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  1. Rules? Oh yeah, I think I remember rules. Like in 2007, when SL Exchange ran the show. Yeeeeeeah that right, its all coming back to me, if you broke the "rules", they they to action to fix it. If you bribed reveiws to game the listing ranks, they deleted them and kicked you back down. If you dumped a product for 1/10th of its price to collect insane rating, and relisted a week later at full price, you lost all your ratings and rank. Yeah, I remember that. Whatever happned to that?
  2. Deliveries going out, Customers contacting me for support, the only thing missing is my payment! How can they deliver a product to a shopper before the merchant gets paid! This makes me lose what little faith I had in SLM. If it is happening now, products getting delivered without any record or payment, how often does this happen when I'm not on line to see the delivery. That is the only record i have, a chat blub that a product was delivered. Doesnt even say to who! They shoudl never delivery anything without payment to the merchant. and oh, yeah, never schedule maintenance on friggin
  3.  I did so more research into groupon. The plan was for it to "GO Viral", the next big low cost high profit web sensation. The point of a net biz is that the idea is so revolutionary and original that it can thrive on the net driven by the satisfaction of the service. The low overhead creates the incredible valuation. People use it, like it, tell somebody and it spreads by appropriation or the product, at an extremely low cost to the company. Groupon is reality is “Anti Viral”. They have a sales force of 7000+ knocking on doors in the real world. Persuading and closing merchants on the dea
  4. What you are assuming is that the market for your products is infinite. It is not. Everyone uses shampoo, not everyone owns a boat. You can put a sofa in a 512m house, or on a 1/4 sim house, but when you sell houses your market has a finite limit that scales directly with land use. Not everyone in SL has 4096sm, or 8192. Also it assumes that everyone will want to have the same thing. In a sofa sure, but not everyone wants to live in the same houses. You can definitely saturate a market in SSL. My Big wood store is EVERYWHERE in Sl, so it has run its course, it is hard to sell now becau
  5. A service sompany has no fixed material cost. Try that model with a pizza company. Beacuse the 50% off requirement, and the 50% discount create a situation where youare selling at about 30% BELOW you cost to make a pizza. So sure you get 200 new people odering pizza, but you are losing money each time you sell one, it cost you money to participate if you have material costs. You lose money. So while you are selling pizzas at a loss to hundreds, Groupon is making 25% of the cost of a pie. The only cost they have is a website. It is exploiting small business owners that are very anxious
  6. So they want to do the Groupon mechanic in SLM. Interesting, all I have to do is cut my price in half, and give half of whats left to LL. Groupon is a scam in RL and it damages small businesses. But in SL we have no real fixed material costs so what is the harm. Well try explaining the some body that paid 15k ofr a house yesterday, that they could have bought it today for 7500L less. Not a fun conversation. They say they are focusing on popular items from poprulat mechants. Hmm should i pay full price now for this house I like, or wait, this builder is popular on SLM, ill just wait to see
  7. Bad bad bad bad bad idea, and I never realized til just now. SL Marketplace does not give you the real avatar name anymore. So if somebidy has a beef, you cant find em. If you have an update, you cant find em. If you want to say thanks and follow up, you cant find em. Is it too much to ask to know who you are doing business with. To have some way to build a relationship, mend a fence, maintain some sliver of accountability on behalf of the customer. It is bad enough that customers have a one way, drive by ability to run rough shod over merchants without any abilty to fix it, but anonymo
  8. There is no point to a rating system when the product is available for inspection before pruchase as is the creator to answer questions and advise.. They rate movies and books and items on amazon, ebay, new egg etc becuase you can not inspect the item or use it before you buy. Ratings and reviews are not for those who have seen the movie, read the book, or bought a product on amazon, they are for those who havent. The point is to convey the level of satisfaction and confidence in a product you can not inspect and have to buy blind. In this context it makes perfect sense and has been a vaul
  9. Haven't been on the forums for a while but im angry today so i checked in to rant. I have been lucky enough to have all great ratings, until a month ago, when I got a less than perfect one from a person who after speaking with her told me that she was really just angry becuase of a delivery delay and her review was more of a vote of revenge agaisnt SL Marketplace. Our homes are rezzed 24/7 for review and inspection before purchase, unlike most merchants I make my self completely available for questions before and after purchase, and this person never contacted me. I had another customer w
  10. 03-11-2011 02:40 AM The best way is to make the review function more visible on the website. And a little reminder which invites the customer kindly to rate the product would help. This reminder should also explain in one sentence why a review would be so helpful for everybody and that it’s a good thing. So, come on LL. I agree, every couple of weeks I go thru my purchases and give 5 stars to anything i really like and use. I then go in the Vain, Inc. group and start a "If You LOVE it ...RATE it " discussion. Peeps then chat a bit about the cool thinsg they really liked and go and ra
  11. I don't think you do understand my "obsession", it is not to collect a ton of ratings, it is to maintain and grow a business. A life of creating stuff, without cubicles, or traffic, or some snippy supervisor harassing me all day is my obsession. Where I get to to say things to people and if I do a good job, and people believe in what I'm saying, I get to continue. Tthat is my obsession. Complaining, no, I have the good fortune of making art for a living in my pajamas. What I'm trying to do here is help others by sharing a lil bit of how I got there. This is not a bitch. We have sold tho
  12. I have been bashing on rWarder for a lil while now, so I thought that it would be good Karma to maybe offer something a lil positive. The new marketplace sucks for getting ratings, lol, nice start, huh! I used to get about 100 ratings on anything I did, now I'm lucky to get 10. But I'd rather have 10 that are honest than 475 that customers sold to me, or were left in exchange for a gift, so here are a few tips I would like to share, and maybe somebody else has a few too. If you want to get more ratings and reviews there are just 4 word you need to know" "TALK TO YOUR CUSTOMERS"!!! That's
  13. Customers are like any other group of people, some are stupid, most are not, There is a way to game the stupid ones, and that is Beef #3 for next Monday, lol, but to do it you have to break 2 different federal laws! and there are a LOT of people doing it! Back on topic! The thing is not so much that people don't know what makes an item more expensive, it is in some,cases, but there are some people who just do not want to pay that much. And that is fine. The rWarder game is not based on repeat business, it is based on one sale to nearly everybody. The products are typically not at the cu
  14. Wasn't aimed at anyone, just being a smarty pants. Was aimed the half baked "moral" slippery slope they stand on, and its bunk. They say themselves the reason to buy it is that it increases your rank.
  15. Oh yeah, silly me, I guess I'm wrong, I'm sure that A. lots of people who sell their review leave fair, honest and thoughtful comments, like "Nice" or "...". and B. It is like countries where dictators are allowed to or corruptly pay for votes, it doesn't mean that they are going to win, it is just a happy coincidence, paying somebody for something that is free, your opinion never influences their sentiment about you. And it is probably just another happy coincidence that those who use rWarder COMPLETELY OWN that listing segment to an almost comical extent. The fact that these monopol
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