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  1. "I own 3 residential sims (that I use an alt to manage) and any device that intrudes on the privacy of our renters is banned, including redzone and others. Its hard to enforce without being there 24/7, but doing our best. So far, the residents have all been happy not to have to worry about it. What I have found is that I've lost renters since the whole debacle began - with the residents just vanishing from the grid entirely. My guess is they may have been alts that got outted and given up on, due to the timing. In fact, I'm starting to ponder what else to do with the land because of it.
  2. wow no , I had no clue I could do that duh. Given that option I too would say keep all your stuff on one account Thanks for the tip!!! that will save me tons of time lol
  3. I agree that any use of purchases/revenue for an item is unfair as you stated it creates a perpetual windfall for that item. Once it is on the top page it stays there because it is seen it will get more exposure and by nature more sales. that method practically cripples the exposure possiblities for newer items or smaller businesses. If I type in dining room table I dont think getting a list of everything from gor to pool tables in the search it returns is a good thing to type in dining room table and ONLY get a list of dining room table listings is what I would consider to be a relevan
  4. The freebie mentality is pervasive and growing every day. While I believe that some freebies are good for promotions I think the whole hunt, freebie, lucky chair, 60L bargains etc have gotten way over used as marketing tools. I personally wont go down that road myself. I will offer a preview sale to my loyal customers but will not have the pervasive sale everytime my revenue drops a bit . I feel to put an older item on sale after my loyal customers have paid full price for it is just a slap in their face so I dont do that. I get irritated when I pay full price for something only to see i
  5. As a shopper, I hate going to a persons market place store and seeing hundreds of items not related to what I am searching for. If I search for prefab and get a hit on your items I will then want to look at all your prefab listings all together. If when I get there I see I have to wade thru tons of other stuff ....... I just leave and look elsewhere. Of course that is just me. Not sure what most others preferences are. LL either needs to create a way merchants can categorize within their market place stores. that way we could see your items listed by category. but since that is not the ca
  6. yes it is hard to pick just one....... I love great builds so many come to mind: Avilion Blossom Jaded Wings Verdigris to name a few
  7. I have to say I havent been to many adult sims, but upon searching for places to take nice pics, I found Elven Forest. It is a lovely elven forest setting on the sim of Blossom that was created by Voy Sands. While it does have "adult" content and items in hidden places it is very tastefully done. I fell in love with it and when I heard Voy was going to have to give it up, a group of us pitched in to save it. The four new owners pay the tiers with the help of donations from the group members and visitors. What I love about it is that it is such an artistically created build (by Voy Sa
  8. I think you missed my point. I am saying that I dont want just ONE role. I want the freedom to have as many roles as I like. I build, I design clothing, I write scripts, run a business and much more. I dont want to be pigeon holed or constrained to just ONE role. I have taught myself all of these skills (except the scripting which I had a very skilled scripter teach me) and like having the freedom to do so. what you are suggesting would be analogous to putting someone in a sandbox in RL or giving them an erector set and telling them they first have to decide what ROLE they want ie pilot
  9. What differ a Sci-Fi game where I can build, craft, extend the world, interact with friends, and I dont need to be a medieval fantasy char, but anything I want, from SL ? Only one thing, you dont have people connected there who have no clue as what to do next like SL, because you have a ROLE to fullfil, just like you do in real life, which you dont have in SL. If people have no clue what to do next in SL it is because they havent taken the time to explore the possibilities, that or they totally lack imagination or curiosity. No SL doesnt require you have a ROLE to fulfill as in RL and I for
  10. The SL platform is not a game, however it does contain many games. Hats off to your marketing gal for making that distinction in the Sandbox newsletter. After looking at the past issues I am guessing you guys are using the strategy now of segmenting your marketing into the different areas such as gaming, fashion, creativity, social networking, etc. A good strategy in my opinion. Now mass market that to the various demographics and you might see an increase in revenue. There is something for everyone here and to let the public know that is the way to go. On a side note, someone really need
  11. As far as how it benefits anyone.....that is a subjective answer. My conjecture is the following: Benefits LL - decreases resources and staff needed for upkeep of teen grid ( they used staff to verify each account. -- a time consuming effort. - Considerably lessens LL's liability - financially not feasible in general - if they move all the teens to MG they avoid complications , legal actions, refunds etc. to the teens for their lost inventory, lost sims etc. Benefits to teens - They get to keep their playground, inventory, etc. - They get to have access to "better" content ( as stated
  12. if you would, tell us exactly how this is a necessary move for LL? In fact, I would settle for you answering how this benefits LL or the established, paying residents of the MG one bit. We've been trying to figure out why the heck LL would do something this boneheaded for months. If you know how this is "necessary" please enlighten us. Two reasons: 1. not financially feasible to maintain the teen grid 2. And this is probably the largest reason.......LIABILITY, LIABILITY, LIABILITY read the TOS and see how much they have stressed that they are only a service and that all conduct, act
  13. Another thing to think about...............Will the parents of those copybotting teens be laughing when they also are held liable for the actions of their teens. In the case of minors committing crimes the parents are often the ones sued......Please copy anything regarding the copybot issue and pass it along to your teen friends. Remember the ripped tunes, where the parents of the offenders were charged and fined huge amounts of money when the music industry clamped down on copyright violations. Believe me I personally know designers who will sue offenders. The teens AND parents in this cas
  14. suspect that this issue will cause the biggest rift between our respective cultures. I can't overstate how touchy an issue this is for a lot of folks. It really pisses people off. There are people who actually do walk around inspecting folks looking for this sort of thing from what I understand. Designers here take copybotting VERY seriously. Not only designers but there are also many self appointed copybot police roaming around. I personally bought an item thinking it was by a designer only to find out later it was copybotted when someone accused me. (I had not found the wonderful insp
  15. Also, to all of you considering those "alternative" grids. Keep this in mind, that those low sim tiers are probably only introductory pricing and will also increase after the introductory/beta periods. So what I am saying is if you budget for those lower costs, you will again have to increase your budgets at the time those introductory/beta offers are discontinued.
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