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  1. Hello everyone, Some of you might know one of my products, Lovers Dance Ice Skaters. It is an automatic Ice Skating system. I just had the product Flagged, then De listed and was told "Does not match description"? I have had the product on the MP for about 5 years with many good reviews, 5 stars. Then Suddenly POOF, it is gone with the reason above listed as the only reason for removing it " does not match description"? - I am confused, I feel like I was just Sniped by a sniper? How can I correct this issue if I am not even told what the issue is? Will more of my Products just suddenly be flagged? I am afraid if I re list it, the ad will just be sniped again and have the item removed? Interestingly, I have not even sold any of them recently either? can anyone just flag any ne else product and have it de listed like that, with no details as to the real issue? Please help me! anyone! Thank you kindly, jony
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