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  1. I have the same issue, google doesnt know about it.
  2. Hello Beethros - the parcel at Mooloruem is blocked for everybody but those in the group called "bee 34". SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mooloruem/138/90/81
  3. As the subject states; the secondlife cashier never finish loading and just stops on a blank page, both when buying lindens or from the marketplace. This is persistent in both firefox, chrome, internet explorer and even in the secondlife internal browser. I have been lucky to buy L$ from the buy button in the top right of the SL viewer, but otherwise - through the website, it seems like its broken, atleast to me. Last time marketplace worked perfectly for me, was february 21st. I run windows 7 64bit, with the normal LL viewer, currently "Second Life 3.7.25 (299021)"
  4. Would you care to ellaborate on how you fixed it? There may be others that has the same problem.
  5. I have the same issue, however there is an unscheduled maintenance at the moment, though its been posted for 3 hours and still no update - and we could also discuss the reason why 99% of all status posts are unscheduled when LL does have a calendar...
  6. Yes, because otherwise textures often never rez and/or stays blurry forever, even if I stand next to them for 20 minutes. But I tried changing the slider to the middle (5000 kbps) and also to max (10000 kbps) and nothing changes, the client hangs and freezes for a few seconds whenever clicking the inventory button and also when changing between the "my inbventory" and "recent" tabs. Its incredibly frustrating and it ONLY happends with Linden Labd's own client, no other clients has this issue, yet I prefere using the normal wiever, but I might change my mind soon enough, LL is not keen on su
  7. And my inventory is only at 47.680 items, so thats not really that - many people has way more and my friend who has the same issue has around 20.000 items in his inventory.
  8. Hello Everyone, First, Im not sure if this is for the server category or the client category, its an issue none the less. When I click to open my inventory, the button gets pressed down for a few seconds without anything happening, and then the window opens, same with search, it stops working for a few seconds and then continues on its way. A friend of mine has told me he has the same issue, after the last clientupdate., To make sure everything ius in order, here is my list of what I have done to see if it was on my side. I simply uninstalled the whole viewer, including clearing everything fro
  9. Dane here aswell - the way its spelled is even so horrible that this forum thread is probably a scam itself.
  10. iCloud will do the same, I had to delete that to make sure I could take snapshots or even upload a texture - Im curios why LL havent fixed that crap yet, its really bad dev work.
  11. I have contacted you inworld, looking forward to a conversation.
  12. Hello everyone, I've started a rock bar called "Last Chance Rock Bar" and is looking for dj's to help out, anyone is welcome aslong as you dont mind the occasional dancer loosing her outfit somewhere.. the genres is stated in the topic, but to repeat them here they are: Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Metal. The location is a place for bikers mostly, but ofcourse everyone is welcome - the place has garages as a decoration with objects as if you were able to repair your vehicle. it is located on mainland old continent "Sansara" where a huge roadnetwork has been placed by LL and t
  13. I just had a first time popupbox saying "teleporting has been temporarely blocked" - I have never seen that before and nothing is to be found on status.secondlifegrid.net anyways - so either someone at Linden doesnt like me or something is going on unreported somewhere.
  14. Na, that hasnt solved anything - Im back to square one
  15. Thanks for your reply, however a few things - I pretty much did everything you said and checked the grid status aswell, not really anything beeing posted there very often. Also it wasnt about landmarks, I couldnt teleport or simcross at all, I couldnt try it from elsewhere - since I was kinda stuck in one sim on mainland already. Now, the issue seems to have been worked out after I added SL to my Antivirus's exception list, which is weird - my friend uses the same antivirus and has no issues at all. Its Avast if anyone is curios anyways.
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