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  1. looks like a few other changes too. the add to favorites button, share on twitter seems a bit more prominent.
  2. New residents are giftable, but are newer-never-been-to-marketplace-residents giftable? Please tell me yes.
  3. Cinder Eleanor Roxley waves to new CEO.
  4. Are we going to be required to move to 2.4 if we are on the 2x viewers? I had such problems with the 2.4beta that I swore it off and went back to 2.3 viewer. I don't see anything in here about the crashing problems or the sound getting messed up which are problems that vexed me with the beta. Is the 2.4 upgrade mandatory or optional? Ummmm.... It's a beta. It crashes, that's why release cycles have betas, to find the crashes.
  5. Ok, so not AR'able unless it's malicious server load. Glad I asked. I'll start a support ticket, even though 4 out of 5 times they say they can't help because I use Kirsten's s20. (but ontyre staff is another issue all together!) Thanks a bunch for the help. Scripting limits can't come soon enough!
  6. It says server framerate has dropped below 20 almost constantly.
  7. hello all, the region my home is in has been experiencing a lot of lag lately with movement, physics, and even open chat. i know this is gridwide right now, but it seems to be worse at home. i have a feeling after looking around, that i know what might be causing it (there's a map that shows where everyone in the region is at and moved a small animated prim with every move anyone makes), but i'm not sure, and i wouldn't want to ar it if it's not the cause! is there anyway to find this out? it's a mainland region, and it's not on my parcel, but it's frustrating when any move i make walks me through a wall and any manipulation of a prim rubberbands all over the place. or should i just file a support ticket and pray someone takes a look someday? thanks in advance. (ps. bring on the scripting limits sl! it's about time!)
  8. if you have a premium membership, call phone support and they'll take care of ya right away.
  9. that's what i'm thinking too, and this area is littered with them! right in the middle of large parcels, small 16m holes poked in them, but they aren't abandoned, they're set for L$9,999 sale, the one i'm talking about is adjacent to me, and it's very odd. It makes it hard to teraform nicely. even if it was smoothed out, i'd be happy not owning it too.
  10. Hihi, I've recently bought a couple different parcels in an area where much of the land has been subdivided to pieces. Many of which are abandoned. The one I'm standing on right now is next to my ~656m parcel, it's 48m, abandoned 2010/4/23. I know such things have been annexed before by neighbors by putting in a ticket. I'm wondering how I would go about doing this most effectively. The wiki doesn't give much to go on. Have you done this before?
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