SL account, not via cash out and then repay that way (yes, some people do this). So my issue is... where are my receipts of the payments then for payments in their own system to report expenses against the gross amount of payment? On top of that, if I never cashed it out then why is it being reported? I only wish I could have cash out as much that Linden Lab/Tilia claims I did.
  7. Seriously? Then why isn't the number of payment transactions documented on the 1099-K? If that's the case, I'll have to seriously rethink our splitpay systems which operate on a daily function and even then, that's very misleading to not reflect that on the form. EDIT: And still, I haven't done a process of credits in a long while because the amount I earn isn't enough to pay for a sim and that's it. So i'm being taxed for imaginary money that hasn't even become USD?
  8. My issue is that I got one... but I shouldn't have based on the following: Even if I combine my Tilia and Linden Research ones... I never hit $20,000 nor 200 transactions (not even a quarter of that). So now my issue is if I have the form... even though it NEVER hit enough to matter, does this even count? I just pay for my sims directly within LL/Tilia's system using the L$ proceeds from friends who contribute to the payment. If this is going to involve tax tangoing, I'll just take my services elsewhere (and in this day and age, there are plenty of other places now).
  9. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I've been using an Oculus on SL for awhile, and unless LL has some massive graphics engine overhaul that actually makes use of the hardware, bring the sick bag if you plan to jump in with the headset. The framerate is the issue. I didn't think it would be a big deal, but due to how inconsistant it is, it does get dizzying quickly, and since LL wants Advanced Lighting Mode turned on, good luck. I have a GTX980Ti Lightning Edition from MSI and unless I nerf my settings, getting anything above 45 frames a second is not doable, let alone letting the viewer r
  10. Disclaimer: Please no "This is Second Life, what do you expect" responses. They have plagued all other topics in relation to this and has more or less just not resolved the issue. Considering the advent of Virtual Reality technology, this is a fairly important subject. So, here we are again, the dreaded "Why does Second Life only use xx% of my GPU?" question, but this time with a good reason. I've been on Second Life for awhile now, and I can say this when I tried it with my Oculus Rift (via CtrlAltStudio): it changes everything. Clubs are more interesting, walking around h
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