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  1. an island or homestead would be the most private place, and set for no public access. an alternative would be to rent your land in a managed community where the owners have more rules and regulations to ensure your privacy. there are several homestead rental businesses offering quarter homesteads (with a few more prims than you have now) for an affordable price, they usually place some space in between rental parcels so that you don't have any neighbor butted up to you. the place i used to rent from has some very good designs and prices to ensure privacy. hit me up in world if you'd like an lm.
  2. about your linden home: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Linden-Home-overview/ta-p/700103 benefits of premium are here http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Accounts-overview/ta-p/700019 A premium account requires a monthly fee. With a premium membershipt you can: Own land on the mainland, including a Linden Home Submit support cases for an expanded set of problems. Initiate live chat sessions with customer support. Congrats on your premium support of sl!
  3. Actually, Dolphin2, Kirstens S20 and S21, and RLV can all do that as well, but OpenJPEG jitters trigger migraines for me, so it's Viewer2 for me. Thanks for the answer.
  4. I wonder if Evan ever got his spacebux back.
  5. They're so narrow and stuffed in the little left corner. It makes it hard to see long gestures, especially with large size font, and hard to really follow a conversation. I can stretch the nearby chat WINDOW, but i'd rather just look at the toasts.
  6. There will always be a bright place in my memory of Mill Pond and the Pixel Bean. I miss that place everyday, it was my first home in second life.
  7. Actiontec Q1000 works beautifully.
  8. In short, the RiskAPI has given you a No response. There is no one to talk to about it. You'll need to buy L$ through the secondlife.com website, not a third party for now, and try the third party exchange at another time. It's constantly in flux, and they review the algorythm peridically. This may complicate it more, but here's the official on RiskAPI: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:What_is_the_Risk_API%3F
  9. You don't need to master sculpties to make that. A second life resident made this program which i use for shapes like that http://www.archipelis.com/ . There are some equally easy free tools in the wiki http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Sculpted_Prims:_3d_Software_Guide . Good luck!
  10. When I was at Lionheart, I was told my way of blocking the neighors 30 lightsources was violating the rules on lighting and full bright. When I asked a support rep about the other place, they said they'd check. I got round about word that they'd do nothing about the neighbor's lightsources in their bordello because they had been customers for years.
  11. For favorite destinations long gone from the grid, I would have to pick Mill Pond!
  12. You need to file a ticket through support. Nobody here can give you that information.
  13. Ask your landlord to check the tick box in Group Tools to allow you to plant linden trees and grass on group land, it may help.
  14. Suspiria had the correct solution. Thanks everyone for replying!
  15. I'm assuming you're using a rez-faux type packager since it will rez fine without furniture. Either the packager is trying to rez parts of the house/furniture outside your rental's parcel, or it has something like a linden tree packed inside it (which requires additional privilages granted from the Group Tool). Try shifiting your rez package around to different points on your land and see if it's able to rez from there. You may have to rotate it strangely at first while all the building blocks pop out, and then straighten it afterwards.
  16. One time I stormed out of my friend's house and met my best friend ever while I was wandering around mindlessly incredibly angry. There's also a random compass that will teleport you to a random point on the grid. I've had some fun with that. I think it can be picked up for free at the Memory Bazaar. :smileyhappy:
  17. It's gotta be Club Josephina for me. It isn't your typical giant box club with flashing lights. There are several unique themed events every week, Josephina puts a tremendous amount of work into the landscape of the japanese themed grounds. The people there aren't vapid folks looking for a bedmate. We have a great time. Club Josephina SLURL
  18. My favourite place is my home. If I had to pick something someone else created, I would have to go with Empress and Hierophant. It's a beautiful green island with plenty of sheep, dancing, not crowded, lots of water and rain. The soundtrack is stunningly beautiful! Empress and Hierophant
  19. Looks like you figured it out. Yay!
  20. Oh nevermind I figured it out. I didn't check the top box, only the other four.
  21. I went through the uploading process, and I see a preview of my badge, but it doesn't show on my posts. Why not?
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