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  1. But, it's safe right? My personal information won't be given away to anybody else? Right? Sorry, I just never had to deal with something like this before.
  2. Unfortunately I don't. But John Linden emailed me. I gotta go scan my birth certificate, and send him the copy of it. Thanks guys! All of you are awesome!
  3. Awww, but Real Life is boring. Hehe Okay. I have a few things to do in RL anyway. Yep, I have the documentation. I sent the SIN numbers to LL too. Now, only time will tell what happens. Thanks for your support Cinn. You rock!
  4. Friendly greetings everyone. Hehe I want to ask you everyone a question, and I would gladly take any of your advices My account's name is Chuck Kingsley. Yesterday, after I logged off and went to work, I came back home and checked my E-Mails. One of them was telling me that my account was put on hold until I will age verify my account. Now, when I'm trying to start Second life, it tells me the game can't be started from my computer, also when I'm trying to access my dashboard, it gives me this message: My AccountAre you having a little trouble with your password or security question? We can
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